Hobbies and Extracurricular activities

Before you go into why extracurricular is important for essays, understand which school you are applying. For Finance focused schools - Booth/Wharton, measuring your skills in Finance is straightforward. They have to evaluate your professional progress to measure competency. Recommendation letters and resume give hints on professional achievements. Transcripts demonstrate your aptitude for the post-MBA job function. But rarely does an MBA candidate achieve extraordinary feat by doing the basic minimum for a job. Accepting such applicants can decrease the cumulative brand value of the school. That is where extra-curricular comes into play.

Extracurricular = Balanced Personality

If you are good with numbers, statistical analysis and developing financial models, but work poorly in a team, then selecting you for the latest Booth MBA class, and eventually to one of the top Employers - Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, or Deutsche Bank, might go against Booth’s career service team. In a high-pressure environment like Investment Banking, where sales and marketing are equally important as preparing Financial Products, a single-tracked personality would not climb the career ladder swiftly. They will be pigeonholed into one technical expertise. And that is not good for the school when...

mba extracurricular activities examples
Transcripts verify your academic performance, and recommendation letter affirms your competency at work, but your involvement with non-profit through volunteering and your entrepreneurial initiatives need much more than a certificate of participation, or a ‘single line’ in a resume.

Why do Business Schools consider Extracurricular to be an important part of MBA Application? Learn more.

Firstly, schools would prefer candidates who are well rounded and has a life outside work. Your past involvement in extra-curricular activities is an indicator of the non-profit and start-up organizations that you respect and value. It also demonstrates the skills that you have leveraged for the community. More importantly, schools would like to know how you would contribute in the campus outside class work. Student clubs are an integral part of the learning environment, and schools would rather have a candidate who can actively contribute in one of the clubs than someone who is good academically, but has very little involvement outside of class...

Leadership and Social Awareness MBA ApplicationDiversity in nationalities, pre-MBA experience, undergraduate degree, and socio-economic background are considered by Business Schools before finalizing the class. Students interested in Finance, Consulting and Technology constitute the chunk of the class representation but around 20-25% of the class is for candidates who might not show great academic background but has proven Leadership skills and Social Awareness. We have covered several attributes about leadership in our previous articles. But to summarize: a leader should have the following qualities:

a) Focus
b) Good Listening Skills
c) Humility
d) Gain trust of the team
e) Take personal...

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