Interview with Stacy Blackman - President of Stacy Blackman Consulting

Stacy Blackman1.Tell us a little bit about yourself
I have a BS from Wharton and an MBA from Kellogg.  I am fascinated by the power of marketing.  I love writing, coaching others and I am a big believer in the MBA degree.  It took me a while to put all of these pieces together, but once I did , I found my perfect career.  MBA Admissions Consulting has been incredibly inspiring, exciting and rewarding.  I love helping people fulfill their dreams and advance in life, and have shown that I am quite good at it!

My company has now assisted thousands of people, published 15+ e-books, hosted scholarships, presented to groups around the world, and published a popular blog since 2005.  I am thrilled to have been able to positively impacted so many people as they pursue very ambitious goals.

2. What were some of your observation and takeaways when you assisted the admissions committees at Kellogg Graduate School of Management and Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania?

I was consistently impressed by the high quality of the applicants I met.  It's an incredibly qualified group of people, which is why the application process is so demanding.  When a school admits 25%, they are not admitting 25% of the general population.  Rather it is 25% of an exceptional group of applicants.  

3. You have over 10 Years of Experience in MBA Admissions Consulting. If you can point out one common mistake that MBA candidates make, what would it be?

Limiting their definition of themselves to the work they do.  There are plenty of engineers, consultants, finance professionals, etc...in every applicant pool.  However, there is only one of each unique person.  When an applicant can view him or herself as bigger than their "job", they start to unlock who they really are and can provide the admissions committee with an authentic and unique glimpse into who they are.

4. What challenges did you encounter while providing MBA Admissions consulting to candidates?
It can be challenging to set realistic expectations.  I am dedicated to being very honest with applicants and that can mean having difficult discussions when we talk about "chances" of admission to dream schools.  My goal is to inspire and help applicants shoot for the stars while also setting them up for success.

5. Have you helped MBA candidates with low GMAT and GPA gain admissions to top Business Schools?

ABSOLUTELY.  Numbers are only a part of the process.   
See this case study
And this one

6. What were the events and circumstances that led you to create Stacy Blackman Consulting?

Creating a company happened by accident.  It was a natural result of doing what I love.  I started to help people, was good at it, and suddenly, a hobby and passion became a business.

7. How will Stacy Blackman Consulting help MBA candidates?

We help candidates with every aspect of the application process.  We direct them in everything from school selection to strategy development to recommender selection to interview prep.  Ultimately, we help our clients to better understand themselves and to figure out why they belong in a top MBA program.  Once they unlock these answers, we help them to package it in a way that resonates with the admissions committees at their target schools.  We push our clients to work very hard, but by providing expert guidance I believe we remove at least some uncertainty and anxiety  from the equation.

Stacy Blackman Consulting

This article brought to you by Stacy Blackman Consulting.

Stacy BlackmanFounded in 2001, Stacy Blackman Consulting has helped thousands of MBA applicants gain admission to the most selective business schools in the world.  The Stacy Blackman team, comprised of MBA graduates, former admissions officers and expert writers, editors and marketers, helps clients develop and implement a winning marketing strategy.  Stacy Blackman clients have a significantly increased probability of admission to top schools and are frequent recipients of merit scholarships.  The company is regularly featured in publications such as BusinessWeek, the Wall Street Journal and the Economist. 

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