Indian CA GMAT 640 - Retake and US Schools

Q) I am Indian CA with GMAT 640. Post-trump Era has been hard on Indian immigrants. Should I target top MBA programs in the US? How should I approach the GMAT re-take?

Since most competitive applicants have GMAT score in the 700 to 750, and my clients with a CA background have a median GMAT score of 710, I would encourage you to retake the test.

Instead of randomly studying and re-taking the GMAT, approach the process methodologically:

1) Take a Full Mock GMAT test

2) Review the test for 1 hour

3) Note down all the topics where you have not scored

4) Categorize the mistake: carelessness, lack of knowledge and lack of practice

5) Lack of Knowledge

For GMAT Quant: Start from the fundamentals – the theorems, the simple problems and slowly approach the complex problems.

For Grammar – learn the usage in multiple contexts.

For Critical Reasoning – understand how to split the argument into parts.

For Reading Comprehension – learn to separate the fillers from essential texts.

We have written two books:

Essential GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide
Mastering GMAT Critical Reasoning

Purchase them only if you must master the fundamentals.

For practice, use Official GMAT Guide

6) Lack of Practice: You have to put in the time. Two to three weeks of intense preparation is enough as you have already mastered 70 to 75% of the concepts to score above 600.

On profile evaluation and shortlisting target programs – tier 1 and tier2, we have a dedicated service – Detailed Profile Evaluation.

You can purchase it from our Store

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H1B Cap: Indian companies have misused the H1B for too long. The increase in visa rejection is in the 7-8% range post-TRUMP. In order to attract offers from Global brands, associating yourself with the top 10 MBA programs will help, but unlike placements in Indian colleges, the majority of job offers in US campuses happen through networking. Once you are part of a ‘top’ brand, Alumni will be willing to respond to your requests and read your emails. That will make your networking easier.

Targeting top MBA programs is insurance against all the fluctuation in visa policies and industry trends.

Retake the GMAT, score above 730 and apply for MBA programs in the top 20.

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