Mixture Problems

Categories : Mixture Problems

Milk Water Mixture GMATThe contents in beakers A and B are 90 litres of milk and 90 litres of water respectively. Now, 30 litres of milk is taken from A and put into beaker B. After thoroughly mixing, 12 litres of the mixture is taken from B and put into beaker A. Find the percentage of water in beaker A.

A) 14.5%
B) 12.5%
c) 15.5%
D) 17.5%
E) 14.0%


This is a question on Ratio and Proportion. The best way to solve these questions is to move step by step and analyse the mixture in terms of ratio at every step.

Step 1: When 30 litres of milk is transferred from Beaker A to B

Amount of milk in Beaker A: 60 litres
Amount of water in Beaker A: 0

Amount of milk in Beaker B: 30 litres
Amount of water in Beaker B: 90 litres

Ratio of milk to water in Beaker B is 1 : 3

Step 2: When 12 litres of mixture is transferred from Beaker B to Beaker A, the mixture contains milk to water in the ratio of 1 : 3, i.e. 3 litres and 9 litres respectively

Amount of milk in Beaker A: 63 litres
Amount of water in Beaker A: 9 litres

Amount of milk in Beaker B: 27...

Categories : Mixture Problems

Coca Cola contains 75% water and 25% soda; how many more liters of water than liters of soda are in 200 liters of Coca Cola?

A. 50
B. 100
C. 125
D. 150
E. 175


For water, 75% of 200 liters is 150 liters of water: (200 liters)(0.75 water concentration) = 150 liters of water.

For soda, 25% of 200 liters is 50 liters of oil: (200 liters)(0.25 soda concentration) = 50 liters of soda.

The difference between the two is 150-50, which equals 100 liters.

Correct Answer - Choice B

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