11 Prep Tips to Score GMAT 750

GMAT 750 Prep Tips1) DO NOT go by how much time you spent studying.  The way to judge if you are ready or not is by how much you understand the subjects. This is very important!

2) DO NOT rush or worry about time so much when you first begin.  I focused too much on pace at the beginning and wasted a lot of time having to go back to grasp the subjects. You will need to get this down, but at first it is not the most important thing.

3) DO NOT just look at the correct answer when you get a question wrong.  Make sure you understand why your answer was wrong and why the correct answer is correct. I spent more time reviewing then practice tests than I did taking them.  (And yes they are long).

4) DO NOT let the Kaplan CAT score scare you. I got a little down, but do not.

5) DO take breaks.  Stay on track, but give your mind periods of rest.

6) DO track your progress and timing.   I used the GMAT Club iPad app because it was easy to use and consolidated.  Really all you need is a timer and a notebook to keep track of time per questions and percentage of questions correct in each category.

7) DO identify your weaknesses and focus on them. Do not abandon everything else, but your weaknesses will stick out on the exam.

8) DO save some questions in the OGs until after you have reviewed all topics unless you are still really not comprehending the material (in which case you can find more questions). Once you have identified your weaknesses, you are going to want to have questions to go back and focus on.

9) DO take several practice CATs. This will not only help you get an idea of where you stand, but it will help you become familiar with how the questions will come when you take the test.

10) DO get pace down during the CATs. Not finishing the test will kill you score, and rushing at the end is not fun.

11) DO dedicate yourself.  It may seem like I did not study for long, but I spent countless hours reviewing and was extremely dedicated.  I passed up 2 Vegas trips and so much more to make sure I spent the time needed to get the score I wanted.

About the GMAT Expert

Louis Dudley Scored 750 on his GMAT. He completed his undergrad major in Computer Engineering from San Diego University with 3.8 GPA and is currently working as a Software Engineer.

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