GMAT Myth – Getting the answer Correct is More Important than Completing the test

GMAT Myth Correct AnswerGMAT is a Computer Adaptive test and the test makers include confusing phrasing, question framing, and irrelevant data to confuse the test takers. This contributes towards incorrect answers. Although understanding the fundamentals in GMAT Quant and Verbal is important, it is also important to recognize that there are questions that will lead you to a deadlock.

Hit a deadlock – What to do?

Keep in mind that you have an average of 2 minutes to answer each question. While answering the questions, make an educated guess and move forward when you cross the 3:30 minute mark. Accuracy is important, but there is a much higher penalty for not completing the GMAT test.

Guessing Correctly

Let us assume that you picked a correct answer, and now you have another tough question. The same process continues. You will most likely continue to crack the problem until the 3:30 minute mark is crossed.

Guessing Incorrectly

Let us assume that your second guess was wrong and now you will get a comparatively easier question. There is much higher probability of getting the answer correct this time around.

Panicking – Final Set of Questions

A trend often seen among GMAT test takers is that when they reach the final 10 questions, they will be stuck in the first five questions because they have hit the 700+ Question type. In the name of accuracy, students spend considerable number of minutes on the first 2-3 questions, leaving very little time for the remaining seven questions. When the clock hits the last 10-minute mark, panic sets in and students start guessing 2 questions, spend 1 minute on the remaining 2 questions, and leave the last 3 questions incomplete.

The penalty of leaving 3-5 questions can affect the score by 15-20 percentiles.

It is important to focus on accuracy but when you spend over 3:30 minute on a question, it is time to guess and move on. Start afresh on the next question.

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