Strengthen Argument

GMAT CR Strengthen ArgumentOne common mistake that GMAT candidates make is that they don't stay close to the text provided in the passage.

Let’s look at an example:

Q) Company X has instituted an Employee Wellness Program that will provide employees with free access to smoking cessation programs, nutritional counseling, and personal training services at a local gym.  Similar programs at other companies have been shown to improve workplace attendance and performance, and reduce the employer’s costs for employee health insurance.  Thus, the Employee Wellness Program will be good for both the employees and the company.

If true, which of the following would best support the conclusion of the argument above?

a) Many employees take advantage of free nutritional counseling when it is offered by employers.
b) Smoking cessation programs are only effective for 20% of those smokers who use them.
c) Personal training services at a local gym will make it easier for employees to improve their cardiovascular health and reduce the incidence of serious illness.
d) Exercising without personal training services can often lead to injury due to incorrect use of weight-training equipment.

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In order to limit civilian casualties in the military, the government has begun to conduct programs to help gunmen improve their anxiety. However, a recent report has cast serious doubt on the programs. Researchers used a combination of written questionnaires and physiological measurements to compare the average anxiety level of gunmen. They confirmed that the anxiety levels of gunmen who took part in these programs were lower than those of gunmen who did not participate in programs. When civilian casualty records of these gunmen were scrutinized, however, researchers saw that the amount of overtime worked was more strongly correlated with civilian casualties than were anxiety levels.

Which of the following, if true, would most clearly have supported the conclusion referred to in the highlighted text?

A. Counseling sessions were found to be more effective than workshops in reducing gunmen's' anxiety levels.

B. Gunmen's anxiety levels correlated more highly with gunmen's safety records than researchers expected.

C. Anxiety-reduction programs were found to be the most effective technique in lowering gunmen's anxiety levels.

D. Gunmen's anxiety levels correlated highly with length of gunmen's shifts.

E. Gunmen's safety records correlated more highly with amount of...

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Mr. Rubel: Limits on offshore oil drilling here have cost people a lot of money over the past years
because of the high price of importing oil.

Ms. Cooper: No, relying on imported oil has meant that we have had to use less energy. This has let us concentrate on other sources.

Which of the following most strengthens Ms. Cooper's attempt to refute Mr. Rubel's claim?

A. There are high taxes on imported oil.
B. There has been a significant decline in oil consumption over the past years.
C. Present savings on energy are partly due to offshore drilling.
D. Efforts to find alternative energy sources have often not worked out.
E. Energy experts try to explore all options.


The argument strongly supports Ms. Rubel’s argument by supporting her statement on lower oil consumption.

Answer - Choice B

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