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GMAT Random GuessingAlthough random guessing is a better option for students who are attempting 700-750 level GMAT Questions, the same result cannot be expected for students who are guessing 550-650 level GMAT Questions. The advice to pick Answer Choice A in the Verbal Section is a common one given by some well-known GMAT Prep companies. The logic behind this advice is that in GMAT Verbal section; around 12 of them are from Sentence Correction (SC) section. In GMAT SC, the first answer choice is the same as the underlined section in the question. If the sentence were correct in the original format, answer choice A would be the obvious choice. 15-20% of questions in GMAT SC would require no correction. However, betting entirely on random guessing in Verbal section based on the peculiarity of GMAT SC is counterproductive.

Based on data collected from Computer Adaptive Tests around the world, experts are of the view that Answer Choice C is a better option when it comes to random guessing. But if you read the paper written by Eileen Talento-Miller and Fanmin Guo - “Guess What?, you will...

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GMAT Myth Correct AnswerGMAT is a Computer Adaptive test and the test makers include confusing phrasing, question framing, and irrelevant data to confuse the test takers. This contributes towards incorrect answers. Although understanding the fundamentals in GMAT Quant and Verbal is important, it is also important to recognize that there are questions that will lead you to a deadlock.

Hit a deadlock – What to do?

Keep in mind that you have an average of 2 minutes to answer each question. While answering the questions, make an educated guess and move forward when you cross the 3:30 minute mark. Accuracy is important, but there is a much higher penalty for not completing the GMAT test.

Guessing Correctly

Let us assume that you picked a correct answer, and now you have another tough question. The same process continues. You will most likely continue to crack the problem until the 3:30 minute mark is crossed.

Guessing Incorrectly

Let us assume that your second guess was wrong and now you will get a comparatively easier question. There is much higher probability of getting the answer correct this time around.

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GMAT Math ConceptsGMAT Quant is divided into two sections: Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency. Both the section requires knowledge of Arithmetic, Elementary Algebra, and Geometry Concepts & Formulae. The sections test the student’s ability to solve problems, interpret graphical data, and evaluate the information required to solve quantitative problems. 37 GMAT Quant Questions need to be answered in 75 minutes. This means you will get, on an average, 2 minutes to answer each question.

The topics covered in Quant include: Number properties, Fractions, Decimals, Percent, Averages, Ratios, Work & Rates, Multiples, Factors,  Powers and Radicals, Algebra, Lines and Angles, Triangles,  Quadrilaterals, Circles and Coordinate Geometry.

As you can see, the topics are high school math topics but the trick here is that GMAC are experts at framing questions in such a way that even questions from the simplest topics can look tricky and time consuming. Let us look at a sample question provided by GMAC:


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GMAT Myth Easier QuestionsMyth: If you get easy questions after initial 2-3 questions then it implies that you are getting the initial answers wrong.

Well don’t judge the outcome too fast. Even if you are getting the initial answers wrong, you have a good chance to bounce back, get back to right answers, and enter the 650-720 zone. Here are some reasons why you are getting easy questions after initial 2-3 questions.

Familiar Question Type

The recognition of a question type does not necessarily mean that you know the answer or the questions type is easy. The manner in which the questions are framed might create a feeling that you have seen this question earlier in Official GMAT Guide or in one of the top GMAT test prep training session. Instead of worrying about the difficulty of the question type, focus on getting the question right in the prescribed 2 min time.

Recognizing Easy Question

Every GMAT test will have at least 3-5% trial questions, and they would be randomly placed across the test in various sections. The easy question in the initial phase of the test might just be these questions. Since you cannot predict the location...

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