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Rhombus ABCD below is divided into three areas with AGH = 1/3rd Area of ABCD, ECF = 1/5th Area of ABCD. What is the ratio of Area (AGH) to CD, given that AC=12 and BD =16?

Rhombus GMAT

a) 10/3
b) 11/3
c) 13/3
d) 17/3
e) 19/3


To solve this question, you have to know the formula to find the area of a Rhombus.

The most common formulas and properties to remember in a Rhombus are

1) Area = base x altitude

2) Altitude
½ x sqrt (diagonal1^2 + diagonal2^2)

3) Area = (
diagonal1 X diagonal2)/2

4) All the sides are equal in a Rhombus...

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