Traps for GMAT Test takers - Trick Opposites

Another trap that test writers create for each argument is generating the "junk" wrong answer choices. How do they do this? By creating opposite answer choice, the sentence construction and words used would look identical.

What are the types of critical reasoning questions that create opposites?

1. "All of the following may be inferred from the passage EXCEPT,"

Someone who reads the question in a hurry might miss the “EXCEPT” part of the question.

2. Assumption questions with the summary of the passage as an answer choice.

This is another trick used by test creators. We subconsciously look for words that are similar to the passage. It is likely that you might select the summary instead of the assumption. Be very careful with this trap.

3. "Which of the following statements weakens the argument”

Students are more prepared for this common trap. The answer choice would have a strengthen argument instead of weaken argument. Eliminate the opposite traps as fast as you can.

Recommended Books

1) The PowerScore GMAT Critical Reasoning Bible: A Comprehensive System for Attacking the GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

2) Critical Reasoning GMAT Preparation Guide, 4th Edition (Manhattan GMAT Preparation Guides)

3) Kaplan GMAT Verbal Workbook

4) Critical Reasoning & Reading Comprehension GMAT Preparation Guide (Manhattan Gmat Prep)

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You know why GMAT test takers score in the low 600s or never cross the 700+ mark?

They fail to look at critical reasoning as a scoring opportunity. GMAT Critical Reasoning is not a puzzle. There is no extra point in getting to the answer without using Process of Elimination. You are wasting your time overanalyzing the answer choices or posting your findings in GMAT Forums. The so-called Critical Reasoning experts know the answer. Justifying an answer choice is much easier.

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