MIT Sloan Cover Letter Tips (No Required Essay for 2017-18)

Q1) Taking the above into consideration, please submit a cover letter seeking a place in the MIT Sloan MBA Program. Your letter should conform to a standard business correspondence, include one or more examples that illustrate why you meet the desired criteria above, and be addressed to Mr. Rod Garcia, Senior Director of Admissions (300 words or fewer, excluding address and salutation).


Q2) Please introduce yourself to your future classmates via a brief video statement.

MIT Sloan has added a Video question and kept the cover letter format. This time, the admission team has provided a 100-word prompt to offer context to the cover letter question.

2017-18 application has added 50 extra words to the cover letter, taking the total word count to 300 words instead of 250.

The challenge with cover letter is that you have no chance to offer any context on your major achievements, your values, and why an MIT Sloan MBA is the next logical step.

You get a 1-page or 300-word space to write a cover letter. Many job applicants don’t fully use them because the goal is to customize your experience to one specific job function, but in MBA Admissions you are selling the idea that you are that all-rounder that would brighten the MIT Sloan brand.

Resume to the Rescue

Just beneath the required cover letter, the admission team has requested that you submit a resume in a 1-page format. You have to approach the limited word count by combining the resume and the cover letter in such a way that the bullet point achievements acts as titles, and the cover letter description offers the context.

For MIT Sloan, the resume is the first snapshot of the Applicant. Here are some pointers worth considering while formatting your resume.

1) Use Active Verbs like Achieved, Attained, Authored, Formulated, Investigated, Designed, Consulted, Developed, Monitored, Inspected while highlighting your responsibilities.

2) Start with Education, then Professional Experience and finally Achievements

3) For Achievements, focus on leadership over membership.

4) Professionally verifiable certificates (training, language proficiency, and volunteer service) should be included as bullet points under achievements.

5) Follow the Context, Action & Result template with plenty of $ and numbers in your one-line statements.

We have seen applicants overdoing the $ and numbers part without giving any context. Avoid this classic mistake. What action you took is equally important as the result.

Submit your resume here.

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Cover Letter: You can’t write everything

When you apply to two jobs for different titles, you do two things, customize the resume, and change the cover letter. The strategy for MIT Sloan cover letter is no different. Before you start creating a cover letter, here is what you need to know about MIT Sloan:

1) MIT accepts more students with post-MBA goals to join the Tech Industry or a tech function
2) MIT accepts more career switchers
3) MIT accepts the typical, the unusual and the high achiever, although the typical and unusual are mostly in the listed students.
4) MIT has a clear bias towards budding Entrepreneurs, Start-up Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship of all kind (social and for-profit)

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MIT Sloan MBA Cover Letter Preview

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