3 Easy Steps to solve GMAT Reading Comprehension Detail Questions

GMAT RC Detail QuestionGMAT Reading comprehension detail/specific questions are the easiest to crack. The best strategies to follow are:

1) Identify the question type:
When a question starts with "According to the passage” and "The passage states that ", you can be sure that this is a detail question type.

2) Identify the location: The question in most cases will refer to a line number, an event, a name or the author’s statement. Our focus should be to skim through the paragraphs and locate the line that the question is referring.

3) Use POE (process of elimination): technique to shortlist 2-3 answers and eliminate answer choices. When you eliminate the answer choices, focus on the scope of the paragraph and intent of the author.

<Start of Passage>

The Maastricht Treaty can be termed as the first formal treaty that led to the creation of European Union. The treaty was signed on Feb 7th 1992 and came to the existence on Nov 1st 1993. Denmark, France and Great Britain rejected the treaty in its original format. With the Edinburgh Agreement in Dec 1992 and second referendum on 18 May 1993, Denmark adopted the treaty with exceptions, namely with provisions on Citizenship, Unified Economic and monetary policies, and Defence policies and Justice and Home Affairs. The adoption of treaty required ...


Essential GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide

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11. Learn to Solve GMAT Reading Comprehension Detail Questions   

12. Learn to Organize passage in GMAT Reading Comprehension   

13. Learn to Identify style/tone or attitude of the author

14. Learn to Improve GMAT Reading Comprehension Score

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Mastering GMAT Critical Reasoning

After you read F1GMAT’s Mastering GMAT Critical Reasoning Guide, you will:

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2) Learn to spot logical fallacies

3) Learn to read questions by focusing on the holy trinity – premise, assumption, and conclusion.

4) Learn to disregard filler information

5) Complete GMAT CR Questions in less than 1 minute and 40 seconds

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