Duke Fuqua MBA Employment Trends - $110,000 Median Salary, Consulting Most Popular Followed by Financial and Technology Services

Duke Fuqua has been consistently ranked among the top 20 Business Schools in the US. It is located in North Carolina and offers a highly rated MBA. The Full-time MBA class of 2012 had a median salary of $110,000, ranging from $25,000 to $225,000.

Here's a close look at the various sectors and functions that Duke MBAs found employment.

Employment by Sector


The Consultancy industry hired more MBAs than any other sector, with the highest median salary of $1,30,000 matched only by nonrenewable sources in the Energy/Utilities sector. The highest salary was $2,00,000, matched only by Financial Services. The median Sign-on Bonus was $25,000.

Financial Services

The Financial Services sector was the 2nd most popular sector, with as much as 23% of the class being hired by the sector, with a mean salary of $1,00,000. The Asset Management and Private Equity sectors had very low hiring rate. Other financial services dominated and registered the highest salary of the class at $218,000. Financial Services also had the highest sign-on bonus of $40,000. The sector though had the second lowest salary of $36,000, only higher than Real Estate's lowest.

Technology Services

The technology sector finds good representation at Duke. It hired 14% of the class for a median salary of $115,000. Salaries ranged from $53,000 to $140,000, with an average Sign-on bonus of $20,000. Computer hardware & Internet and Technology Services formed the bulk of this sector with 4% each, followed by Computer software with 2%.

Health Care

Duke has among the highest rate of hiring for the healthcare sector, with as much as 11% of the class opting for this sector. The median salary was $105,000 with a salary range of $80,000 to $150,000. The sign-on bonus averaged $20,000. Medical devices at 6% formed a bulk of this sector.

Employment by Function


A massive 38% of the class found employment in this function, with a median salary of $130,000, the highest of any job at Duke. Here, Strategic Business Planning had 4% of the share, with $225,000 as the top salary, which was unmatched across sectors. The lowest salary was a very respectable $70,000.The average sign on bonus was $25,000 for Consulting as a whole, which was quite similar to most other functions, beaten only by the Financial Sector.


Finance accounted for 23% of the class, and was dominated by jobs for Finance, and Investment Banking, which together made up 15% of the class. The overall median salary was $1,00,000, which was quite similar to the average for other functions except Consulting.  The sector stands out with its high sign-on bonuses that averaged $40,000.


Marketing functions saw 18% of hires, with a median salary of $1,03,000. Salaries ranged from $53,000 to $1,50,000, with an average sign-on bonus of $25,000. Marketing at 13%, and Brand & Product management at 4% were the dominant functions.

General Management

Students working in General Management functions occupied 16% of the class, with a median salary of $1,02,550. The function saw the lowest salary of $25,000 and had an average sign-on bonus of $20,000.

Top Recruiters

Some of the top recruiters who hired two or more students include:

• Johnson & Johnson
• Deloitte
• Bank of America
• McKinsey & Company
• Dell
• Samsung
• Apple
• Accenture
• Sears Holdings Corporation
• P&G
• American Express Company
• Genentech
• Wal?Mart
• PepsiCo
• Amazon

Career Management Center (CMC)

Duke Fuqua Career Management Center equips students with the tools that help them to define, attain, and later manage their career goals, in a 4-phase process.

Phase 1 — Exploration & Self-Assessment

• Overview Modules and Orientation
• Self-Assessment Workshops
• Career Symposiums
• Relationship Building Skills
• Branding & Formulating a Strategic Plan
• Professional Correspondence & Resumes

Phase 2 - Preparation

• Managing Careers Within an Organization
• Making Career Transitions
• Behavioral Interviewing

Phase 3 — Implementation

• Advanced Networking Preparation
• Advanced Interview Coaching
• On-campus Events - Corporate Presentations, Recruiting & Career Fairs
• Post-MBA Success stories

Phase 4 — After Graduation

Continued career support through:

• Alumni Resume Books
• Ongoing career coaching
• Global resources & opportunities database
• Database of job postings
• Online database for alumni networking
• Online presentation

Employment by FunctionPercentageMean Salary ($)Median Salary($)Low Salary($)High Salary($)Median Signing Bonus($)
Strategic Business Planning 4%1,18,1821,10,00085,0002,25,00020,000
Finance 8%1,09,6601,10,00090,0001,30,00022,500
Investment Banking7%98,3331,00,00040,0001,25,00047,500
Asset Management 2%90,00095,00060,0001,00,00040,000
Investment Management 2%89,4291,00,00036,0001,00,00050,000
Sales & Trading 2%1,22,6001,00,00095,0002,18,000
Accounting/Audit/Tax 1%1,10,0001,10,00090,0001,30,000
Commercial Banking<1%
Equity Research <1%
Private Equity <1%
Venture Capital <1%
Marketing 13%1,04,9421,05,00053,0001,50,00025,000
Brand/Product Management 4%99,9231,00,00090,0001,15,00020,000
Sales 1%1,10,6671,10,0001,08,0001,14,00015,000
Market Research<1%
General Management 10%1,04,3341,01,25025,0001,40,00020,000
Business Development 3%91,87587,50060,0001,20,00020,000
Management Development Program3%1,06,3001,05,00090,0001,35,00020,000
Operations/Supply Chain 3%1,13,6671,01,30088,0001,15,00020,000
Other Functions2%1,03,7671,02,6001,00,0001,40,00030,000
Real Estate 1%67,33372,00030,0001,00,000
Employment by Sector
Consulting 33%$127,269 $130,000 $70,000 $200,000 $25,000
Financial Services/Other 18%1,00,5441,00,00036,0002,18,00040,000
Asset Management 1%83,75090,00060,00095,000
Private Equity <1%
Computer Hardware 4%1,11,5691,15,00095,0001,20,00020,000
Internet 4%1,17,8331,15,0001,00,0001,40,00020,000
Technology Services/Other 4%1,06,0001,10,00053,0001,30,00025,000
Computer Software 2%1,15,0001,12,0001,10,0001,23,00030,000
Telecommunications 1%1,16,8001,25,00095,0001,30,40010,000
Medical devices 6%1,04,1111,05,00090,0001,25,00020,000
Pharmaceuticals 3%1,08,3751,10,00080,0001,50,00023,250
Health Care / Other 2%97,6001,00,00088,0001,05,00015,000
Biotechnology 1%1,04,3751,06,25090,0001,15,00027,500
Consumer Products 6%99,0711,00,00090,0001,10,00025,000
Manufacturing 5%1,04,0811,02,80060,0001,20,00025,000
Manufacturing / Other 4%1,01,4851,02,60060,0001,20,00025,000
Automotive 1%1,15,3331,15,0001,12,0001,19,00020,000
Retail 3%1,11,2001,18,00095,0001,25,00017,500
Energy/Utilities 2%1,19,4001,17,0001,10,0001,30,00020,000
Non-renewable Sources 1%1,25,6671,30,0001,17,0001,30,00020,000
Planning and Management <1%
Utilities <1%
Other Services 2%99,00095,00090,0001,12,0005,000
Other Services 1%
Non-Profit <1%
Real Estate 1%1,18,3331,00,00030,0002,25,000
Airlines 1%1,00,00090,00090,0001,20,00020,000
Media 1%88,33390,00085,0001,30,000
Sports/Entertainment <1%
Education <1%
Restaurants/Lodging <1%
Government <1%
Insurance <1%
Employment by Function (Summary)
Consulting38%$125,970 $130,000 $70,000 $225,000 $25,000
Marketing 18%$104117$103000$53000$150000$25000
General Management 16%$102734$102550$25000$140000$20000
Employment by Sector (Summary)
Consulting 33%$127,269 $130,000 $70,000 $200,000 $25,000
Financial Services 20%$99452$100000$36000$2,18,000$40000
Technology Services 14%$112437$115000$53000$1,40,000$20000
Health Care 11%$104186$105000$80000$1,50,000$20000

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