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The famous - GMAT retake debate. I have a different perspective on retaking the GMAT.

Work Load

Firstly, check your current and anticipated workload. If a normal day of work involves working 12-14 hours per day then forget about retaking the exam, focus on the essays and recommendation letter. Maybe you can handle 14 hours of work and 3 hours of GMAT preparation. Do you want to sleep less and be moody all the time? The bottom line is – the more stressed out you are more the chance that you will not be able to give 100% for your preparation. So take on realistic goals. Read how to prepare for the GMAT while working

GMAT Score

What if I got a 610 or 620, how will I get into Harvard or other top Business School?

My Answer - Very low probability.  Your chance of getting into a top business school with 610 is as low as 5%.  I have broken many hearts with that statement. That is the truth. If you ask the school representative, they will always encourage you to apply and give you accounts of people who have made it with 610. Candidates getting into top business...

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For MBA Applicants who have taken the GMAT multiple times, which score is considered by the AdCom – the highest or the latest score?

Before submitting the “Finish” button in GMAT, you will be asked whether to submit the current GMAT test score to the chosen Business schools. It is a tough choice if you are not sure whether the current score is better than the previous ones.

The question of whether AdCom looks into the highest score or the latest score is a call that the AdCom from each Business School takes. But remember this - when you submit your score, the AdCom can see all your previous GMAT Scores in the past five years. The scores are valid for five years. You can only take the exam 5 times in a period of 12 months and the minimum duration between GMAT retakes is 31 days.

If you have taken the GMAT multiple times, the time gap between the tests is important. For example, if you have taken the GMAT three years back without any preparation just to understand what GMAT is, then the scores would not be considered for your application. But during an application cycle ( a period of 12 months), if you have taken the GMAT three times, then there should be sufficient reason or improvement in your scores for the AdCom to consider your highest score. Retaking the GMAT once is a common trend seen among MBA Applicants. 

Most GMAT...

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Bombed GMATNo one on purpose would like to get a low GMAT Score.  But don't consider this result as the end of the world. There are numerous stories of comebacks that has eventually resulted in Admissions to top Business Schools. Try to deal with your disappointment in a way that will help you prepare for the GMAT, round two – if and when you feel up to it.

How to Bounce Back after you have Bombed in your GMAT?

The GMAC claims that statistically speaking, retaking the GMAT is unlikely to raise your score. But don’t give up hope! We’ve seen students get huge score gains from their first attempt to their last, and there are many factors that can lead to someone falling short of their best possible performance.

If you feel that “something” wasn’t up to par on test day, getting a better score might be as simple as fixing that something. Maybe you could have studied harder; maybe test day presented unexpected psychological challenges; maybe you just weren’t feeling well.

If you did poorly on the GMAT, ask yourself a few questions to help guide your thoughts about what to do next:

1. How far is your...

Categories : Retake GMAT

GMAT Retake TipsF1GMAT: What strategies should MBA candidates follow while retaking the GMAT?

Veritas Prep: It is not uncommon for MBA candidates to take the GMAT more than once.  It’s a difficult test and often students find that some of the “intangible” factors like pacing, test-day anxiety, etc. can detract from what felt like would be an optimal test-day experience.  Other times, students underestimate the difficulty of the exam and fail to prepare as thoroughly as they likely should have; or they may simply have had great intentions of preparation but seen those plans evaporate as life got in the way, but they still choose to take the test just to see how it goes.

In any case, retaking the GMAT is not  ideal – it does cost money and take time, but it’s not a major...

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