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Flawed Thinking in GMAT Critical Reasoning
Critical Reasoning is a skill that you cannot develop in a couple of days. But GMAT Critical reasoning can be mastered if you understand some of the common pitfalls in our logical deduction. The most common mistakes are made in Syllogism.

What is Syllogism?

A Syllogism is a type of argument where you have a conclusion based on one or more premises. Let’s look at an example

Premise 1: All roses are flowers

Premise 2: Some flowers have thorn

Conclusion: Therefore Some roses have thorn

Most GMAT test taker would agree with the conclusion or naturally make such conclusions when they are presented with similar critical reasoning questions. The CONCLUSION is wrong! We are intuitive creatures. Even when our logical mind asks us to think before making any conclusion, the lazy intuitive mind will force us to make the obvious wrong conclusion. Another factor that contributes to the wrong conclusion is the use of our knowledge about roses (that it has thorns) to make the conclusion.

Remember, GMAT Critical reasoning requires you to...

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Once students evaluate their interest in a chosen field, they focus on the earning potential and job opportunities available with the degree. Michigan State University’s annual recruiting trends report(US) covers some interesting statistics on the average starting salary of candidates with degree programs, master’s program including MBA, and PHD program.

PHD in Engineering fetches the largest starting salary of $71,742, followed by PHD in Pharmacy and PHD in law. For Management students, an MBA on an average increases the starting salary by $12,000 per year, regardless of the reputation. Professionals with MBA take the fourth position with a starting salary of $56,726 followed by Business Professionals with a PHD.

Students with a master’s degree program earn 3% to 63% higher starting salary than their Bachelor’s degree counterparts, and PHD students earn 20 to 25% higher salary than their Master’s degree counterpart. The only exception that we have seen is for candidates with PHD in Business, who earns 4.7% lesser salary than an MBA.

Here is the complete list of Starting Salary Based on Degree Program including MBA...

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Ireland is a scenic island located near Great Britain and has an economy that is modern and knowledge driven by services and other technologically advanced industries. English is the native language, and a Lonely Planet poll rated it as the world’s friendliest country.

Ireland has historically been rich in culture and innovation, ranging from author Oscar Wilde to Nobel Laureate Ernest Walton. MBA students can choose from some of the world’s oldest educational institutions, and benefit from a long tradition of academic excellence.

The best programs are in Dublin, which is considered to be among the top 10 student cities in the world. Non-EU students can work in Ireland for up to 6 months after graduation. The people are welcoming, and Ireland is known for its multiculturalism. World’s leading companies like Facebook, Intel, Pfizer and Apple have chosen Ireland as their European base not only because of Ireland's 12.5% corporate tax rate, but also because of the Business friendly environment that Irish govt. has established.

University of Dublin - Trinity College

The Trinity College is located in Dublin, Ireland’s coastal capital. In 1964, the Business School became one of the ...

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GMAT Questioning The Author RCIn early 1990, Isabel Beck and Margarent McKeown pioneered a new reading comprehension technique - Questioning the Author. The technique involved critical questioning of the author, and his intentions. By focusing on the thought process and motivation behind the articles, readers were better equipped to recognize biases and how author manipulates facts while forming an opinion.

Here are 5 Steps to Question the Author

1) Find Author’s Knowledge

GMAT Reading comprehension questions require looking at the passage as a reference and finding the answers to the questions asked. There is no point in questioning the author’s knowledge except in cases where the question is about assumptions of the author.  Your knowledge about the subject matter would help you understand whether the author is misinterpreting facts to make a point. But in most cases, GMAT Reading Comprehension is as diverse in topic as ecological preservation, financial systems and rights of African-Americans. You are not expected to be scholars in these topic areas, and hence beating the Author on knowledge is less likely. But it helps to know more than the author to recognize the thoughts...

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Goal Setting FramingWe approach challenges with one question – by the end of the task, will I gain or lose? The apprehension and unease is magnified when we approach high stake tasks – committing 1 year for MBA Admissions, preparing three months for GMAT, or revealing plans for MBA Admissions by inviting supervisors and managers for the recommendation writing process.

Studies by Drach-Zahavy and Erez (2002) on two groups show that when a task is approached as a challenge and not as threat, the performance increased for the first group while the second group performed at a significantly lower level, below their capability. The key reason attributed to this performance disparity was “Framing.”

Two framing approaches that were studied include:

1) Failure Focused

In a failure-focused framing, the candidate’s attention is on things that can go wrong, or the negative aspects of the goal. Although approaching the task by second guessing obstacles keeps you focused on the task, going slightly overboard by dwelling on obstacles can debilitate your confidence.


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In 2017, China is set to overtake the US as the largest consumers of Hollywood studio movies and American television series. With fewer viewers taking the effort to visit movie theaters, the investment in Streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu) has multiplied at a feverish pace.

The United States is expected to see a 15% growth in the streaming service market with estimates showing the total active monthly users to reach 209 million in 2021. The dominant star in the ‘binge-watching’ craze is Netflix, which has already invested $6 billion annually in original content; a trend that has been emulated by rivals Amazon, and even social media companies – Snapchat and Facebook.

Monopoly over distribution has been disrupted in the Entertainment industry with the arrival of Amazon. The customer base for Amazon’s video streaming service will reach 76 million against Netflix’s user base of 120 million at an annual growth of 16.5%. Additionally, Skinny bundling of favorite channels by traditional cable service providers will influence the quality of movies produced for the big screens.

Media giant Disney, which had a good run in 2016, is adapting quickly to changing demographic by investing in virtual reality games, grooming YouTube talents, and acquiring BamTech, the video streaming service, for $1bn, while offering ESPN as a standalone streaming service. Studios are experimenting...

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Mastering GMAT Reading ComprehensionStaying still and reading 600 to 1000 word passages seem a daunting task for most. In regular reading, we skim the content, look for titles & subtitles, and try to pick the gist of the passage. This process cannot be followed in GMAT Reading Comprehension passages where answering the question require paying close attention to keywords, the tone of the author, and other details embedded in the passage.

1) Read the Message not the Word

Even though GMAT RC requires test takers to pay close attention, reading every word and forcing yourself through the passage is a sign of a poor reader. Instead, read the passage for the message and not the word. If the passage has a question specific to a passage or the “word” used in the passage, you can always go back to the text and figure it out. Most questions will be related to the Main Idea of the passage, tone of the author, Title, Inference, Organization of the passage, and assumptions.

To go beyond the words, and read the message, you have to develop a habit of reading a line. This can be tricky early on and need practice. Even though you feel that you have missed important information our brains are receptive and...

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GMAT Myth Correct AnswerGMAT is a Computer Adaptive test and the test makers include confusing phrasing, question framing, and irrelevant data to confuse the test takers. This contributes towards incorrect answers. Although understanding the fundamentals in GMAT Quant and Verbal is important, it is also important to recognize that there are questions that will lead you to a deadlock.

Hit a deadlock – What to do?

Keep in mind that you have an average of 2 minutes to answer each question. While answering the questions, make an educated guess and move forward when you cross the 3:30 minute mark. Accuracy is important, but there is a much higher penalty for not completing the GMAT test.

Guessing Correctly

Let us assume that you picked a correct answer, and now you have another tough question. The same process continues. You will most likely continue to crack the problem until the 3:30 minute mark is crossed.

Guessing Incorrectly

Let us assume that your second guess was wrong and now you will get a comparatively easier question. There is much higher probability of getting the answer correct this time around.

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Entrepreneurship AttitudeQ) I am from India. Given the poor Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (bureaucracy, corruption, and societal pressure); I would like to immigrate to a country where I can pursue my Entrepreneurial dream. I also want to be in a country where I have the option of doing an MBA if things don’t work out.

F1GMAT: First, you have to define what Entrepreneurship is for you:

a) Is it a lifestyle Business where the revenue from the product/service will be used primarily for your survival and day-to-day expenses?

b) Is it a Business where you need considerable investment through Angel investors or Venture Capitalists?

c) Is it a Business that needs support from a team of 30-50 Employees?

d) Can you bootstrap the Business for 1-2 years before scaling up?

Once you have defined clearly what your start-up would be like, brainstorm, and find out whether you will go it alone or you will have a partner. There are ups and downs for both. But let us assume that you are going it alone, at least for a year before bringing partners into the team.


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Harvard MBA Chances 2 Year Work ExperienceFirst, take pride in your academic achievements: you are above the HBS Class median in GMAT by 10 points, in GPA by .12 points, and you are a top MBA Applicant if I assume that you are part of the big G or the big F when you say “Top IT Company.”

What seem a little troubling are the years of experience. If you would gain 3 years of experience when you join HBS MBA program, then you are among the 25% of the class with similar experience but if you gain 2-year of experience on the day of joining the program, your chances go down drastically. Only 7% of the class will have 2-years of experience on the joining date.

The only option for lesser-experienced MBA Applicant is through the deferral program, which is reserved for applicants fresh out of college, and in many cases, applicants following through the deferred admission are few as by the time they would have carved their own path, mostly in an Entrepreneurial start-up environment as a Founder or as a key team member.

Unfortunately, you fall within the gray area: 1-2 year experienced applicant. But don’t worry - you have already crossed the first two hurdles – GMAT and GPA. Use this year to gain diverse leadership experience – in a...

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