Jones Graduate School of Management

Rice MBA Salary by Function

Despite low percentage of Finance jobs in Texas, MBAs swept the top jobs earning over $130k for the job function and around the same package for the industry. The best remuneration was in Consulting Service, taking in a total mean salary of over $150,000 and a base of $125k. Marketing/Sales was the third popular role, despite a below $100,000 base salary. The mean signing bonus for the latest Rice MBA class was $25,969.

 Rice MBA Salary by Industry

Rice MBA’s reputation as a specialist in the Energy sector was evident in the latest MBA job profile with nearly a quarter of the class opting for the industry, and earning a respectable $115k in base salary. Finance and Consulting, as it is in most top MBA programs was the top choice for the Rice MBA class of 2016. Technology was ranked  at 4th, above Pharma and Consumer Products industries.  

Reference: Rice MBA Employment Report

The Rice MBA for Professionals from the Jones Graduate School of Business is aimed at working professionals who wish to enter new pursuits, receive greater responsibility, or earn higher salaries. The school is located in Houston, Texas, home to some of the most famous Fortune 500 headquarters in the US. Houston is also home to NASA and the world’s largest medical center. The Part-time program is highly flexible with two schedule options and can be completed in 22 months.

Key advantages

• Two mandatory six-day immersion periods

• Instruction in career management and individual career counseling, identical to Full-time MBA students

• Part-time students can participate in on-campus recruitment along with Full-time students

• Evening and weekend schedule options

• A required Capstone project

• Choice of 12 specializations

• Same Faculty as Full-Time MBA program

• Access to all facilities, clubs and resources that Full-time students enjoy

Course details

1. The first year covers the core curriculum

2. The second year covers the electives from a choice of 12 Concentrations including Communication, Energy, Entrepreneurship, Health Care and Global Business.


MBA Deadlines for Rice Full-time MBA Program (Jones Graduate School of Management) has been announced.

Admission Round          Application Deadline          Decision Date
1                                    November 7, 2011                December 16, 2011
2                                    January 9, 2012                    February 24, 2012
3                                    February 20, 2012                 April 6, 2012
4                      ...

Merit Scholarships

Trustee Distinguished Scholarship  
Criteria: Students whose personal talents distinguish them within the pool of admitted applicants.    
Amount: $15,800-$20,800
Renewable for four years.

Trustee Diversity Scholarship    
Criteria: Students whose diverse life experiences and contributions to diverse groups distinguish them within the pool of admitted applicants.    
Amount: $15,800
Renewable for four years.

Century Scholars Program    
Criteria: Students who demonstrate an aptitude for research with a faculty mentor.  
Amount: $4,000
Renewable for two years, plus a guaranteed research mentorship.

Barbara Jordan Scholarship    
Criteria: Students...

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