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We interviewed Anshuman Pandey, CEIBS MBA Candidate for the Class Entering 2014, and learned about some of the strategies, best practices, and tips for the MBA Admission process (Research, GMAT, Essays and Balancing Work & MBA Admissions).

1) Why did you choose to join an MBA program?

There are many reasons which motivated me to do an MBA:

a. Many of the roles and positions I wanted to apply, required an MBA; or applicants with an MBA were given preference.

b. An MBA widens the horizons and increases your chances to thrive in new functions and new markets thus creating more opportunities. So if, down the line, I feel I need to switch my function, let’s say from Pharma to Luxury Brand Management it wouldn’t be a steep ask.

c.  I wanted to be part of the strategy team of a company that requires a thorough understanding of market forces and finances. An MBA would help me bridge this knowledge gap in a shorter span of time than if I were to slog on with my current qualification and role.

d.  Better compensation.
2) While shortlisting Business Schools what were your criteria. Why Asian Business Schools?


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CEIBS has announced the MBA Application Deadlines for class entering 2013.
Application Deadline     Interview in                                        Decision by

Nov. 15, 2012               Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen        Dec. 20, 2012

Jan. 24, 2013               Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen         Mar. 22, 2013

Mar  25, 2013               Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen         Apr  30, 2013

All the scholarship application (except CEIBS Scholarship) should be submitted before Jan 24, 2013.

Get the complete list of MBA application deadlines

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The Fletcher School has announced a new Dual Degree program in partnership with CEIBS (China Europe International Business School). The dual degree program will bring together The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University (The Fletcher School) and China Europe International Business School (CEIBS).

The goal of the dual degree program is to provide opportunity for students pursuing studies in International affairs and Business to receive both Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) from The Fletcher School and MBA from CEIBS. As part of the program, students will spend first 12 months in CEIBS’s shanghai campus and 18 months at The Fletcher School in Medford, Massachusetts.

Students are required to complete the appropriate course in each program including language requirements that include competency in at least two languages. An added advantage of the MALD-MBA Dual Degree program is that students can start the program either at CEIBS or Fletcher. With the dual degree program, students will save one year, as it would take three and half years to complete each degree, separately.

About CEIBS Full-time MBA Program

CEIBS MBA program is an 18-month full-time MBA program conducted in Shanghai, China. CEIBS gives emphasis on...

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CEIBS MBA program is an 18-month full-time MBA program conducted in Shanghai, China. CEIBS gives emphasis on developing communication skills, managerial skills and customizing the program according to student’s post-MBA goals.

The CEIBS MBA Core curriculum consists of a set of required courses that are designed to lay the foundation for developing managerial skills.  The required courses are focussed on: Managerial Skills, Economics and Decision Sciences, and Marketing & Management.

The curriculum also has a strong china focus with courses like “China HR” and “‘China within the World”. Admitted candidates who are not well versed in Chinese are required to take the Chinese pre-MBA course. Each year, CEIBS also conducts an annual lecture series – China Discovery Week, a comprehensive lecture series about challenges and opportunities in Chinese markets.

Elective courses: Students can choose elective courses based on their focus on various concentrations. CEIBS offers concentrations in General Business Management or Finance/Marketing.

Interesting electives in Marketing: New Product...

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Scholarships for first-year students

CEIBS Scholarship

  • Academic and professional achievements personal accomplishments
  • Interview performance and potential contributions to the MBA program.

P.S: The application deadline for all scholarships listed below is February 1, 2010.

EU Scholarship

  • Students from less-developed regions of China.

Liu Ji Education Fund

  • Students from...

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