MIT Cover Letter Example: Wealth Management to FinTech

In the fourth example, we consider the fictitious profile of an applicant, working in Wealth Management, who after working four years with <x> - a leading Investment banking company, decides to solve the tougher problem of bringing financial inclusion into America’s underserved African-American and Hispanic communities.

The engagement with the non-profit <x> that offers a suite of services in scholarship, mentorship, pro-bono consulting and legal services, opened applicant’s perspective about how the end to end services could transform an average student to a successful youth leader. Mimicking a similar eco-system, the applicant leverages the connection with a billionaire founder from the wealth management engagement to join the latter’s venture in New York City as the Vice President of Operations to manage and expand the FinTech start-up and serve the low to middle-income families.

Sample Cover Letter – Wealth Management to FinTech (299 Words)

August 01, 2019
Mr. Alexander Gonzalez
Los Angeles, USA

Dear Mr. Rod Garcia,

The role as the Financial Officer for <z>’s Wealth Management business brought me in close contact with Billionaire entrepreneurs from 23 countries. By defining customized Key Performance Indicators for each Entrepreneur and maximining their aggregate return by 150%, I infused strategic advantages and learned about the business practices that made their brands competitive for more than a generation.

As the first generation Venezuelan American to earn a college graduate degree in our family, I felt sincere gratitude for <y> - the non-profit that mentored me to pursue a Finance career. I returned to the institute as a mentor and realized the meticulous planning that went into offering services in mentorship, scholarship, and consulting. By mimicking the eco-system, and combining technology, education, and process innovation, I want to perfect a FinTech product that would contribute towards reducing the wealth gap in the US.


Download Complete MIT Sloan MBA Cover Letter for the Applicant switching from Wealth Management to FinTech

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