Top 25 MBA Programs - Women Percentage (2019)

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Although the disparity in wage gap among men and women MBAs is shrinking with improved training in negotiations, and greater involvement of the male partner in child rearing, no action is as consequential as a higher representation of women candidates in top MBA programs. Even though schools have virtue signaled their initiatives in splashes of news releases and LinkedIn posts, the truth lies in the numbers.

As long as Technology, Financial Services and Management Consulting are the top three sectors; flexible timing is a luxury that not many Management professionals would enjoy. A culture that respects the separation of work and leisure time is a logistical challenge that would only be bridged by the next generation when AI and Virtual reality can blur the line between face to face and virtual meetings.

Instead of randomly targeting schools with a higher percentage of women candidates, you can now target programs without compromising on the quality. To help you choose the best programs, we have broken down the top 25 MBA programs with their associated female representation in percentage.

The programs featured in the list include top MBA programs in the US, UK, China, India, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal

Top MBA Programs - Women Percentage (2019)

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MBA Application Leadership Quality #1: Changing Culture

The term ‘Leadership’ has been bastardized by Instagram, motivational gurus, corporate honchos and spiritual leaders of all reputation. The MBA Admissions team has a realistic expectation of your leadership narrative. Unless you were a Founder of a successful startup (unlikely to apply for an MBA) that exited for millions of dollars, leadership doesn’t require ‘saving the world’ qualities.

Leadership Definition for MBA Application

Leadership simply translates to IMPACT and permanent change in the way the company, project, team or a client operated. If you have directly contributed in introducing processes, technology, products, communication framework or expanded the context of the problem to a long-term view where IMPACT lies, the examples will show your potential as a leader.

Changing Culture as an example for MBA Application

We had a client, who transposed a US start-up culture to India

For 2-years he worked in a start-up in the US where the team ranged in age from 22 to 58. There was no one spoon feeding on the daily tasks. The initial project requirements were discussed in an exhaustive 2-day session, the ideal processes explained, and the final deadline revealed. The rest was up to each individual to traverse the numerous intermediate steps towards the final solution. The only catch was that there was a fixed working hour – 8 to 5. By 5:05 pm, the offices were closed. The ID-cards stopped working. The Founder/CEO believed in the power of deadline and believed that creativity doesn’t require a blunt,...

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How to Calculate Return on Investment for an MBA

MBA ROI Based on Net Present ValueMBA Aspirants should calculate the return on investment before choosing one program over the other. We advise against shortlisting schools purely based on ROI, but when it comes to choosing your dream school, and say if you are stuck with two equally good ones - MIT and Stanford, LBS and INSEAD, a term commonly used by Finance professionals comes into consideration – Net Present Value.

What is Net Present Value?

Net present value is the net value of cash inflows and outflows for a period, based on the current value. The definition by itself can be a little confusing, but when you calculate Return on investment for an MBA program where your expense is calculated over 1-2 years, the investment and returns have to be calculated at current value.

Let us compare MIT vs. Stanford and find out which program offers a better return on investment. The data is based on the latest comparison between MIT Sloan and Stanford MBA program. You can download the data and analysis from our new book - How to choose the Best MBA in US: The Ultimate Guide
We have added the total cost for Stanford and MIT. We would use the same numbers for the 2nd year for easier calculation.

MIT- $100,514
Stanford- $109,218

For the post-MBA Salary, we captured the total median base salary.

MIT - $150,000   
Stanford - $161,000

What is the Formula for Net Present Value

Future Value = Present Value (1 + Rate of Interest) ^ n
Present Value = Future Value/((1 + Rate of Interest) ^ n)

Based on historical data from 1914 until 2017, US...

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How to Answer GMAT Reading Comprehension Purpose Question

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GMAT RC purpose questions are seeking your ability to find structure in a passage, except that the test creators want to see how you interpret the author’s intent.

1) Summarize the Passage

Finding the structure of a passage or the reason for the author to use an argument in paragraph one before paragraph two requires a breakdown of the passage into paragraphs. Unlike other summary creations, while writing a summary for questions on the structure of the passage or purpose questions, write it from the perspective of the author – the intent.

2) Rely on Process of Elimination

The test creator would use answer choices with terms like ‘development’, ‘phenomenon’, ‘historical artifact’ and other fancy terms that you are unlikely to find in the passage. Spending time guessing the broader generalization of an event/occurrence is a wasteful exercise. Go straight to the answer choices.

3) Replace event/personality with terms in Answer Choices

An event might be translated as an ‘occurrence’ or a ‘phenomenon’. Depending on how you interpret the event, the meaning changes and so will the answer choices. Carefully learning the difference between each interpretation is necessary to answer the ‘purpose’ question.


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Top 10 MBA in UK - Salary & Fee (2019)

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While ranking the top 10 MBA programs, we found out that half of the Full-time MBA program doesn’t offer immediate post-MBA salary data but instead uses a 3-year post-graduation data that might not give a clear value proposition for applicants who shortlist programs based on immediate value. We have mentioned the peculiarity of this practice in our table.

Top MBA Colleges in UK

Although the impact of Brexit on access to European talents has not yet been tabulated (Right now the UK ranks #6 for labor market efficiency), the United Kingdom has fallen one place to rank at #8 in the world for Global Competitiveness. The technological readiness, a vital competitive advantage for economies, in a 16-year period, puts the United Kingdom at #1, ahead of the United States, Germany, and Japan, although the debts acquired by the govt. to fund social programs is at an alarmingly high ratio (close to 90% of GDP).

Uk Economy Growth RateThe GDP growth from 2001 to 2016 has been uneven with 2009 shrinking the GDP by 4.18% - the second largest fall when compared to nearest European competitors – France (-2.9%) and Germany(-5.6%), and the United States (2.76%). The correlation with the Global Financial crisis can be attributed to the Financial and Insurance services industry that contributes 7.2% of UK’s total Gross Value added. In terms of employment, the industry maintains over a million jobs (3% of total jobs in the UK) with London accounting for 51% of all the value-add.

While ranking the top 10 MBA programs for our book - ...

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