NYU Stern Full-time MBA Salary Job Function & Industry (2017)

True to its reputation, NYU Stern attracted the most offers in the Financial Services industry (35.3%) with Investment Banking (28.2%) the most popular sub-group in the industry. Consulting was the second most popular industry (28.5%) while for the third position it is a close race between Consumer Packaged Goods and Technology/Telecommunication, both attracting 8-9% of the class. Candidates followed the post-MBA salary, as is evident from the total salary where Consulting ($166,904) and Financial Services ($166,707) fetched the best pay. As expected, the lowest paid industry was non-profit ($92,500 – total salary). However, other industries crossed the $100,000 total salary but surprisingly the median base salary for Media/Entertainment was $95,000 despite New York’s stronghold as a media hub. The transition from traditional to social media is evident from the lower demand and compensation in the media industry.

NYU Stern MBA Salary by Industry

Finance was the most popular job function with a total salary of $161,767 with a large percentage opting for Investment Banking that attracted over $172,000 in total salary.

NYU Stern MBA Salary by Function

Consulting, the second most popular job function (33.8%) was mostly offered in Management Consulting (24.3%) with total salary crossing $164,000. Operations/Logistics and Technology/Data Analytics were the least popular job function while Marketing/Sales completed the top three with a total salary of $126,249.

NYU Stern MBA Employment Report

NYU Stern MBA Salary (2016 Class)%Median Base Salary Mean Signing Bonus Total Salary
By Industry100%$125,000$31,717$156,717
Consumer Packaged Goods8.70%$1,03,000$20,188$123,188
Financial Services35.30%$1,25,000$41,707$166,707
Real Estate1.50%$1,00,000$15,000$115,000
Technology/ Telecommunications9.60%$1,17,000$33,835$150,835
NYU Stern MBA Salary (2016 Class)%Mean Base Salary Mean Signing Bonus Total Salary
By Function100%$125,000$31,717$156,717
Management3.90% $1,07,750 $26,370 $134,120
Information Technology/Data Analytics1.60% $1,06,000 $5,000 $111,000
Marketing/Sales15.10% $1,02,952 $23,297 $126,249
Operations/Logistics1.60% $1,11,000 $27,500 $138,500
Other3.90% $1,35,000 $12,500 $147,500

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