GMAT Reading Comprehension - How to Remember Information

GMAT RC Remembering InformationAlthough we recommend that test takers go back to the passage for facts or questions related to “quotes,” memory serves the crucial role of understanding the author’s point of view. Skim the passage when the questions are about “the main idea,” “tone,” “passage structure,” and “author’s stand,” but without comprehending the author’s point of view, reading in record time becomes a wasteful exercise.

You cannot improve your memory with a 3-month GMAT preparation, but you can improve in these four focus areas:

1) Motivation

When you perform any activity – reading or writing, the motivation to do it efficiently, influences your concentration. If you look at GMAT as a roadblock for completing the MBA application process, you are less likely to score in the competitive range. Instead, look at GMAT as a tool to solidify your position among the probable candidates, before the admission team evaluates essays, recommendation letters and interview performance. This small shift in approach drastically changes your outlook towards reading GMAT reading comprehension, even if that means reading some of the most boring texts about coral reefs, or a scientific phenomenon that you don’t care.

2) Remembering Irrelevant Information

Authors not only plug in irrelevant facts and distract the GMAT test taker, but they use multiple arguments to convey the main idea, and not all the points are relevant for the questions asked. Read the questions before reading the passage. This will save time.

For example, a passage about Civil War and Obama re-election has questions that ask primary purpose, quotes from the passage, paragraph structure relative to the passage, reference to a line, and attitude of the author towards Obama’s reelection. From the questions, you know that skimming the passage will help you answer about “the primary purpose,” “paragraph structure,” and “attitude of the author towards Obama’s reelection.”


Essential GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide

After you read F1GMAT’s Essential GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide, you will:

1. Complete GMAT RC Questions in less than 1 minute and 50 seconds

2. Read Faster

3. Take Notes Effectively

4. Collect and Interpret Facts

5. Speed up Summary Creation

6. Remember Information

7. Question the Author   

8. Learn to answer GMAT Reading Comprehension Title question   

9. Learn to Solve GMAT Reading Comprehension Main Idea Question   

10.Learn to Solve GMAT Reading comprehension inference question   

11. Learn to Solve GMAT Reading Comprehension Detail Questions   

12. Learn to Organize passage in GMAT Reading Comprehension   

13. Learn to Identify style/tone or attitude of the author

14. Learn to Improve GMAT Reading Comprehension Score

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Mastering GMAT Critical Reasoning

After you read F1GMAT’s Mastering GMAT Critical Reasoning Guide, you will:

1) Learn to eliminate out of scope answer choices

2) Learn to spot logical fallacies

3) Learn to read questions by focusing on the holy trinity – premise, assumption, and conclusion.

4) Learn to disregard filler information

5) Complete GMAT CR Questions in less than 1 minute and 40 seconds

Download Mastering GMAT Critical Reasoning

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