MBA Admission Interview: Are you Creative?

Creative MBA Admission InterviewWhen MBA Admission interviewer asks this question, a candidate’s natural tendency is to answer the question from the narrow scope of creation, but if you pay close attention, the interviewer is looking for evidence of self-expression.


Self-Expression needs a canvas and a story. Don’t worry if you have not written a single short story or you are not particularly good at telling funny anecdotes in parties. We are all great storytellers. Just stop reading this article for 60 seconds, and pay attention to the random thoughts that you are having right now about yourself.

No cheating…

No Distraction..

Just 60 seconds.


How were the thoughts structured?

“I have to ace this interview for my future,” “I suck at interviews,” or “I can master the interview; after all I mastered GMAT and Essays.”

Depending on the level of self-loathing or self-respect, your thoughts are primarily in the form of goals or judgmental statements. But once the statements die down, you will hear a story – a story about someone who overcame obstacles after obstacles to reach the Interview stage of MBA Admissions. Yes, it is your story.

Your story is unique, and you might have chosen to express it through many canvases: writing, music, painting, singing, sports, acting, problem solving, leadership, and speaking engagements. Express your unique story when the Interviewer asks about your creative skills.

1) Creativity and Original Thought

The definition of Creativity has become so intertwined with Original Thought that no matter how much you try to redefine it, the definition persists in the common psyche of our society. So don’t redefine it, relish the definition by offering evidence that you came up with an original thought, or in the context of your work – an original solution.

Who is the judge of an original thought? Someone who has limited knowledge of Computers and their history will quote Apple as the innovators in User Interface for Desktop Computers, but a domain expert will challenge this conclusion, and explain how Xerox PARC in 1973 developed the first personal Computer – the Alto, with Graphical User Interface. A historian will go further - challenge this finding and cite Doug Engelbart's Augmentation of Human Intellect project to be the first project to incorporate Multiple Windows, and hence a User Interface. If you go just by the idea and not the implementation – credit should go to Vannevar Bush for the original idea of a Memex desk-based information machine. It is a never ending “Who gets the credit” game. So don’t dwell on the originality of the idea. Chances are that the idea is not 100% original.

From an MBA Admission Interview context, originality means ....


MBA Admission Interview Guide

The Guide offers detailed examples and strategies to answer about yourself, career summary, innovation, frequent job switch, managing change, ethical dilemma, made mistake, contribution for the school, handling conflict, the greatest accomplishment, low grades, difficult boss, backup plan, industry, role and gives you tips on managing first impression, improve likeability and lists the questions that you should ask the MBA Admission interviewer.

Pages: 204

The Guide includes commonly asked MBA Admission Interview Questions for:

1) Booth School of Business
2) Columbia Business School
3) Ivey Business School
4) Johnson Graduate School of Management
5) Insead
6) Kellogg School of Management
7) Stanford Graduate School of Business
8) London Business School
9) Harvard Business School
10) MIT Sloan School of Management
11) Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Team Discussion Strategy + Interview Tips)


1. Importance of MBA Admission Interview  
2. How to do Gap Analysis for MBA Admission Interview Preparation?  
3. 5 Conversation Plan for MBA Admission Interview  
4. Focus on the Interaction  
5. How can you control First Impression in MBA Admission Interview  
6. How to improve likeability in MBA Admissions Interview  
7. Avoid these 4 Handshakes  
8. How to highlight Personal, Cultural, and Academic Dimensions of your personality  
9. What motivates an Interviewer?  
10. How to Fine Tune your answers according to MBA Admission Interviewer's Personality Type  
11. How to answer the “Tell us about yourself” introductory question?  
12. How to answer Walk me through your resume?  
13. 5 Follow-up questions to expect  
14. What is the greatest accomplishment in your professional career?
15. What is your leadership style?  
16. How would you contribute at the School Community
17. What is the most difficult obstacle you overcame?  
18. Are you a Creative Person?  
19. How do you define Success?  
20. How to answer about Innovative Solutions?  
21. Answering Frequent Job Switch
22. How did you Handle Conflict?
23. How did you manage Change?  
24. Give an Example of an Ethical Dilemma you faced. How did you handle it?  
25. Answering Greatest Accomplishment
26. How did you Handle a Difficult Boss?  
27.Tell me a time when you made a Mistake. What did you learn from it?
28. How to summarize your Career?  
29. How to explain low grades?  
30. How to answer Scenario Questions?  
31. How to answer the Backup Plan Question  
32. How to discuss about Industry Experience & your Role?  
33. What Questions should you ask the AdCom after an MBA Admissions Interview?  
34. 7 Things to Consider for Skype MBA Admission Interviews  
35. 5 Must Read MBA Admission Telephonic Interview Tips  

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