MBA Waitlisted Candidates - Correspondence Frequency Guidelines

The make or break factor in a waitlisted situation is the frequency of correspondence. Once you received the status of your application and you have thanked them for considering your application in the waitlisted category, wait for 3 days. After 3 days, send a request for a feedback and be very patient.

Wait for 1 week before sending another reminder. 8/10 times the Adcom would respond to your request with an accurate account on your weakness. Keep that letter for your reference. That is a snapshot of your weakness.

For me it was something like “The admissions jury advises you to write a new, stronger and more detailed motivation paper, mentioning e.g. specific MBA courses and referring to how these newly acquired skills will benefit your future career”

Now what should you do?

This is an excellent opportunity to include the latest leadership experiences and compensate your weakness (In my case - did not refer to specific MBA courses and how these courses would help me) in your next correspondence.

Describe Latest Accomplishments

I suppose you would get at least two months between your application and the results. So include all experiences (on-the-job leadership roles, voluntary work, and public speaking – any experience that would show you as a mature person with good communication and leadership skills). Correct the mistakes that AdCom have mentioned in the feedback. For a less detailed essay, go back to the school’s portal, research on each course and rewrite the essay to include specific MBA courses and the value it is going to provide you.

Create Contact List and Maintain Communication

Create a list of alumni/admission officers you have contacted before sending the application. Contact the alumni (who were eager to help you out. Not everyone would be too pleased to hear you out again) and ask them for their advice. Chances are that they might have gone through the same situation or they might know someone who has faced the same.  Each school has specific strategies to move from waitlisted to a confirmed seat. Call them or meet them. Fix an appointment. Do not visit them without notice.

Once you meet the alumni, get to know about the strategy to move from waitlisted to confirmation. Apart from this, get more information about the school activities, events and achievements in recent times. This information will be handy in your next correspondence.

Send Updates

2 weeks after the AdCom had replied with the feedback, send an update with all the achievements and an improved version of your essays. Also, include the conversation that you had with the Alumni about the events happening in the school. Mention how you found yourself to be a perfect fit for the school.

Final Correspondence

After 2 weeks of your previous correspondence, send a final letter with any further achievements (Do not do volunteer work just to strengthen your profile, especially in the last month between your final correspondence and the previous one) or updates (if you retook the GMAT, mention that too).You might be tempted to send another correspondence, don’t. Carry on the conversation if the Adcom replies back with any questions or suggestions.

Ideal correspondence frequency:  2 in 4 weeks
Worst correspondence frequency: 1 in 3 days.
                                                       1 per month

There are no strict rules for correspondence but don’t be too out of sight or be too frequent with your communication. You have done your part. Relax and wait for the results. Create a backup plan and move on with your life. Best of Luck!

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