MBA Application Resume

A concise resume is the primary tool for your MBA admissions. Your traditional resume might be good for getting a job interview but MBA Admissions is a different ball game.

Your resume should summarize your:
MBA Admissions Resume

1) Education
2) Work Experience
3) Skills
4) Job Responsibilities
5) Achievements
6) Other Activities

A poor resume is a Guarantee for MBA Admissions failure.

Stacy Blackman Consulting has written a resume guide that also include 6 Sample resumes from MBA candidates of various backgrounds. The resume guide provide actionable tips on transforming your resume from boring to an effective one.

Stacy Blackman's Resume Guide - Key Features

1) Learn how to maximize the impact of this all important document through practical advice on formatting, content and more.
2) 6 sample resumes from candidates of differing backgrounds
3) A list of action verbs and specific examples on how to differentiate your presentation

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