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A newborn kangaroo, or joey, is born after a short gestation period of only 39 days. At this stage, the joey’s hind limbs are not well developed, but its forelimbs are well developed, so that it can can climb from the cloaca into its mother’s pouch for further development. The recent discovery that ancient marsupial lions were also born with only their forelimbs developed supports the hypothesis that newborn marsupial lions must also have needed to climb into their mothers’ pouches.

The argument in this passage relies on which of the following assumptions?

[A] All animals that are born after a short gestation period are born with some parts of their bodies underdeveloped.
[B] Well developed...

Set A consists of integers -9, 8, 3, 10, and J; Set B consists of integers -2, 5, 0, 7, -6, and T. If R is the median of Set A and W is the mode of set B, and R^W is a factor of 34, what is the value of T if J is negative?

(A) -2
(B) 0
(C) 1
(D) 2
(E) 5


This problem demonstrates a helpful note about statistics problems – quite often the key to solving a stats problem is something other than stats: number properties, divisibility, algebra, etc. The statistics nature of these problems is often just a way to make a simpler problem look more difficult.

Here, the phrase “factor of 34? should stand out to...

When Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' earned awards and accolades and demonstrated Global Warming as a human-induced phenomenon, not many scientists looked beyond the research papers from 'US Global Change Research Program'. The 2006 documentary was a fodder to Global Warming alarmists, who forgot the fundamental fact that the average temperature has climbed by only 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 Degree Celsius) since global temperatures began to be monitored systematically from 1880.

The research by Andrew Dessler and his team from Texas A&M University has confirmed the previous debated theory that Water Vapor is the most contributing greenhouse gas, doubling the climate warming caused by the increased levels of...

Q) The Chorus from Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" has an eerie resemblance to Tom Petty's 1989 song - “I Won’t Back Down. Mr. Petty and Jeff Lynne, the Songwriters, filed a copyright violation case and settled out of court. Modern song creation has evolved away from the standard process - starting with the lyrics, the sheet music, and finally the tune. For new song creators, it would be impossible to fight cases where some parts of the song had similar sheet music as the songs in the 70s and 80s.

Which one of the following statements weakens the argument?

a) According to Muzic82 - an aggregated opinion database from Music Experts, 98% of the experts felt that Sam Smith's song had...

Q) Vegan Diet proponents have often claimed that low-carb, high-fat diets integral in a non-vegetarian diet is dangerous, and therefore, they have a superior and balanced diet. In fact, vegan diets lack important nutrients, responsible for brain function and blood formation.

Which of the following statements support the conclusion of the argument?

a) Carnosine - a protective agent against aging is found only in Animal Foods.

b) Vitamin B12, found mostly in meat, and responsible for vital brain functions, is deficient in a Vegan diet with a recent study showing 92% of vegans lacking this crucial nutrient.

c) There are no conclusive studies to support the theory...

Q) If you go by the popularity of Gaming units, as of Jan 4th 2015, Sony’s PS4 sold 18.5 million units and reached 10.9 million PlayStation Plus subscribers, a growth of 37.9% from October 2014.  Despite the massive growth, Sony’s PlayStation is behind Microsoft’s Xbox One, which in November 2014 accelerated its sales due to a $50 price cut, and a bundle of free games. On 28th January 2015, Spotify, the leading music subscription service announced an exclusive partnership with PS4, and offered digital music to 64 million PlayStation Network users. With the announcement, Feb 2015 saw a spike in sales for the PS4 units by 45%.

Which one of the following conclusions is valid for the above statements...

Categories : Number Properties

If a and b are both positive integers, is b^(a+1) - b(a^b) odd?

(1) a + (a + 4) + (a - 8) + (a + 6) + (a - 10) is odd
(2) b^3 + 3b^2 + 5b + 7 is odd


The trick to solving this question is to remember that for positive integers:

(a) Even^(positive integer) = even
(b) Odd^(positive integer) = odd
(c) even x even = even x odd = even
(d) even – even = even
(e) odd – odd = even
(f) even – odd = odd

Using statement (1):...

Categories : Interest Problems

GMAT Simple Interest QuestionQ) After adding a simple interest of $ 270 an investment becomes $1395. If the principal was invested at 6% p.a. simple interest, for how long was the principal invested.

A) 3 Years
B) 4 Years
C) 5 Years
D) 6 Years
E) 7 Years

Solution: As a Simple Interest problem, this question would make use of the formula,

SI = Principal * Rate * Time

Amount = SI + Principal

Plugging in values, we get,
$1395 = $ 270 + Principal

Principal = $1395 - $270 => $1125...

Categories : Critical Reasoning

GMAT CR Strongly SupportSanskrit Scholars are a minority in the Syllabus review committee. Since the committee offers recommendations on syllabus changes, the below par representation of Sanskrit Scholars would lead to fewer years of mandatory Sanskrit classes in schools.

If the statements above are correct, they strongly support which of the following?

a) An increase in the number of years of mandatory Sanskrit classes in schools would lead to higher representation of Sanskrit Scholars in the Syllabus review committee.

b) An equal...

Categories : Critical Reasoning

GMAT Critical Reasoning South Pole AssumptionIn 2013, the sea ice in Antarctica reached a record high. 80% of the increase in ice volume can be attributed to the strong westerly winds in the South Pole. The ice level is much higher than the recorded ice level during the 1970s. This proves that Global Warming is a hoax.

The argument above is based on which of the following assumptions?

a) Global warming and sea ice level are correlated.
b) Sea Ice Level in Antarctica has a stronger correlation to Global Warming
c) One of the...

Categories : Fractions

Largest Number Fraction GMAT
Which has the largest value?

a) 1/5 +1/5+ 1/5
b) 3/5*2/5 – 4/5*1/5
c) (½)^3 + (1/2)^2 + (1/2)^1
d) ½ +1/3 +1/6+1/8
e) 1/9 * (1/3+9/27+9/12)


To find the answer to the above question in the shortest time require remembering just two rules:

a)    For Fraction a/b where a>b, then a/b is greater than b/a
b)    Finding LCM is the easiest ways to simplify operation on fractions

Now let us try each answer choices...

Categories : Data Sufficiency

GMAT Data Sufficiency Movie TheaterWhat was the revenue that the movie theater earned from Friday to Sunday if the occupancy rate of its three screens 1, 2, and 3 were the following?

                       Friday       Saturday     Sunday         
Screen 1           85%    ...

Categories : Area, Geometry Problems

Rhombus ABCD below is divided into three areas with AGH = 1/3rd Area of ABCD, ECF = 1/5th Area of ABCD. What is the ratio of Area (AGH) to CD, given that AC=12 and BD =16?

Rhombus GMAT

a) 10/3
b) 11/3
c) 13/3
d) 17/3
e) 19/3



Q) Is the sum of all the numbers between prime numbers x and y an even or an odd number?

1)    x = 3  y = 31
2)    y is the largest two digit number, x is even

A. Statement (1) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (2) alone is not sufficient.
B. Statement (2) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (1) alone is not sufficient.
C. BOTH statements TOGETHER are sufficient, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient.
D. EACH statement ALONE is sufficient.
E. Statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are NOT sufficient.


To answer data sufficiency questions you don’t have to solve the problem. You just have to find the...

Categories : Number Properties

Q) What is the unit digit of (2) ^29 * (5) ^29 * (7) ^29?

A) 1
B) 5
c) 9
D) 0
E) 7

To answer questions that involve multiplying large numbers and finding the unit digit, the solution is to find patterns within numbers. In this case, each number is raised to the 29th power and multiplied with each number. All numbers that are raised to a certain power follows a pattern. Let us look at each of them.

(2)^1 = 2
(2)^2 = 4
(2)^3 = 8
(2)^4 = 16
(2)^5 = 32

The power of 2 has unit digit in the following pattern (2,4,8,6)

Unit Digit of (2)^29 = 2  -> First...

Categories : Odd and Even

Q) If a is an even integer, which of the following is definitely not an odd integer?

a) a*b, where b is odd
b) a/b, where b is an even number greater than 0
c) ab-1 where b is an even number greater than 3
d) 3(ab-2) where b is an even number
e) 5(a+b)where b is an odd number


Before we go into the question, remember the properties of odd and even number arithmetic operations:

Odd x Even = Even
Odd x Odd = Odd
Even x Even = Even
Odd + Even = Odd
Even – Odd = Odd
Odd + Odd = Even

Now let us look at the question: which of the following is definitely not an odd integer.

Categories : Number Theory

Number Theory GMATWhat is the ten’s digit of 7^195?

A) 3
B) 4
C) 5
D) 6
E) 7


This question is based on the cyclicity concept in number theory.

Ten’s digit of powers of 7 follows a cyclic pattern as depicted:

7^1 = 07                7^5 = 16807

7^2 = 49                7^6 = 117649

7^3 = 34...

Categories : Sequence and Series

GMAT Sequence and Series Arithmetic ProgressionThe sum of the first 6 terms of a geometric sequence is 9 times the sum of its first 3 terms. Find the common ratio.

A)    3
B)    4
C)    2
D)    1
E)    7


Sum of n terms of a geometric series is given by a ( r^n – 1) / r – 1    where a, r and n are the first term, ratio and number of terms of the series respectively.

Plugging in...

Categories : GMAT Track Race

GMAT Track Race Problem
Peter runs 100 metres in 16 seconds, while Tracy takes 20 seconds to complete the same 100 metres. By what distance will Peter beat Tracy in a 100-meter race?


In questions pertaining to races, we have to compute the distances travelled or time taken by the competitors, to find the lags in positions.

Peter takes 16 seconds to run 100 metres, how much distance has Tracy run in that time?...

Categories : GMAT Quant

The L.C.M. of the two numbers is 35750 and their H.C.F. is 25. If, one of the numbers is 275, what is the other number?

B) 3200
C) 3215
D) 3250
E) 3255

Solution: There are two ways to solve this problem, one create two equations for L.C.M and H.C.F, and solve them to find the second number but a much simple solution would be to use an equation like:


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