Why Finance: MBA Admission Interview

Not at the same level of enthusiasm as pre-2008, Finance still holds sway on 25% of the class. Technology has taken over favor from the Finance role. Most Investment Banking, Financial Services, Private Equity/VC, and Corporate Development role are targeted by those in the industry.

If you are a career switcher, the path to transition is extremely competitive and achieved only through an internship. Since evaluating business school ranking and the surveys are a big part of my job in finding hidden gems to recommend for my clients, I have noticed that apart from Booth, Kellogg, Darden, Haas, Tuck, and Darden, the top 20 MBA programs fare poorly on Career service rank. Not because they are purposefully botching this crucial part of the post-MBA journey, but because the type of students accepted to top programs are more driven and typically need little hand-holding.

Survey questions on facilitating network events or coaching the students for interviews miss this key differentiator.

Finance folks have a rare form of chutzpah or what we call an extreme form of self-confidence. I can vouch for this as someone who has worked with several Finance applicants or as a brother of a Wealth Manager. They are extremely confident about their cash flow models or fund allocation or strategies to mitigate the adverse financial market. It doesn’t matter whether research after research on monkeys throwing a dart at stock picks, shows a better performance than a professional investment manager. None of the ridicule moves the Finance person.

Peel a little bit into their psyche, and you realize that they are grounded by the reality of uncertainty – of the stock market, of deals going south and markets not caring about their financial models.

They become good at managing risks and accepting the verdict of the market.

To compete with this breed of driven professionals, you should show a remarkable interest in Finance.

Certifications are a good start.

Mostly, it is about finding an internship opportunity.

History of Networking and Internship

From technologists to Arts majors, the path for career switching is filled with several missteps and month-long resume submission initiatives.

A true passion for the Finance role and the motivation should be evident in your answer. If you have knocked on several doors to receive a Finance role in a non-profit, share it, to demonstrate your tenacity.

If you badly want it, you are likely to get it.

The interviewer should sense your passion.

Numbers Narrative

Perhaps a cliché by now, Finance professionals have a demonstrable edge with numbers. If you have transcripts and extra-curricular to prove, use this narrative as the opener. Quickly transition to what attracted you to Finance.

True IMPACT Narrative

We have seen applicants from Technology, General Management, and Consulting move into Finance, primarily from the realization that...

Download F1GMAT's MBA Admission Interview Guide and learn how to answer the Why Finance question (career switchers)

MBA Admission Interview Guide

The Guide offers detailed examples and strategies to answer about yourself, career summary, innovation, frequent job switch, managing change, ethical dilemma, made mistake, contribution for the school, handling conflict, the greatest accomplishment, low grades, difficult boss, backup plan, industry, role and gives you tips on managing first impression, improve likeability and lists the questions that you should ask the MBA Admission interviewer.

Pages: 204

The Guide includes commonly asked MBA Admission Interview Questions for:

1) Booth School of Business
2) Columbia Business School
3) Ivey Business School
4) Johnson Graduate School of Management
5) Insead
6) Kellogg School of Management
7) Stanford Graduate School of Business
8) London Business School
9) Harvard Business School
10) MIT Sloan School of Management
11) Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Team Discussion Strategy + Interview Tips)


1. Importance of MBA Admission Interview  
2. How to do Gap Analysis for MBA Admission Interview Preparation?  
3. 5 Conversation Plan for MBA Admission Interview  
4. Focus on the Interaction  
5. How can you control First Impression in MBA Admission Interview  
6. How to improve likeability in MBA Admissions Interview  
7. Avoid these 4 Handshakes  
8. How to highlight Personal, Cultural, and Academic Dimensions of your personality  
9. What motivates an Interviewer?  
10. How to Fine Tune your answers according to MBA Admission Interviewer's Personality Type  
11. How to answer the “Tell us about yourself” introductory question?  
12. How to answer Walk me through your resume?  
13. 5 Follow-up questions to expect  
14. What is the greatest accomplishment in your professional career?
15. What is your leadership style?  
16. How would you contribute at the School Community
17. What is the most difficult obstacle you overcame?  
18. Are you a Creative Person?  
19. How do you define Success?  
20. How to answer about Innovative Solutions?  
21. Answering Frequent Job Switch
22. How did you Handle Conflict?
23. How did you manage Change?  
24. Give an Example of an Ethical Dilemma you faced. How did you handle it?  
25. Answering Greatest Accomplishment
26. How did you Handle a Difficult Boss?  
27.Tell me a time when you made a Mistake. What did you learn from it?
28. How to summarize your Career?  
29. How to explain low grades?  
30. How to answer Scenario Questions?  
31. How to answer the Backup Plan Question  
32. How to discuss about Industry Experience & your Role?  
33. What Questions should you ask the AdCom after an MBA Admissions Interview?  
34. 7 Things to Consider for Skype MBA Admission Interviews  
35. 5 Must Read MBA Admission Telephonic Interview Tips  

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