USA vs Europe vs Australia vs Canada - Management Consulting

What are the career prospects of consulting in USA, Europe, Australia and Canada?

Management Consulting is a lucrative career with the current estimate showing that the industry would grow to over $150 billion by 2020.

Since consulting typically serves the Fortune 500 companies, USA has a giant lead in terms of the total consulting market (over 1/3rd of the total Consulting market). Europe is 2nd, Canada 3rd and Australia is at the last position.

Depending on your current role and previous experience, switching industries becomes tricky if you don’t choose the right MBA program.

Previous year’s employment trends and the reputation of the MBA program among Consulting companies influence the yearly intake.

Since the popularity of niches within Consulting depends on the economy, in the near future, most of the engagements will be in Change Management (Integrating technology), Operations (adapting manufacturing processes to the latest technology), and Financial Services (Blockchain/regulations).

I have written about Top 31 US MBA programs with analysis of 24 industries (including consulting) in Ultimate Guide.

Another interesting excerpt from the book - MBA in France,

“France had a phenomenal four-year growth run in the Management Consulting industry, with a survey indicating double-digit growth in revenue (11.2%) - expected to beat its 2016-17 record growth of 8.5% this year. In the latest double-digit growth story, Strategy – the most lucrative and in-demand specialization within MC dipped from the highs of 30% in 2006-08 to 18% this year.

People and Change Management, has remained more or less the same at 16% while the customer base in France is mostly seeking help from Consultants in the Operational/Functional consulting sphere, growing from 37% in 06-08 to 56% in 2017.”

So if you are passionate about Operations and Consulting, MBA from France should be one option.

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