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MBA Application Essay Review Service

When the majority of Essays are fine-tuned by consultants, all look the same. Even if the hit rate of consultants is in the low 20%, they will be regarded as superstars. No one will complain. For one, MBA applicants don’t want to reveal that they spent thousands of dollars for nothing; two they somehow see success rate of converting essays to interview call as a privilege reserved for the great writers and the ones with access to the Ivey League Editor.

Your essay has a much better chance of getting you an interview if you don’t take an essay reviewer’s help. Then why are we listing our service in this page?

Recently, we updated our bestselling book – Winning MBA Essay Guide and found ways to tweak the tips and make it even better. We had to cut off far too many “functionalities” and “implementation” from the book to make it more readable. If a bestselling book can be made better, your essay sure can be polished.

If you are a passionate applicant, the words are your emotions. It didn’t come from calm reflection on your life as most schools recommend. It came from your “soul.” Writing about the conflict with your colleague or boss meant reliving the ‘ugly’ moment again before putting that emotion to your essay. No one will ever know how you felt. Even the words you capture will be a partial reflection of your actual emotion.

The ‘Expert Consultant’ will cut your emotions from the essay, and make you sound like an expert. Business Schools don’t want experts. They want applicants with a passion for the future and the community. Resume is the “formal” non-personal list of your achievements. Don’t repeat the same tone with essays.

Most reviewers will fix grammar errors, poor diction, and structural inconsistencies. That is fundamental, but what we found reading our own thoughts 1-year down the line is a sense of freedom from the burden of protecting our “own baby.”

You are a unique individual. Let your individuality shine through the essays.

Don’t worry - we won’t hurt your baby.

We won’t even call your baby ugly.

We will just check whether it’s your actual baby.

In addition to fixing structural and contextual errors, our Essay review service incorporates elements of storytelling and authenticity to make your essay engaging and human. We are not just story creators.

Our focus is exclusively on MBA programs from research to application essays.

Our energy is fully dedicated for your admission.

We know your audience. In fact, we built an audience from nothing to thousands through the magic of “words.”

But don’t expect us to manufacture stories for you. That we can’t do. You see - we are rooting for the ‘ethical MBA Applicant.’

It’s your amazing life story that we are eagerly waiting to listen.

Tell us how it started - Submit your essays for F1GMAT’s Essay Review Service

We will create a stronger MBA Application Essay and Increase your chance of success.

For clients who are starting earlier in the process and are unsure of what their application strategy should be, Check our MBA Admissions Consulting Services