MBA - Stepping stone for Career transition?

F1GMAT: We have quite often seen candidates using MBA as a stepping stone for career transition. What advice would you give a senior person (5 years of experience) moving to a completely different domain? Is it possible? Which career transition goals are likely to be considered realistic by the Business School?

MBA Career TransitionThe MBA Exchange:  Many professionals today view business school as the means to redirect their professional journey. The longer an individual has been in the same industry, company or position, the more of a “launch pad” an MBA education becomes.

In fact, there’s no better strategy for initiating a major career change than earning a top MBA degree.  This is true for three reasons:

1.  A B-school education adds the tactical skills and knowledge that are considered essential in the individual’s new field.

2.  Earning the MBA elevates and expands the individual’s thought process and perspective beyond the “silo” in which he or she has been operating for years.  

3.  This education instantly immerses the career changer into a new, dynamic and dedicated network of alumni who are already well established in the targeted industry and eager to help fellow grads succeed.  

From our 15 years of working with thousands of MBA applicants, we have found that for “career changers” to gain admission top b-schools, it’s vital that they keep in mind the risk aversion of admissions committees.  Especially in today’s stagnant economy, the projected employability of applicants is a strong consideration by the gatekeepers.  So, just like a job applicant trying to get a new position that is beyond his or her prior experience and education, the b-school applicant has to make a convincing case that the intended post-MBA industry or function is realistic and attainable.  

Furthermore, showing a true passion for the preferred future is essential. Convincing the ad comms that you have the vision, determination and resiliency to overcome all obstacles is critical to convincing others that you won’t take no for answer.This is accomplished in the resume, recommendations, essays and interview by showcasing relevant, transferable strengths from the past and by demonstrating in-depth understanding of the targeted industry and function. Hence, the only “missing piece” becomes the MBA education itself.   

Those contemplating a career transition should never be reluctant to explore and pursue a top MBA education.  The alternative – spending decades stuck in a job that is unfulfilling, unchallenging or unrewarding – is unthinkable.  Career planning and goal setting are core components of our consulting services at The MBA Exchange. We’ve been a party to many dramatic career transitions and know how rewarding it is for those willing to take the first step.

About The MBA Exchange®

Comprised of more than 40 experienced graduates and former admissions officers from top-tier MBA programs, The MBA Exchange has helped a CPA-reported 97% of its clients to gain admission to leading business schools worldwide.  The firm’s expertise has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, BusinessWeek.com, and PoetsandQuants.com.

Dan BauerAn MBA graduate of Harvard Business School, Dan Bauer is the founder and managing director of The MBA Exchange. His career includes management positions with Citibank, MasterCard International, and DDB Needham Worldwide. Mr. Bauer has served on the Board of Directors of the Harvard Business School Club of Chicago, and provided leadership for organizations including the American Marketing Association and Sales & Marketing Executives International. He is a member of the Association of Independent Graduate Admissions Consultants, Independent Education Consultants Association and the Higher Education Consultants Association, and an affiliate member of the National Association of Graduate Admissions Professionals.

If you have questions about today’s changing MBA admissions marketplace, or would like a free, expert evaluation of your MBA candidacy in light of these and other trends, please visit www.mbaexchange.com

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