How to Answer GMAT Parallel Reasoning Questions

Categories : Critical Reasoning

Unlike the critical reasoning question argument structure questions where you have to identify premise, assumptions, secondary facts and conclusion, the question on parallel reasoning require a keen eye on the similarities of the structure and a closer eye on the conclusion.

Most wrong answer choices would subtly insert words and phrases that would misdirect test takers and force them to choose an option that looks like the correct answer but is not the ‘one.’

The similarity of reasoning, not accuracy

The argument might be flawed or accurate. A common error occurs when test takers choose the first answer choice that falls under the same category as the question. Only the observant test taker notices the part of the question, “most similar” – indicating that you must choose an answer choice that is most like the question.

The length of the question is the biggest challenge. Remembering all the information or the structure of the argument is what derails a test taker from concentrating on the core of the structure.

An easier way we have devised to summarize the complex structure of the arguments is to categorize the evidence into:

• Direct Evidence in Favor (DEIF)

• Direct Evidence Against (DEA)
• No Direct Evidence Against (NDEA)
• No Direct Evidence in Favor (...

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Sample ISB PGP Goals Essay (400 Words)

Essay 2: Enrolling in a Business School is an important career decision. Critically look at your career to date, the choices you have made, the key influences behind those choices, your goals for the future and how do you think ISB's PGP can help you in achieving your goals? (300 words max)

As the question suggests, the answer should follow a simple four-step narrative structure:

1) Critically look at your career (choices you have made)
2) Influences behind the choices
3) Goals for the future
4) How ISB PGP would help

The first example is from a Technologist who reflects on his decision to choose Engineering instead of medicine. A mentor’s career is quoted as an inspiration, but he cleverly shares the reasons for not following the exact career path.

The second paragraph narrates the realities of his career and the predictable nature of the problems he solves. The applicant then opens up about an avenue where he truly could apply his problem solving and entrepreneurial thinking for a 500M rural market.

In the final paragraph, the applicant quotes the aspect of the ISB PGP program that he found most useful.

Don’t copy the Sample. Use it only as an inspiration.

Sample ISB PGP – Career Choice, Goals and why ISB PGP

The consistent performance in school tests, entrance exams and the discipline with which <x> carried himself during interactions in the mentor’s club inspired me to follow his footsteps and pursue Medicine as the career of my choice. When the results came, I had a dilemma, albeit a good one – choose the treacherous 12-year journey to be a competitive Doctor in India or take on a relatively easier...

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Top 25 MBA Programs - Women Percentage (2018)

Categories : Top MBA, Women MBA

Although the disparity in wage gap among men and women MBAs is shrinking with improved training in negotiations, and greater involvement of the male partner in child rearing, no action is as consequential as a higher representation of women candidates in top MBA programs. Even though schools have virtue signaled their initiatives in splashes of news releases and LinkedIn posts, the truth lies in the numbers.

As long as Technology, Financial Services and Management Consulting are the top three sectors; flexible timing is a luxury that not many Management professionals would enjoy. A culture that respects the separation of work and leisure time is a logistical challenge that would only be bridged by the next generation when AI and Virtual reality can blur the line between face to face and virtual meetings.

Instead of randomly targeting schools with a higher percentage of women candidates, you can now target programs without compromising on the quality. To help you choose the best programs, we have broken down the top 25 MBA programs with their associated female representation in percentage.

The programs featured in the list include top MBA programs in the US, UK, China, India, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal

Top MBA Programs - Women Percentage

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Why UK dominates FinTech and what it means for MBA

Categories : MBA in UK

When the world was doubting UK's role in the Global Economy following Brexit, the FinTech investors was beyond optimistic in 2017 with the UK Financial Technology companies receiving over £1.8 billion in VC funds - a 153% year on year growth. The sub-sectors within FinTech to see the most traction was in Digital Banks, Foreign Exchange Providers, and Money Transfer operators that attracted 45% of all the investments in Fintech.

London was the focal point attracting 90% of the total investments in the sector.

To counter the insurgence of alternative banks, banks - 9 major ones, came together to bring data into the hands of the consumers through Open Banking – a PSD2 (The Payment Services Directive established by the EU to regulate payment services), implementation in the UK. The standard implemented through Open Banking Limited– a non-profit established to seamlessly integrate data access across banks will provide consumers with direct payment from banks instead of re-routing or authentication through a third-party.

The alternative banking services and cryptocurrency have challenged HSBC, Barclays, RBS, Santander, Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Bank, Danske, Lloyds, and Nationwide. By reducing the cost of the transaction through FinTech, banks hope to retain the customer through the next decade.

Although most major banks look at Cryptocurrency - the decentralized payment system as a threat to their existence, The Bank of England has successfully tested a real-time payment settlement service - the 'inter-ledger program' developed by Ripple - the biggest disruptor in Blockchain. The proof of concept run in July 2017 is set to replace the 21-year RTGS system that currently handles daily volumes of $690 billion - mostly...

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Cambridge MBA Curriculum Analysis (2018-19)

Cambridge MBA Core CurriculumCambridge MBA is among the only top MBA program in the UK that offers concentrations for candidates and guide them in choosing themes for the electives. The core courses cover traditional subject matter: Finance, Economics, Operations and Organizational behavior, but the MBA team have also incorporated Digital Business to the core. In a way, all Businesses– mom and pop stores, multinational physical stores and businesses that are entirely online, should learn how to integrate technology at all the points of their interaction – customer service, sales, analytics and order fulfillment. The course dives into the value that Digital Businesses offer and shares the various methods of integrating technology into the Business Processes.

Finance, Strategy, Marketing, Digital Transformation, and Global Business are themes in Concentrations that give the functional expertise, while Energy & Environment, Healthcare Strategies, and Social Innovation are designed for candidates interested in the industry as a consultant.

The team at Cambridge has looked at all the critical success factors of a business: Managing cost, Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Accounting, Finance and Digital, before translating them to core course. Entrepreneurship at the core is another unique feature of the MBA program. The exposure gives students the insight to access opportunity and act quickly on it – a trait that is essential to stay competitive in an established or a start-up environment.
The first two terms of the program are scheduled to build the...

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