Haas Institute of Business & Social Impact: Another Great Initiative

Haas Institute of Business & Social ImpactHaas has launched the Institute of Business & Social Impact on Nov 6th 2013 with the generous donation of two Haas Alumni: Allan Holt & Wife ($1 million) & Margo Alexander ($100,000). Lara Tyson - former Dean at Haas School of Business, heads the Institute.

The focus of the institute will be primarily on creating an environment for an inclusive society across for-profit and non-profit sectors. The course work, projects, and research activities have been developed to fulfil this goal.


Although the institute has been launched in Nov 6th 2013, Social Impact was part of the MBA curriculum right from the 1960s. It all began with the effort of former Berkeley Executive Vice Chancellor, Earl F. Cheit, and late Professor Dow Votaw, who launched the first course in corporate social responsibility and business environment.

Later, Social and Political Environment of Business was introduced as a capstone course with the intention of providing insight on the complex social and policy issues facing Businesses in a public environment.


The Institute of Business & Social Impact brings together some of the best centers and programs in Berkeley to address high priority social and environmental challenges. The four pillars of the institute are:

• The Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership
• The Center for Responsible Business
• The Graduate Program in Health Management.
• The Global Social Venture Competition

Opportunities for Undergraduate

Earlier the courses offered in areas of public policy and non-profit sectors were exclusively for Haas MBA students. But the institute will start working with undergraduates for the ‘Women in Business’ course. 

The Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC)

One of the most popular initiatives that would be part of the Institute is the GSVC. The Business Plan competition brings together some of the best minds to create Business Solutions for Social and Environmental causes. The MBA Students at Haas School of Business along with Lester Center for Entrepreneurship heads this initiative and works with partners across 13 schools in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.

Last year, Spill was named the winner in this competition. Spillnow.com is a platform that allows students to share their problems anonymously with a professional peer group that offers one on one feedback, and resources to handle the problem.

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