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When we began writing our research guide, the motivation was to have an alternative to MBA tours where business school’s PR stunts are compensated with an objective analysis that includes latest trends in the job market, base salary and bonus fluctuations, and strengths of each business school. Although the response has been overwhelming, while we began guiding applicants through all-in-one Essay Review, Resume Editing and Profile Evaluation service, a point of contact became all too important to ignore. Applicants found the networking with Alumni post MBA Tours to be valuable sessions to get an insider perspective about the program. Some remained within the shell of the marketing gimmick while most opened up and offered interesting insights and even discouraged some applicants from applying.

We have used several such interactions as narratives while editing...

Low GMAT Score Change Business SchoolWhile starting the GMAT test, applicants are expected to pick five schools to send the GMAT scores. However, no one is stopping applicants from changing their target B-School. It is true that you have to pay $50 to send the scores to each additional school. It is little costly but do not be too rigid with your plans. The research for Business School (where you might fit in) is a continuous process and the list should change with your GMAT score and interaction with Business School representatives. Many experts would discourage you from doing so and will ask you to write a stellar essay and get in. For people who have scored below target school’s average by more than 50 points – think about changing your target business school.

Meet Business school representatives through events like The MBA Tour (you will get a real sense of what the b-school has to offer). You might have heard stories of candidates with low GMAT score getting into...

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MBA Tour Questions to AskMBA Tour sessions will generally be divided into three sections: Business School presentation, Q&A with Admissions Officer (and Alumni) & Networking. As you might have read in the post – Tips during MBA Tour, asking questions is a critical aspect of MBA Tours. Here are the four Best practices about preparing and asking questions during an MBA Tour.

1) Categorize Questions

When you are researching about Business Schools and MBA programs, categorize the questions into four sections – Business School (reputation among recruiters), MBA Program (Curriculum, Teaching Methodology, Funding, and Flexibility), Career Opportunities (Post MBA Career Opportunities & Job Placement Trends among Alumni), and Experience (Class Environment, Exchange, Professors, City, People, Job Search, Recruiters and Alumni Network). Make sure that you write down the questions in your notepad, and categorize them accordingly. If the Business School...

The MBA Tour - USA and Latin America
The MBA Tour
will be conducting their Tours in United States and Latin America on July and August 2013. The tour will also cover valuable MBA Admission topics including comparison of MBA programs. MBA candidates will get the opportunity to interact with school representatives and alumni. The events are free. Click here to register for the MBA Tours. The tour will also have bonus workshops on GMAT and MBA Application.

United States July 2013


Latin America August...

Categories : MBA Tours

  1. Suit-up. This is basically a mini-interview; so dress for one. Just like in an interview, refrain from chomping on the Bubblelicious.

  2. Get your bearings. When you arrive, take a few minutes to review the map and schedule.  Use your scouting report to plan the school presentations you want to attend.

  3. Pleased to meet you. Greet each rep with a smile, a firm handshake and a positive attitude.  Psychologists have proven that people who smile are better liked than those who don’t.   Make eye contact immediately during the introduction.

  4. Establish rapport. Be outgoing; it is imperative to establish a...

Categories : MBA Tours

1. In retrospect. Take time to reflect on your experience—did you accomplish your goals?  If not, why not?  What would you do differently next time?  What might you undertake to improve your skills? Write all of this down to help prepare for next time or help make you a better b-school candidate.

2. Thanks for the insight.  Send a brief email to key people that you met, particularly if they went out of their way to help you. Personalize the thank you by mentioning something you got out of the conversation or their presentation.  This will also put your name in front of them once more, and put you a notch above the prospects who failed to follow-up.

3. A match made in Heaven. Hopefully you will get a better sense of your business school options. If you have used the event correctly, you will have made contact with several schools that match your profile and interests. In thinking about their needs and your background, evaluate...

F1GMAT: One of the most time consuming task for an MBA candidate is researching about Business Schools. What are some of the best practices an MBA candidate should consider for this?

Christophe Access MBA The best way to search for a school is to take as much time as possible to think about the right selection criteria for you. There are plenty of choices, but you don’t need to consider hundreds of schools. It is probably more useful to first think about what you need and then eliminate the schools which are out of your scope. There are six or seven questions that need to be answered clearly. What kind of ranking do you really need: top 10, top 100 or a local school? Do you need an international or local network and of what kind of people? Do you need general management knowledge or strength in entrepreneurship or finance? What are your realistic chances of getting a high Gmat score and which schools are likely to admit you? Where do you feel at ease in terms of location and do you have any interest in pursuing your career in a specific country or region? These questions are linked to one: how do you see your career within a couple of years and basically...

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