Harvard MBA Interview Invites Round 2 (31st Jan 19)

Jan 31st 2019: At noon EST, the rest of the interview invites (1/3rd) would be sent. Check your application status page and schedule the interview immediately.

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Jan 28th 2019: Today at noon EST, two-thirds of all the interview invites for Round 2 would be sent. Check your application status page.

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By 29th Jan 2019, noon, you can schedule an interview on-campus or in one of the international cities (Dubai, Mumbai, Tokyo, London, Shanghai, Paris or Bay Area)

4th Oct 2018: Today at 12:00 Noon EST, the remaining 25% of the interview invites would be sent via email. You can check the status in your online application.

Based on the interview invite pattern on 1st October, this invite would mostly include International applicants.

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Read tips on Post-Interview Reflection

For consulting on how to plan for R2 schools, start a conversation here.

You will also get a final update, today for R1.

Early Release: Code word for DING

Further Consideration:
Code Word for Waitlisted

A large percentage of Waitlisted candidates gets accepted in R2. For strategy on navigating the waitlist, contact me.

15th May 2018: The Harvard MBA Admission team has announced that there won't be any Round 3 deadlines for the 2021 graduating class.15th May 2018: The Harvard MBA Admission team has announced that there won't be any Round 3 deadlines for the 2021 graduating class.

R1 Deadline:
Sep 5th 2018
R2 Deadline: 4th Jan 2019

The application will be open by June 1st week

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Jan 25th, 2018: This noon, the first iteration of interview invitations were sent. Check your email.

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The interview scheduler - the tool to organize the interview location and time, will be open only by 26th Jan 2018 at 12:00 noon EST. The admission team recommends using them as soon as it is live. The demand for the slots would be pretty high.

Jan 30th, 2018: Next 1/3rd of the R2 interview invitations will be out.

October 5 2017: Interview invitations will be sent today. You will receive one of the three messages: Invitation for Interview, Release or Further Consideration.

Release = Rejected.

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Interview Scheduled for Mid-October & Mid-November 2017

Interview Location

  • On-Campus
  • Shanghai
  • Tokyo
  • Dubai
  • Mumbai
  • São Paulo
  • New York City
  • Bay Area CA
  • London
  • Paris

Sep 6th, 2017: Today is the round 1 deadline for Harvard Full-time MBA program. The admission team will start reading your applications only after the noon EST deadline. There is a wider window for submitting recommendation letter (assume 1-2 days).

Next Step: Start Preparing for your MBA Admission Interviews

April 18th 2017: Admission Rounds for 2016-17 is over. The Harvard MBA Admission team has announced the deadlines for 2017-18 (Class of 2020)

R1 Deadline:
Sep 6, 2017

R2 Deadline: Jan 3, 2018

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April 12th 2017:
Round 3 Interview Invites have been sent. Check your Online application status.

Hub City for R3 Interviews

On Campus:
April 28th
April 28th to 30th
New York City: April 28th
Melon Park, CA: April 24th and May 2nd
Other Option: Skype

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Round 3 MBA Application for Harvard has been officially closed.
March 22nd 2017: Results for Round 2 Interviews will be out on March 22nd 2017. For Round 3, the admission team encourages US candidates to apply. However, for international candidates, time for processing Visa will be low.

Hint: International applicants - skip Round 3 and target for the next admission season.

Feb 1st 2017: At noon Eastern, the 2nd release of Round 2 Interview Invitations will go out. Unlike the release on 25th Jan 2017, you can schedule the interviews immediately using the Online Scheduler.

On 1st, the final release notification will go out for those who have not been invited - rejected or waitlisted.

For those who have been invited or expect to be invited for HBS Interviews, F1GMAT's MBA Admission Interview Guide is the red pill that you need. An invitation doesn't mean selection.

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare!

Those who have been rejected, Here is what you do... (No Soapy Stuff just some hard truths to pump you up)

Interviews will be Scheduled between February 3 – March 6.

P.S: Round 2 First Batch of Invitations were sent on Jan 25th, 2017.

Interview Location

  • On-Campus (Boston)
  • Dubai
  • London
  • Menlo Park
  • New Delhi
  • New York
  • Paris
  • Shanghai
  • Tokyo

P.P.S: No Preference in admission if you visit the campus, hub city or take the interview via Skype. Read the Skype MBA Admission Interview Tips that we have written.

Dec 14th, 2016: Decisions for Round 1 MBA Admissions have been released. Log in to your Online Application page and check the status. Those who are waitlisted will get an update later this week.

Harvard MBA Admission Updates
October 12th 2016 12:01 PM Boston Time:
Final date for Interview Invites for Harvard MBA Application Round 1 for the 2017 Entering class.

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As always, the order of invites is in no way an indicator of your Admission chances. Instead, prepare for the interview.

Status: Interview Invitation, Waitlisted, or Released (in simple terms rejected).

Total Harvard MBA Invites Round 1 Trends

Interview Scheduled:
Between October 23rd and November 18th

Hub Cities for Interviews
New York City
São Paulo
Palo Alto

Also Available: Interview via Skype

Download F1GMAT's MBA Admission Interview Guide for a complete preparation strategy for the behavioral aspect of the interview process along with previously asked questions.

P.S: Rejected by Harvard does not mean death to your career aspirations

10th June 2016: The application for the Class of 2019 has gone live. Start your application here.

The HBS MBA Admission team is looking for candidates with

a) A natural inclination towards leadership
b) A strong analytical ability
c) A strong sense of community

We have shown how you can include these three elements in our 2016-17 HBS MBA Essay Guide. Download here.

30th March 2016:
By today 12:00 noon Boston Time, the decisions for Round 2 candidates will be announced. Check your online application and make sure that the phones are not engaged. Around 100 applicants will be waitlisted. 
Eileen Chang will mail you about what to expect.

6th January 2016:
The Round 2 Deadline for Harvard Business School is today at 12:00 noon (Boston Time). The Admission team will begin reviewing your application after the deadline and accept recommendations till the end of this week. On 8th Jan 2016, the admission team will publish the list of hub cities for Round 2 Interviews.

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9th December 2015:
For Round 1 Applicants who attended the Harvard MBA Admission Interview, 9th December 2015 is a BIG day. The decision that will change your future will be notified. There is no separate Phone Calls or Email. Check your online application by 12:01 noon Boston time on 9th Dec.

If you didn't clear HBS R1 Interviews, here is the Winning MBA Essay Guide. Don't quit. Round 2 Deadlines are in early January. You can still pull off a great application for other Top MBA Programs. If your Interview was not that great, here is our MBA Admission Interview Guide - a lot of hands-on tips on cracking the interview for other Top MBA Programs.

7 October 2015:
October 8th and October 14th are the next scheduled decision dates when over 350 additional invitations will be sent.

For 2+2 a candidate, 14th is the date when the interview schedules will be released.

Download MBA Admission Interview Guide for Tips on Harvard MBA Admission Interview

For those candidates who are anxious about their chances, October 14th is the day when they will be notified about their rejection, or put it nicely – “not moving forward”.

Waitlisted Candidates: On 14th October, you will be notified about your waitlist status. Around 100 applicants will be waitlisted.

14 OCTOBER 2015:
is the date to watch out. Set a reminder and check your mail, or status updates at https://apply.hbs.edu/apply/status

6 October: For Round 1 Applicants, October 6th was the D-day. At 12:00 ET, over 600 R1 Applicants received an Interview Invite.

Don’t ACT desperate and send the HBS Admission team additional letter of support or other progress report.

10 April 2015:
For Round 3 Applicants, April 22nd 12:00 Noon ET is the date to note. On 22nd, decisions for Round 3 MBA Applications will be released. The interviews thereafter are scheduled on two dates - May 1st and May 4th. The interviews will be held on-campus. For the 2+2 applicants, the admission team recommends Skype Interviews.

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25 MAR 2015:
Decisions for Round 2 MBA candidates joining the Harvard MBA Class of 2017 have been released this noon at 12:00 Boston time.

The decisions are communicated with a congratulatory call from the HBS MBA Admission office. Those who are waitlisted will be again evaluated at a later stage with a detailed next step conveyed in the decision letter. In early April, a hard copy of acceptance letter or the ‘official admission’ letter will be sent to your address.

Jan 28th 2015:
Interview invitations for R2 Deadlines have been sent out today noon (Boston Time) to nearly 600 Harvard MBA applicants. Details of scheduling have been included in the mail. Do note that the applicants can schedule their interviews after the invitation with the Online Interview Scheduler.

The scheduler will be live tomorrow.

Next Round of invitations will be sent on February 4th 2015. Those applicants who have not been waitlisted or selected for Round 2 will receive a release notification on the same day. For the 2+2 applicants, the invitations will be sent only on 4th. Interviews will commence on February 12th and continue till second week of March.

To learn How to answer commonly asked HBS MBA Interview Questions, Download F1GMAT’s MBA Admission Interview Guide

10th December:
Round 1 Applicants who have given the interview, check your application status by 10th December Noon (EST). You will either be:

1) Accepted
2) Rejected or
3) Waitlisted

Those who are accepted to the MBA program can immediately access the Pre-matriculation website that has information on the next steps. Waitlisted candidates will be updated about the next steps, including the schedules as to when their application will be considered again. Those who have been denied admission will get the opportunity for feedback.

For Round 2 Applicants: Download F1GMAT’s Winning MBA Essay Guide (Include Tips for Harvard MBA Essays)

8th October

At around 12:00 noon ET, the HBS MBA Admissions team have sent 800 Round 1 Interview Invites. On October 15th additional 150 Interview Invitations will be send. Also, the school will notify about the waitlist status on 15th October 2014 to roughly 50 candidates.The waitlisted applicant will be considered for Round 2.

For Interview Preparation,
Download our MBA Admission Interview Guide

For waitlist strategies, subscribe to our consulting service

12th September

The HBS Admissions team has revealed that they would be sending the interview invites on October 8th and October 15th. Candidates who are not shortlisted would be notified of the decision on October 15th and released from the application pool.

Round 1 Waitlist: 100 to 150 applicants will be placed in waitlist or “Further Consideration.” The application of these candidates will be reviewed again during Round 2 and the shortlisted applicants invited for interviews; the rest will be released after Round 2 deadline, and the decision notified.

Round 1 Interviews:
Interviews for Harvard MBA Admissions will be held between October 20th and November 21st. Apart from the scheduled on-campus interviews, interview will also be held in New York City, Palo Alto, London, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, and Santiago during the same period. For those candidates who can’t travel, the admission team will conduct Skype interviews.

For Interview Tips: Download our MBA Admission Interview Guide

29th Aug 2014

For the September 9th Round 1 HBS Deadline, the MBA Admissions team has clarified that for the 2014-15 online application, the facts are important than details. Fill the “employment" and "education" section with the correct information about the schools that granted you a degree, the companies that you have worked, test scores (including dates) and the list of your extracurricular activities. You can add the details in the resume but don’t exceed the recommended 1-2 page resume length. Here is how you write an MBA Application resume. HBS MBA Applicants looking for Winning MBA Essay - Download our Essay Guide (Practical Writing Tips for Top MBA Programs)

September 9th 2014 - First Round Deadline

HBS Admissions team have announced that the applications will be live from Mid-June 2014 onwards. Round 1 deadline will be on Sep 9th 2014, interviews for the round will be conducted between mid-october and november end. Notification about the decision will be on Dec 10.

The Optional Essay will remain the same, like last year:

Optional Essay: "You're applying to Harvard Business School. We can see your resume, academic transcripts, extracurricular activities, awards, post-MBA career intentions, test scores, and what your recommenders have to say about you. What else would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy?”

Recommender Questions are as follows:

• How do the candidate's performance, potential, background, or personal qualities compare to those of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? Please provide specific examples. (300 words)

• Please describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant's response. (250 words)

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AdCom Blog

Jan 29th and Feb 5th 2014 – Interview Invitations

The HBS MBA AdCom has shared that the Interview Invitations for Round 2 applicants will be sent on two dates: Jan29th & Feb 5th. During the latter date, all applicants who have not been selected will be notified.
On campus, the Interviews will be held between Feb 13th 2014 and Feb 28th 2014. Instructions on dates, location, and sign up process will be part of the email interview invites. Other cities where the interviews will be held include:

New York City and
Palo Alto

The interview dates for outside campus including hub cities mentioned above will be released later along with the interview invites. Candidates who are not able to travel to these hub cities can attend the interview via Skype.

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17 OCT 2013 - "Waitlist" vs "Further Consideration?"

The Harvard MBA AdCom has explained the difference between Further Consideration and Waitlist.

On 16th October 2013, the Round 1 decisions including Interview invites were sent. Many applicants are confused between the two terminologies "Further Consideration" and "Waitlist.”

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From the AdCom Blog, this is what we have learned,

Further Consideration

• Further Consideration is a terminology used in place of Waitlist in Round 1 - in effect one level below waitlist.

• A considerable number of Further Considered candidates will be interviewed in Feb/march (Round 2 Interviews)


• No candidates in Round 1 are waitlisted before Round 1 Interviews
• After Interviews, the candidates will receive "Yes", "No" or "Waitlist"
• Waitlisted candidates can maintain contact with the Staff member and will receive updates.

Good News: Every year 50-75 Harvard MBA Waitlisted candidates are accepted into the class.

MBA Waitlist Strategies

9th Oct 2013
: HBS team have announced that they will send the interview invites by noon (Boston time) via email.

Rest of the interview invites will be send on Oct 16th.

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10th Sep 2013:
Round 1 Guidelines

Harvard Business School AdCom has suggested that the optional essay is not a make or break essay. Overthinking and analysing whether you have balanced professional and personal experiences in the essay is not required. AdCom has the resume, essays and recommendation letter – a combination that can give them a complete picture about the candidate.

AdCom feels that the first answer that immediately comes to mind after reading the prompt would be best response. Do a quick review for spelling and grammar.

Related: HBS MBA Essay Guide

Recommendations: Submit before Monday, 16th to avoid any last minute issues.

For all technical queries regarding MBA Application and submission online, contact slatesupport@hbs.edu.

Phone Support (Admissions: +1.617.495.6128)

• Saturday, September 14 – 12noon-2:00pm ET
• Sunday, September 15 – 3:00-6:00pm ET

27 AUG 2013: HBS MBA Interviews

HBS Admission team have announced that the interview invites will be sent out by mid-October. Face to Face Interviews during weekdays will take place in the following cities for Round 1.

• Palo Alto
• London
• Paris
• Shanghai
• Dubai
• Mumbai
• Sao Paulo
• Santiago

For Round 2, Face to Face Interviews will be scheduled in:

• Palo Alto
• London
• Paris
• Shanghai
• Dubai
• Mumbai

For students who cannot meet the AdCom Face to Face for an Interview, Skype Interviews will be arranged.

1st July 2013:
Harvard Business School has changed the eligibility criteria for 2+2 HBS Candidates. They have to work 2-Years before joining the MBA Program. Details here

3 June 2013: Harvard Business School MBA Application is live. There is only one essay question for this year’s MBA Admissions.

Essay Question: “You’re applying to Harvard Business School.  We can see your resume, school transcripts, extra-curricular activities, awards, post-MBA career goals, test scores and what your recommenders have to say about you. What else would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy?”

F1GMAT has written an extensive Harvard MBA Essay Tips article. Read HBS Essay Tips 2013-14.

Round 1 MBA Application deadline for Harvard Business School is September 16, 2013. Find out the remaining rounds for Harvard Business School.

30 May 2013:
Harvard Business School has revolutionized the MBA Application Essays. For the Class of 2016, Entering 2014, the Essay is just one question with no word limit. YES! No word limit. This is what the Admission director had to say about word limit

“Use your own judgment as to how much to tell us.  We have neither a “right answer” nor a “correct length” in mind.  We will review all the elements of the written application to decide who moves forward to the interview stage of our process”

Harvard MBA Class of 2016 (Entering 2014) Essay:
“You’re applying to Harvard Business School.  We can see your resume, school transcripts, extra-curricular activities, awards, post-MBA career goals, test scores and what your recommenders have to say about you.  What else would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy?”

There will be a Post-Interview reflection session, this year too.

20 MAY 2013: Harvard Business School has announced the Deadline for 2+2 Summer Application Cycle.

Deadline: Monday, July 15th Noon (EDT)

Interview Invitation: Wednesday, July 24th

On-Campus Interviews: Friday, August 23rd, Monday, August 26th

Decision Notification: Wednesday, September 4th

14 MAY 2013: Harvard Business School has released the Round 3 Notification.  Accepted students have to accept the spot by May 30th. Waitlisted students in Round 3 will be informed about the Final decisions in Early June.

All other waitlisted students will remain in the list until early July. The waitlisted students in the final list will most likely remain in the waitlist as a backup for spots that might be unfilled due to unexpected circumstances.

Apr 24th 2013:
The last day for Harvard Class Visit is on April 30th. The information sessions will continue from May 10th 2013.

From May 10th 2013, the Info sessions will be conducted at 2:00 pm Boston Time on Mondays and Fridays.

The HBS Admissions team have announced that the Round 1 Deadline for the Class of 2016 MBA Application is on Sep 16th. For 2+2 candidates, the deadline is July 15th. Bookmark HBS MBA Deadline page for the latest dates.

Apr 9th 2013:
Interview invites for Round 3 applicants will be sent out on April 22nd noon at Boston Time. On campus, interviews will be conducted on May 2nd, 3rd and 6th.

Jan 9th 2013: Interview invites from the AdCom will be sent on two dates – Jan 30th and Feb 7th 2013.

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Interview Locations are On-campus in Boston, London, Paris, Shanghai, Mumbai, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Palo Alto and New York City.

The interviews will be held between Feb 11th and Mar 8th.

Dec 20th 2012:
Harvard Business School will be closed for the holidays from Dec 24th to Jan 1st. The Admissions team will have no access to emails and the campus will be closed during the same period.

Round 2 deadlines is on Jan 7th. For candidates facing any issue with the ApplyYourself application, contact the support team at 800-526-3313 (US) or 703-234-5910 (Outside US).

HBS Round 1 Interview Invitation for 2012-13 notified on 17th and 24th October

Harvard Business School has sent the interview invitation for Round 1 on 17th and 24th October. Around 100 Round1 applicants will be in the waitlist. Getting in waitlist is not a bad thing. Last year, 48 were in the early waitlist and 24 received admission.

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HBS MBA Post Interview Feedback – Not an Essay

Although initially the HBS MBA Admissions team gave an impression that the post-MBA feedback would be an essay, the latest blog post on June 29, 2012 from the admissions team mentions the contrary.
Here is a preview of the instruction about the post-MBA Interview Reflection

"This is not an essay. Think of this as an email you might write after a meeting. We will be much more generous in our reaction to typos and grammatical errors than we will be with pre-packaged responses. Emails that give any indication that they were produced BEFORE you had the interview will raise a flag for us. We do not expect you to solicit or receive any outside assistance with this exercise."

Preparing your feedback before the Interview will be a red flag – “Emails that give any indication that they were produced BEFORE you had the interview will raise a flag for us. We do not expect you to solicit or receive any outside assistance with this exercise”.

So how can you prepare for this section?

1) Prepare scenarios on how your interview would be
a) Excellent - You covered most aspects of your profile
b) Average - You would have done better. Missed some aspects of your profile
c) Below Average to Poor – You missed some key aspects of your profile
Without making it look like a prepared template, plan how you would respond to each scenario.

Why the change?
The HBS team wants to make the feedback process as close to the real world as possible. Here is what they had to say

“In the Real World, it is unlikely that you will be given months and months to craft essays of any sort. It just doesn't happen. In the Real World, it is almost a sure thing that you will be asked to write emails summarizing meetings and giving your opinion in a short time frame. Since HBS tries to be as "close to practice" as possible, this shift from essays to more real time writing feels appropriate”

Yesterday(May 22th 2012), Social Media was abuzz with the announcement of the change in HBS Essay and Interview Process. Those who haven’t got the opportunity to read what HBS Admission team had to say. Here is the summary

1) Essays reduced from 4 to 2

2) Total Word limit of essays: 800 words from 2000 words

3) One Final Essay after the Interview, again 400 words to write about things that you have missed in the Interview

4) The third essay should be submitted online within 24 hours of the interview

5) First Round Deadline: Sep 24 (For Full Round Deadline – visit HBS MBA Deadline page).

What it means to you?

The bottom line is the essays have not faded away. Applicants have to now shortlist achievements that are highly relevant for MBA Admissions.

Essay 1: Tell us about something you did well. (400 words)
The analysis process would take more time and you might need advice from alumni, friends and experts to find that one achievement or task that you really did well.

Essay 2: Tell us about something you wish you had done better. (400 words)
This essay requires introspection of your work in a balanced manner. This question tests your maturity and your ability to recognize key performance metrics in your industry. Unless you recognize the metrics, it would be difficult to address how you would have improved your performance.

Round 3 Interview: will be conducted on May 4, 7, 10 and 11. The invitation will be sent out on April 17 and 24. The interviews will be conducted on campus. No interviews through Skype or in International Cities.

Round 3 Application Deadline: The deadline for the class of 2014 is on April 05, 2012 at 12:00 Noon Eastern Time. The HBS team is open to accepting recommendations after 12:00 Noon. The evaluation of the application begins after the deadline, if at least one recommendation has been received.

Round 2 Interviews

Round 2 interviews will be conducted between February 15 and March 9. The MBA Admissions Team will be in London, Paris, Shanghai, Mumbai, Dubai, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and New York. For Candidates located outside United States and who are unable to travel, Skype interviews will be arranged. Details will be provided with the Interview invitation.

Timing Update

The Interview invitation will be send on January 31, February 7, and February 14. On Feb 14th, candidates who are not invited to Harvard MBA Admission interview will be notified.

HBS Interview Invitation volume (Round 1) - Round 2 Volume would be similar but not identical

Week 1 (First Round of invitations): 750 invitations sent
Week 2 (Second Round of invitations): 80 invitations sent
Week 3 (Third/Fourth Round of Invitations): 25 invitations sent

Call 617-496-6835 and talk with the HBS AdCom to learn more

HBS MBA Admissions Consulting

Round 1 Notification
Date: December 12, 2011

On Dec 19th (Boston Time Noon)
- R1 Interviewees will receive an email with an update to check your online application page to access the decision.

Waitlisted Candidates: Approximately 120 candidates will be requested to join the waitlist. Additional information will be provided by Dana Scalisi (in charge of managing Waitlist process)

Denied Candidates: In Jan 2012, information about call-in-hours will be provided, which can be used to have a conversation with the HBS Director of Admissions. This would be an opportunity to get a general feedback rather than a detailed analysis of your application

Get Expert Help to come out of your MBA Admission Waitlist


HBS Blog

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Most applicants have this strange notion that you cannot get into Harvard MBA program without climbing Mount Everest, or leading a start-up to an IPO. 

Trust us, we evaluated a few Harvard MBA Admits. They are like you, but with one difference.

They are Masters at Personal Branding.

We will teach you:

1) How you should start the essay knowing that extroversion and passion are valued in Harvard MBA?

2) How you should demonstrate Active Learning?

3) How you should demonstrate confidence in decision-making?

4) How you should demonstrate your succinct communication skills?

5) How you should demonstrate your potential as an effective FIELD team member?

Also Included in the Essay Guide:

1) Six positioning tips that you should consider for your essay.

2) Two Sample Essays

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