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Babson MBA EntrepreneurF1GMAT: Babson MBA is known for its entrepreneurship. Do you really think you need an MBA to be an entrepreneur? Can an entrepreneur learn entrepreneurship on the job rather than spending 2 years in a program like Babson MBA?

Naveen: My short answer to the question is: No, you don't need an MBA to become an entrepreneur. And if you have a burning desire to start something along with the money to do it, do it now. The money you save by not attending Babson can be immediately invested into your business.

My longer answer would be to consider the Babson MBA and compare it with going to engineering school to become an engineer or to film school to learn filmmaking. Can you learn the without attending these courses? Of course, you can. A great engineer will be a great engineer no matter what his education; so with a filmmaker. But...

Categories : Babson College, MBA in USA

F1GMAT: Tell us a little bit about yourself? Was Babson College always your first choice?

Naveen Babson MBANaveen: I completed my Bachelors in Engineering (IT) from Mumbai University and started working in the software industry. My career experience before school has been working in software operations and sales for banks and startups in India, Japan and the Middle East. My last position was working as a project manager with a New Delhi based startup where I was the owner of the mobile and consulting businesses and also worked in pre-sales.

Babson was always one of my top choices for business school. I wanted to get an education that would be helpful towards my long term ambition of starting, managing and scaling my own businesses. I was very impressed by the diverse business interests and achievements of Babson students who have gone on to start...

Categories : Babson College, MBA in USA

F1GMAT: Although the entry criteria for Babson MBA are not as stringent as other top schools, what kind of candidates are Babson MBA looking for?

Naveen: The Babson MBA is a one of the smallest programs in the US with an annual graduation number of roughly around 150 - 165 candidates (including One Year MBA). It is also not selective to the extent of top 10 schools and average GMAT scores are almost 80-100 points below top schools. Key reasons (from my personal experience at Babson) are that students are more street-smart as compared to book-smart and largely come from business family or self-owned business backgrounds where business skills are emphasized more than academic skills. Having said that, many of my classmates and peers have come in from the industry (PE, investment banking, consulting, IT, healthcare, motor racing, advertising, marketing, retail,...

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We interviewed Anshuman Pandey, CEIBS MBA Candidate for the Class Entering 2014, and learned about some of the strategies, best practices, and tips for the MBA Admission process (Research, GMAT, Essays and Balancing Work & MBA Admissions).

1) Why did you choose to join an MBA program?

There are many reasons which motivated me to do an MBA:

a. Many of the roles and positions I wanted to apply, required an MBA; or applicants with an MBA were given preference.

b. An MBA widens the horizons and increases your chances to thrive in new functions and new markets thus creating more opportunities. So if, down the line, I feel I need to switch my function, let’s say from Pharma to Luxury Brand Management it wouldn’t be a steep ask.

c.  I wanted to be part of the strategy team of a company that requires a thorough understanding of market forces and finances. An MBA would help me bridge this knowledge...

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MIT Sloan MBA Entepreneurial Student MIT Sloan MBA Program is known to attract Entrepreneurial and talented Engineering Students. Although Stanford has a better record of students starting their own company post MBA, 18% against Sloan’s 8.2%, MIT often attracts students that have started Entrepreneurial ventures, before the MBA program. We had the chance to interview Pawan Gupta, MIT Sloan Class of 2015 student, and asked him about his Entrepreneurial experience.

F1GMAT: You have two patents under your name. Can you share the details of its utility?

Pawan Gupta: The first Patent is a six-leg ladder system that can be used against any surface such as tree, electrical pole, or any uneven surface, rough terrain, and inclined plane. The legs of this ladder can move in all the three directions with...

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