MBA Admissions Interview - Tips and Tricks

Process: Wharton MBA Admission Interviews are by invitation only. Unlike interviews in other schools, the admission team facilitates a team-based discussion (TBD) with the goal of figuring out how you approach problems, opportunities, and leverage teamwork for achieving learning goals. Complete tips here.

Interview Schedule

• 35 minutes for TBD
• 10 minutes one on one conversation with the Admission team

Style of Interview: Team Discussion with groups of 4-5 applicants, followed by a small 10 minutes one...

MBA Admissions Interview Dos and DontsWe caught up with ZoomInterviews and asked them about the Do's and Don'ts for MBA admission interviews. We also asked them about ...

Tell me about Yourself MBA Admission InterviewAn MBA Admission interview typically starts with “Tell me about yourself”. It is easy to talk about yourself but understanding what is relevant, and guiding the interviewer to the next question depends on how you answer this question. Even before you answer this question, give a firm handshake, establish rapport, engage in small talk, smile and ...

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Ivey MBA Admission Interviews are by invitation only. The Admission team prefer interviews in-person. It can be during recruiting trips internationally or in Canada, or during campus visit. For candidates who don’t have the opportunity to attend in-person interview, a Skype interview will be conducted.

Interview Conducted by: Admissions and Career Service Team

Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Rounds: 1 -2

Style of Interview: Friendly and Conversational

Skills and Traits tested in the Interview

1) Ability to articulate and structure thoughts and ideas clearly and articulately
2) Clarity and focus of personal career goals (...

Now that you have learned some grooming and dress code best practices (read How to control the First Impression in MBA Admission Interview from our Interview Guide), let us look at the correct posture for your interview.

Often, after the initial introduction, MBA candidates tend to relax and slouch in the chair. Consciously make sure that you don’t do this. It not only reflects your attitude towards the interview but would also impact how you sound.

6 MBA Admission Interview Posture Tips...

I did my homework, researched about the Admission Manager, listened to his tunes, and finally made a pre-interview call. The Admission Manager, who was a part-time music director, wasn't interested in the call. I wasn't completely sold on featuring the MBA program in F1GMAT either since the school didn't publish post-MBA salary. The 15-minute call was one of the most awkward conversations I ever had. Mind you - I have been interviewing for 8 years.

I wasn't motivated. My research was peripheral - learning about the hobbies of the person I was interviewing instead of creating a conversation plan. Don’t make the mistakes I made. Follow these 5-conversation plans before the interview:

1) Be...

MBA Admission Interview ScenariosMBA Admission interviews generally start with personal questions related to your education, work experience, and goals. This is followed by specifics, mostly related to the job experience. The answers are personal, but make sure that you follow the best practices, and understand the intent behind each question.

Failed to meet Project Deadlines

If you have worked 3-5 years in more than three projects, it is likely that you would have missed at least one project deadline – not...

Skype MBA Admission Interview TipsIf you are an international MBA, and the alumnus in your Country is not available for a one on one interview, it is likely that you have to attend the interview via Skype. The moment we bring in technology, the seriousness, and the preparation required for the interview goes down. Here are some best practices that MBA Aspirants have to follow while preparing for Skype Interview.

1) Dress Code

Although Skype is an online tool for communication, the nature of the interview does not change...

Harvard MBA Post Interview ReflectionAs part of the HBS MBA Admission Interview process, you will have to fill up a post-interview reflection in the ‘Application Status’ page, within 24 hours of the interview. We hope you have crushed the interview (if you are planning to attend the interview, Download F1GMAT's MBA Admission Interview Guide - strategies on how to influence the interviewer...

MBA Admission Telephonic Interview TipsDuring a telephonic interview, an admission staff and a faculty member lead the telephonic interview. Here are some pointers for your interview:

Read your Essays

The admission officers ask questions for three reasons – to measure your communication skill, to check whether the things you have written about yourselves truly represent you and to evaluate your ...

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