Average GMAT Score - Top Business Schools

720 GMATThe average GMAT Score in top Business Schools has jumped from 610 in the early 90s to 690 in mid-2000 to 700 in 2012 to 720 in 2017. But don’t blindly follow the 720+ rule. A better strategy would be to aim for the 99th percentile. To convert GMAT Score to percentiles, visit GMAT Percentile page. Although GMAT Score is not the only factor that would decide you chance to get into top Business School, here are the average GMAT Scores of top Business Schools.

Average GMAT Score - Top Business Schools

Stanford             737   
Harvard              730   
Yale                    730    
MIT Sloan            713   
Haas                   725   
Wharton             730   
Tuck                   722  
NYU Stern           714   
Chicago Booth     726   
Kellogg               724   

Average GMAT Score of other top Schools

Ross                    716   
Columbia              724   
Duke Fuqua          696
Virginia Darden     713   
Cornell                 700    

Average GMAT Score - Top European Business Schools
Insead                707   
LBS                    707
IE                       685   
IESE                   680   
IMD                    670   
HEC Paris            690   
Oxford Said         690   
RSM                    640
SDA Bocconi        650

GMAT 99th Percentile

The following is a sample set. The GMAT Percentile will vary from year to year and are calculated in a three year time period.

Percentile                         GMAT
96-99th Percentile             720
79-90th Percentile             630
61-65th Percentile             570
37-50th Percentile             500

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