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Most top 30 schools offer free money or what we all know as fellowship. The amount could range from $10,000 to $50,000 per year with top schools offering upwards of $45,000. Most accepted students would receive the $10,000+ annual fellowship fund with no strings attached. Before you go into the process of optimizing your pitch for ‘more’ fellowship or scholarship fund, here are some strategic insights you must have.

1) Relative Competitiveness

Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia and MIT are equally competitive for all top applicants. Not just because of the quality of the class, the curriculum structure and the reputation among recruiters, they are also among the most generous schools when it comes to fellowship funds. However, if you are desperate to get out of the current job function/industry and pursue opportunities in the US, the UK or Europe, in a role that matches your aptitude, an MBA program in the 10 to 30 ranking might have become a feasible option. Understanding where your profile stands among the peers for the school would help you develop the strategy.

Response Time: A big hint is how the...

London Business School offers over 30 scholarships on financial need, merit, nationality, and industry.


LBS leads when it comes to merit-based scholarships. For the latest class, 13 scholarships were awarded, and the amount ranged from £20,000 to Full tuition fee.

Two of the most awarded amount was half the tuition fee for the first year (£19,625) and £20,000.

The most competitive scholarship with the largest number of awards was the London Business School Fund Scholarships that offered up to £78,500 (Full Tuition Fee). The scholarship chooses candidates for academic excellence (3.5+ GPA and GMAT 700+), professional achievements (top 10 percentile) and potential to be an all-around contributor at London Business School.

SARI Foundation Trust Scholarship is the only other scholarship where the entire tuition fee is compensated.


To bridge the gap between women (39%) and men (61%) applicants, the LBS MBA team has introduced 7 scholarships ranging from £20,000 to full tuition fee. The scholarship amount starts at £20,000 and reaches £50,000 for Muna Al Gurg Scholarship, which is awarded for Female candidates from the middle east. The most common denomination for LBS MBA...

Cambridge MBA at Judge Business School offers 24 scholarships on merit, nationality, gender, sector, and entrepreneurship that also includes two scholarships – ‘Cambridge MBA Trust’, and ‘Gates Cambridge’ that supports all Cambridge University students for their post-graduate courses. The amount awarded ranges from £1,000 to £80,000 with the most popular remuneration set at £10,000.

Cambridge MBA Scholarship Selection Criteria

GMAT and Academic Criteria

On academic excellence, the university’s tradition to pick candidates with 3.5+ GPA is expected when it comes to the most competitive scholarships - Cambridge MBA Trust, Gates Cambridge, and St Catharine's Benavitch Scholarship for Cambridge MBA Students.
Overwhelmingly, for all the major scholarships, an excellent academic record and GMAT 700+ score, are two mandatory selection criteria. Since the average GMAT score for the latest class is 690, an impressive GMAT score to transform your profile into the competitive pool would be 730 and above.


The Boustany Foundation Scholarship for Lebanese candidates at £23,000, along with a stipend for Travel & Accommodation during the internship, is the most generous funding at Cambridge MBA where nationality is a selection...

Oxford MBA at Said Business School offers 13 scholarships on merit, nationality, gender, sector, leadership potential, social entrepreneurship and a separate scholarship program for the 1+1 MBA.

Most of the scholarships offered at Oxford MBA is to cover the tuition fee
with the living expense covered in certain scholarships, ranging in amount from £8,000 to £29,106

Only Linbury Scholarships, The Skoll Scholarships, and the Weidenfeld-Hoffman Scholarships and Leadership Programme have the traditional - essays, and interview.

All other Scholarships are considered based on the candidate's profile.

GMAT and Academic Criteria

For a realistic shot at the merit-based scholarships, the applicants should have a strong academic record (GPA 3.5+ or 85%+)  in undergraduate or score an excellent GMAT or GRE Score. The median GMAT score for the latest class was 690. A 730+ GMAT score is considered excellent.

Scholarships based on nationality is the most popular category of awards for Oxford MBA with Africa, Angola, China, USA, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand among the beneficiaries. On total value and number of scholarships, EY Scholarships for Angolans is a clear winner with the fund covering tuition fees, living expense and two-way fight for 7 candidates. Chinese applicants...

Tuck stands out among the other competitors when it comes to Financial Aid for applicants from Military background. The school is part of the Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP)


  • Service in the military
  • At least 90 days service post 9/11 or
  • Discharged from service, post disability (after serving a minimum of 30 days)
  • Strong leadership qualities
  • Commitment towards the community


  • Any tuition & expenses above the annually allocated VA limit of $21,970.46, paid by the school and VA on a 50-50 basis
  • Maximum academic year funding: $18,000

Need and Merit-based Scholarships


  • Need and Merit based scholarships
  • U.S and International students
  • ...
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Santander MBA LoanMBA Loans are hard to come by in Europe, and post-2008 crises, Banks have been extremely cautious. In 2012, the situation worsened in UK after Citibank pulled out of their Citi Assist loan program. Under such hostile environment, a Santander MBA loan is a relief. The loan funds up to £20,000.


Top Business Schools in 2013-14 that are the beneficiary of the Santander Universities Partner Institutions loan or scholarship program include:

1) Ashridge Business School

2) Cass Business School

3) Cranfield and

4) Oxford Said

Rate of Interest

For Oxford Said, The Santander Universities Global Division is supporting MBA students with personal loans of up to £20,000. This is for students joining the Sep 2014 program. The Loan terms range from 12 to 60 months

Loan Range: £1,000 - £7,499 (Interest 12.5% APR)
Loan Range: £7,500 - £20,000 (Interest 10% APR)


• Qualified to Stay in UK during...

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MBA Brochure Scholarship InformationApplicants get the first taste of the MBA program through Brochures – the condensed information about the program’s history, course structure, cost, funding, testimonials, uniqueness, and statistics. The decision to pursue the marketing team with clarifications and interjections happen after comparing the data in the brochure with inputs from well-meaning alumni and current students. Can you look much closer and understand what these statistics mean?

Critical Eye

“The MBA is a huge investment” sermon might have bored you but most applicants look at MBA from an investment in a 5-year horizon. 27-30 age is a time when some of the major events happen in your life: marriage, family and career switch. There are stories of MBAs in 30s making the switch but for most of you the decision is now. Opportunity cost is looked upon as an investment of time but not many experts talk about the investment of $75,000 or €45,000 per year (for European school). When you are sunk in debt, opportunities are looked with the backdrop of paying back your debt. The risk taking appetite goes down and the true value of an MBA is never fulfilled.



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