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Q) Should I apply for the Full-time MBA program at Harvard Business School? I am a 45-year old UK-based doctor will 13+ years of experience. With an MBA, I would like to switch careers from medical practice to hospital administration with an eye on taking a C-Level position in the next couple of years. I am not interested in part-time or Online MBA programs.

Age is a big factor when it comes to Business Schools. The oldest candidates in Harvard, Stanford, Wharton and other top schools for Full-time MBA programs are in the 37-38 year age group. They are in the minority. Maybe 1 or 2. Getting a Harvard brand associated with your profile can create wonders, but applicants rarely make it to top MBA programs when they look at the admission process with “How to get into HBS.” It should be what you can offer and what you can learn from your peers. You can offer a lot given your 13+ years of experience, but your peers in a full-time class won’t be able to offer you much in terms of perspective.

Case study method depends on that daily interaction and peer-to-peer learning. Another bigger factor is that the Harvard MBA brand depends on how they can keep the Employers happy. The largest chunk of employment is in Consulting. The big 3Cs don’t like older candidates. I am talking about 35+ year olds. One reason is that when you are older, the motivation to put in 90+ hour work week...

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Regarding your career, remember that for MBA Admissions the work that you did is more important than the company that you worked for.

Q) I am a 26 years old Indian national , done Bachelors in Technology with 60% marks from a tier-2 school in India and Post-graduation(marketing & operation) from Symbiosis college(distance education) with 70 % marks. I am working as an import manager in a Steel Plant - Uganda(East Africa) for the last 5 years. The company I work for is not a well known brand. My job profile in this company is to procure the necessary raw materials for the plant from different parts of world. I deal with suppliers from almost 10 countries. Additional I know multiple languages- Hindi, English, French and Spanish. I have given GMAT and scored 760. What are my chances to get top business school like LBS/HBS. Will my low scores in grad school and the brand value of the company I work for affect my admission?

Stacy Blackman: I hope the following is of help. Regarding your low undergraduate record, I recommend you read the following case study of a candidate who had a low GPA and was accepted into several top programs. It should give some insight into how you can address your grades.


Q) I have a 670 in GMAT, 1 year research experience from a renowned company and 2 years consulting experience from a top Consulting firm. I have first class with 62% for my undergraduate. Although my academics are not great, I have many relevant Extra-curricular experience. Is MBA from Sloan School of Management possible?

FutureWorks Consulting: If you wish to apply to top business schools then one of the prerequisites is having significant work experience. Generally candidates have around 4-5 years of full time experience in spite of several term time projects or jobs; so you may be competing with other candidates who have 4-5 years of full time experience and have started significant initiatives at college.

Hence, we would advise you to gain some full time work experience before you decide to apply for an MBA.  Academics are not the only thing that counts beyond academics and your work exp plays an equally important role.

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If you received low marks in important quantitative subjects, you can take classes now and perform well to prove your abilities.  Calculus is the most important class.  After that I would suggest Accounting and Statistics.

Q) I am from India. I have average academic score in schooling and in graduation. (59.2%). I am worried about my low academic performance. I would like to know whether this will create difficulties in getting admission to top Canadian and US universities. How I can compensate this. I have 8 years of experience in project Management, now working as a senior project coordinator. What needs to be done to get admission?

Stacy Blackman: Yes, a low GPA can make it more challenging to gain admission to a top school.  Here are some things that you can do to mitigate this risk:

1) How did you perform in quantitative subjects specifically?  If you received low marks in important quantitative subjects, you can take classes now and perform well to prove your abilities.  Calculus is the most important class. ...

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GMAT alone won’t determine your chances of admission; academics, beyond the academics will and your work experience plays a vital role as well.

Q) I am a PHP Web developer with 4+ years of experience. I would like to pursue MBA in US or UK. Please suggest if it is a good idea to go for MBA.

Information about my work experience: My company is not a CMM level company. I had been here for 1.5 years and working as a Team Lead (with 4 team members). I know that MBA might not boost my career opportunity, but I would like to change my entire career path. I am very much interested in doing MBA as I am not satisfied in my career right now and I need to change my career path ASAP.

I would like to give GMAT in Aug 2012 ( I am getting 710 in GMAT practice tests). Please suggest me of any course or any improvements I need to do (starting from now) in order to get into MBA. Please suggest my chances of getting into top universities in US.

FutureWorks Consulting: Generally people who want to change their career path and move towards managerial sides of thing go for an mba. If your score is above 700 you can aim for top schools. However GMAT alone won’t determine your chances of admission;...

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I am currently working with International IT MNC in telecom domain with 4+ years of experience, majorly in Project Implementation. If I want to retain my same line of professional what kind of MBA suits me. Also, what are the other options for me?

Nahush, if you want to retain your professional line then you could go for an MBA with a specialization (major) in IT. Most premier institutes offering an MBA do offer the IT specialization. Alternatively, you could try for the PGDCM at IIM Calcutta. Further, you could opt for an MS from an institute like BITS Pilani or one of the IITs, which would be an MS/M.Tech in Telecom.

2) I am not willing to take much of the loan and want to pursue MBA from Singapore or Hong Kong ( I am indian) . What is your recommendations on this. I already have Diploma in Telecom Management from one of the premier Indian Universities

You could opt for the Singapore or Hong Kong locations for the MBA, which would give you a pan-Asian reach in terms of placements. Taking a loan or not is a personal decision dependent on your financial position - if you can avoid taking it and want to do so, by all means go ahead.  The best places for an MBA in Singapore/Hong Kong are NUS/NTU/INSEAD (Singapore) and HKUST (Hong Kong).


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