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Mannheim Business School is one of Europe’s leading institutions for business education. Together with the University of Mannheim and its faculty of business administration, it offers a holistic program portfolio, ranging from undergraduate degrees to postgraduate studies.

Mannheim Business School was founded in 2005 and has steadily grown and expanded its program offerings. The Mannheim MBA, previously known as the European MBA, was initially offered in 2002 by the University of Mannheim. The ESSEC & MANNHEIM Executive MBA started in 2004 and is run in cooperation with ESSEC Business School in France. More recently Mannheim Business School established an alliance with the School of Economics and Management of Tongji University in Shanghai to create the MANNHEIM & TONGJI Executive MBA, which will begin its first class in 2011. Beside its MBA degrees, Mannheim Business School also has a diverse range of Open Enrollment Programs and creates...

Stephanie Will MannheimF1GMAT: Mannheim Full-time MBA’s One-Program 5-tracks look interesting. Tell us a little bit more about this.

Stefanie Will (Mannheim MBA): At Mannheim Business School (MBS), we offer participants five different routes to reach the MBA degree. This way, they have the unique opportunity to tailor their MBA to their interests and to qualify for the regions and markets in which they wish to work in the future. Participants can either complete the entire program in Mannheim or include stays at renowned partner business schools in their schedule.

During the

• German Track

Participants will study all four terms in Mannheim, which enables them to gain deep insight into the German economy and the local corporate world,

• Eurasian Track

Participants will spend three terms in Mannheim and one at one of our Asian Partner Business Schools,

• Transatlantic Track

Participants will study at one of our North American Partner Business Schools for one term and spend the rest of the time in Mannheim,

• European Track


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