MBA Admission Interview - Handling nerves, Questions for the interviewer and Thank you note

Nervous Interview in MBA AdmissionsF1GMAT: How can we prevent nerves from affecting our performance in the interview?

ZoomInterviews: There’s no substitute for preparation when it comes to feeling more relaxed and comfortable in the interview.  Many applicants underestimate how much preparation it actually takes to have polished and compelling answers.  When you feel confident in your answers, this helps to lower your nervousness.  Another reason applicants get a case of the nerves before and during the interview is because there are elements of the interview that they can’t prepare for.  Even if they have done their research and prepared their questions, there is always an element of uncertainty around how the interview will actually be, as well as the level of sophistication and professional polish that needs to be brought into the interview.  This is where actually seeing current MBAs give examples of effective answers and/or working with a professional interview coach that specializes in the admissions interview can be particularly helpful.   

F1GMAT:  When the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for us”, what questions can we ask?

ZoomInterviews: The questions you ask are a great opportunity to finish the interview strong. Have 3-4 thoughtful, well-researched questions to ask.  Balance questions about the interviewer’s b-school experience (e.g. “What did you enjoy most about your experience at Wharton?”) with questions about their perspectives on the school (e.g. “How would you describe the culture of the school?”)  Weave your research into your questions, by briefly prefacing your questions (e.g. “I spoke to several alums who had made comment about the strong collaborative culture at the school.  Have you also found that to be your experience here?)
Don’t ask the interviewer personal questions such as “how are you paying for your student loans?” (in the instance of a student interviewer) or “with the recession hitting financial services hard, are you concerned you’ll lose your job?” (in the instance of an alumni interviewer).  Keep questions focused on the interviewer’s thoughts and perspectives on the school.  To engage in small talk with the interviewer, use the ‘30-day Rule’ – it’s appropriate to discuss events and happenings that have occurred in the last 30 days or that will occur in the next 30 days (e.g. travel plans, a wedding your attending, the weather, a great restaurant you just tried, projects coming due, etc.)  
F1GMAT:  On completing the interview, should we thank the interviewer or can we send a thank you note instead?

ZoomInterviews: You should thank the interviewer for his/her time at the end of the interview and also follow up with a thank you note.  At the conclusion of the interview, state something similar to the following: “I really appreciate the time you’ve spent speaking with me and getting your insights/thoughts on the school.  I’m excited about the program. Make sure to get the interviewer’s business card in the end of the interview.

Keep your thank you note brief yet tailored.  Mention something notable about your conversation with the interviewer that particularly resonated with you.  Reaffirm your excitement for the school and state that you are looking forward to the next steps in the process. 

Recommended Resource: F1GMAT's MBA Admission Interview Guide

MBA Admission Interview Guide

The Guide offers detailed examples and strategies to answer about yourself, career summary, innovation, frequent job switch, managing change, ethical dilemma, made mistake, contribution for the school, handling conflict, the greatest accomplishment, low grades, difficult boss, backup plan, industry, role and gives you tips on managing first impression, improve likeability and lists the questions that you should ask the MBA Admission interviewer.

Pages: 204

The Guide includes commonly asked MBA Admission Interview Questions for:

1) Booth School of Business
2) Columbia Business School
3) Ivey Business School
4) Johnson Graduate School of Management
5) Insead
6) Kellogg School of Management
7) Stanford Graduate School of Business
8) London Business School
9) Harvard Business School
10) MIT Sloan School of Management
11) Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Team Discussion Strategy + Interview Tips)


1. Importance of MBA Admission Interview  
2. How to do Gap Analysis for MBA Admission Interview Preparation?  
3. 5 Conversation Plan for MBA Admission Interview  
4. Focus on the Interaction  
5. How can you control First Impression in MBA Admission Interview  
6. How to improve likeability in MBA Admissions Interview  
7. Avoid these 4 Handshakes  
8. How to highlight Personal, Cultural, and Academic Dimensions of your personality  
9. What motivates an Interviewer?  
10. How to Fine Tune your answers according to MBA Admission Interviewer's Personality Type  
11. How to answer the “Tell us about yourself” introductory question?  
12. How to answer Walk me through your resume?  
13. 5 Follow-up questions to expect  
14. What is the greatest accomplishment in your professional career?
15. What is your leadership style?  
16. How would you contribute at the School Community
17. What is the most difficult obstacle you overcame?  
18. Are you a Creative Person?  
19. How do you define Success?  
20. How to answer about Innovative Solutions?  
21. Answering Frequent Job Switch
22. How did you Handle Conflict?
23. How did you manage Change?  
24. Give an Example of an Ethical Dilemma you faced. How did you handle it?  
25. Answering Greatest Accomplishment
26. How did you Handle a Difficult Boss?  
27.Tell me a time when you made a Mistake. What did you learn from it?
28. How to summarize your Career?  
29. How to explain low grades?  
30. How to answer Scenario Questions?  
31. How to answer the Backup Plan Question  
32. How to discuss about Industry Experience & your Role?  
33. What Questions should you ask the AdCom after an MBA Admissions Interview?  
34. 7 Things to Consider for Skype MBA Admission Interviews  
35. 5 Must Read MBA Admission Telephonic Interview Tips  

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