Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2012 - Stanford is Number #1

FT Business School Rankings 2012Financial Times Business School Rankings for the year 2012 has been announced. Stanford Graduate School of Business has retained the top spot, ending the three year dominance of London Business School. Harvard Business School took the 2nd place and Wharton the 3rd.

A common trend in Financial Times 2012 Global MBA ranking has been the rise of Asian Business Schools especially from China. Chinese Business Schools to feature in the top 100 Global MBA Ranking include:

1) Chinese University of Hong Kong (28th Rank)
2) University of Hong Kong (37th Rank)
3) Peking University: Guanghua (54th Rank)

Apart from China, two Business Schools from South America have also featured in the top 100 list: Coppead from Brazil (51st Rank) and Incae Business School (76th Rank) from Costa Rica.

Business Schools from US that made notable entry into the top 100 list include: Pennsylvania State University: Smeal (49th Rank), Washington University: Olin, University of Minnesota: Carlson (61st Rank), Georgia Institute of Technology (74th Rank), Michigan State University: Broad (77th Rank), George Washington University (79th Rank), University of Pittsburgh: Katz (83rd Rank) and Northeastern University (86th Rank).

Financial Times Top 10 Global MBA Ranking

1 Stanford Graduate School of Business
2 Harvard Business School   
3 University of Pennsylvania: Wharton   
4 London Business School   
5 Columbia Business School   
6 Insead   
7 MIT: Sloan      
8 IE Business School   
9 Iese Business School   
10 Hong Kong UST Business School   

Stanford University GSB (Prepare for Stanford MBA Application with Stanford MBA Essay Guide and Stanford MBA Interview Guide) again topped the Average Salary ($) ranking at $192,179 per annum, while Harvard Business School took the second place at $178,249 per annum. Considering the cost of living and Tuition Fee, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad has the best ROI with an Average Salary ($) of $175,076, taking the 3rd place in Salary ranking.

Financial Times Top 10 Average Salary($) Ranking

1 Stanford Graduate School of Business    $192,179   
2 Harvard Business School $178,249   
3 Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA)    $175,076   
4 University of Pennsylvania: Wharton $172,353
5 Columbia Business School $166,497   
6 MIT: Sloan $157,337   
7 IE Business School    $156,658
8 London Business School $152,981
9 University of Chicago: Booth    $152,585   
10 Dartmouth College: Tuck    $151,182   

MBA Value: In terms of greatest value from the MBA Program: Northwestern University: Kellogg, University of Chicago: Booth and University of Pennsylvania: Wharton took the top 3 position.

Recommended by Alumni: When Alumni were asked to recommend three Business Schools for recruitment, University College Dublin: Smurfit, Sungkyunkwan University SKK GSB and University of Pittsburgh, Katz received the maximum recommendations.

Analyze the Ranking 2012

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