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MBA Application Essay Review Service

F1GMAT Essay Review Service - Testimonial (Cleared 2015 MIT Sloan Essay Round)

"I had a wonderful experience of working with Atul Jose (Essay Consultant, F1GMAT) on my MIT application. We started off by creating an impact list, listing all the achievements and carefully analyzing each one. This way we were able to contextualize each event in my life and have a better perspective. His key strength is storytelling and developing an interesting narrative for a particular event. Since lot of my professional experiences were too technical in nature, he helped me remove Jargons and made the essay interesting for anyone even non-technical readers. After our first few drafts, it was very important to edit the essay to fit the word limit. His ability to restructure sentences without losing out on intent was extremely important in doing this. The most important aspect was his promptness in replying to my queries. We worked long hours and even late nights just to get that perfect essay and meet our deadline"

If you are a passionate applicant, the words are your emotions. It didn’t come from calm reflection on your life as most schools recommend. It came from your “soul.” Writing about the conflict with your colleague or boss meant reliving the ‘ugly’ moment again before putting that emotion to your essay. No one will ever know how you felt. Even the words you capture will be a partial reflection of your actual emotion.

The ‘Expert Consultant’ will cut your emotions from the essay, and make you sound like an expert. Business Schools don’t want experts. They want applicants with a passion for the future and the community. Resume is the “formal” non-personal list of your achievements. Don’t repeat the same tone with essays.

Most reviewers will fix grammar errors, poor diction, and structural inconsistencies. That is fundamental, but you are a unique individual. Let your individuality shine through the essays.

In addition to fixing structural and contextual errors, our Essay review service incorporates elements of storytelling and authenticity to make your essay engaging and human.

Our interaction with top MBA Admissions team have given us a solid understanding on the Dos and Dont's of a Winning MBA Essay

We will review your essays for:

1) Consistency
2) Structure
3) Grammar and
4) Winnability

If we are not convinced about your essay, our review team will underline the parts of the essay that would require rephrasing or rewriting, and offer specific tips on how to rewrite the essay. We will make sure that your original voice is not lost in the review process.

Note: The service is for 1 school. If the application for the school has 4 essays, we will review all of them under the same package. No Additional Charges!

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