Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech Evening MBAF1GMAT: Tell us a little bit about yourself

Sean(GA Tech Evening MBA): I am in the evening program at Georgia Tech and taking between 2 and 4 classes at night a semester.  During the day I work with Fortune 1000 companies to maximize their Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropic giving for an International non-profit based in Atlanta.  I am responsible for resource development for new partnerships.  I married the woman of my dreams in June 2011, during the program.

F1GMAT: What motivated you to do an MBA?

Sean(GA Tech Evening MBA): My father in Law did his MBA at night also.  His experience was a major precursor to my decision to pursue the MBA.  I wanted the opportunity to take my career to the next level.  A bachelor’s degree is necessary to obtain an entry level job these days, without an MBA it is difficult to advance further in this economy. The pursuit of an MBA is...

MBA Application Deadlines for Georgia Tech 2011-12 has been announced.

Graduate Assistantship Consideration & International Applicants  

January 15     Application and Academic transcripts    
February 15   GMAT scores, three letters of recommendation, and TOEFL or PTE score (if applicable)    

Final Priority Deadline: U.S. Citizens & Permanent Residents
March 15    Application and Academic transcripts    
April 15      GMAT scores and three letters of recommendation    

May 1    Application and Academic transcripts    

30 days after application submitted or as soon as possible: GMAT scores and three letters of recommendation   


Key Features

1) Opportunity to Meet students, faculty, admissions and Career Services staff  
2) Learn about
a) Admission criteria and application process
b) Core curriculum and electives
c) Dual Degree option (for students pursuing another graduate degree at Georgia Tech)
d) Enhancing your degree with career services and networking opportunities

Date: Wednesday April 6th 2011

Registration/Reception: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Presentation/Q&A: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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