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Top MBA Destinations in the WorldMBA Destinations are driven by factors like Economy, Post-MBA Opportunities (Salary Increase and Opportunities for Career Switching) and long-term brand value of the Business School. We analyze the top four MBA destinations in the world. These rankings are based on two factors: Economic growth rate over the past one-year and the average salary among the top Business Schools in the country.

Aspirants cite Salary Increase and opportunity for Job Growth as the two major reasons for pursuing an MBA program.  Here are our top four MBA Destinations

1) China

Expectedly, China takes the #1 spot by a large margin. Its economy grew at a massive 7.7% in 2012, which is actually a climb down from 9.7 in 2011. While the economy slows as it makes a transition from manufacturing to a services driven economy, China has shown staggering results. It is the world's 2nd largest economy hitting GDP of $11.4 trillion in 2011, and will inevitably displace USA from the #1 spot. It is this projected growth that makes China an exceptionally attractive destination for MBA students and MNCs alike.

China was the world's #1 exporter in 2011, with...

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BCG MBAThe Boston Consulting Group is a Boston based Management consultancy company rated as one of the best in the industry specialized in offering management and strategy solutions. Bruce Henderson joined the Boston Company in 1963 and started a ‘one-man-one-telephone consulting unit’ called The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).  It is noteworthy that Bruce D Henderson was a student in Harvard Business School and left three months before graduation to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. He started the Boston Consulting Group as a single consultant firm, which grew quickly and steadily, contributed primarily by his persistence and his strategic hiring that introduced new concepts to the management consultancy arena.

Ranked number 3 in Fortune’s  2014 ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’, Boston consulting group is one of the pioneers to focus on ‘business strategy’ and make it their unique selling point to outrun many competitors. Henderson’s vision kick started with a strategy as simple as publishing newsletters called ‘Perspectives’ that discussed debatable and conflicting theories, opinions and strategies which engaged and compelled readers and conference attendees to turn into clients. The Boston Consulting Group offers advice to more than two-...

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Risk of Selecting an MBA ProgramRisk cannot be measured objectively and the metrics to measure risks are means to face uncertainties that lay ahead with a decision. The risk that an Asian MBA aspirant perceives might be non-existent for American students. Although the overall risk depends on the culture that the students are exposed to, let us look at some of the General risks that an MBA Aspirant face while choosing an MBA program.

1) Location Risk

Although the location of the job post-MBA is a crucial factor for choosing one program over the other, students who plan to be part of an MBA program don’t research in detail about the constraints and opportunities of post-MBA job locations. One metric that gives a sense of the economic state of the location is the GPD growth rate. A 3-Year GDP growth rate might give you a short-term view of where the economy is heading but if you read F1GMAT’s 5-Year GDP growth rate of top MBA Destinations, you will get a better picture of some of the best post-MBA locations.

2) Industrial Risk

If you have read MBA Employment report, most schools will...

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Best MBA Job Markets
Post MBA Destination is an important criterion for many MBA Applicants, especially for applicants from emerging markets who look at Europe and US as potential job markets after MBA. Unfortunately, with the current economic climate in Europe, only schools with Global reputation and a pro-active career service team have successfully guided students in local job markets.

To help MBA Aspirants pick the best MBA destination based on cost of living and purchasing power, we have summarized the data from Numbeo (World’s largest database of user-contributed data with information about the cost of living and other social indicators).

We have shortlisted 14 MBA Destinations based on the number of Business Schools and mid to senior level Management positions available in these countries. From the Numbeo database, we shortlisted four factors that determine the cost of living, and the purchasing power in these countries.

The Consumer Price Index, Rent Index, Groceries Index, and Restaurants Index...

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Work problem is another common topic tested during GMAT . About 2-4 questions are asked from this topic. Work is a specific task assigned to one or more persons that are required to be completed in 'n' amount of time.

Here n is represented as days.

Suppose Jim works for N days then he can do 1/N of the work in 1 day
Suppose Tim work for M days then he can do 1/M of the work in 1 day

Now if Jim and Tim works together for 1 day then they can do ( 1/N + 1/M ) work in 1 day

So in 1 day then can do (M+N)/M*N

Now lets plug in some real numbers


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best mba programs in the world businessweekBloomberg BusinessWeek full-time MBA ranking is perhaps the most influential ranking in MBA Admissions. After the publication discontinued their biennial rankings for the more current annual ranking, the influence of current students on the rankings have taken up 15% of the total score. With the change in the frequency of ranking, there have been a few casualties. The big names that saw its ranking drop out of top 10 include Booth, Columbia, and Ross.

For the 2016 ranking, Bloomberg gave Employer survey rank the highest weightage (35%), followed by Alumni Survey rank (30%), while student survey took a slightly higher weightage (15%), over Salary rank(10%) and Job placement rank (10%).

If you look at the Job Placement rank, the top 10 Business Schools would not even feature in the top 20 list. Part of this discrepancy can be explained by the brand affinity of the top 10 Business Schools and the type of candidates the school attracts. They don’t need any special training or spoon-feeding to match their post-MBA goals with the right employers. Most of the candidates in top Business Schools are self-starters who do not depend on the career service team to offer the big breaks. So if you are...

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GMAT RC Detail QuestionGMAT Reading comprehension detail/specific questions are the easiest to crack. The best strategies to follow are:

1) Identify the question type:
When a question starts with "According to the passage” and "The passage states that ", you can be sure that this is a detail question type.

2) Identify the location: The question in most cases will refer to a line number, an event, a name or the author’s statement. Our focus should be to skim through the paragraphs and locate the line that the question is referring.

3) Use POE (process of elimination): technique to shortlist 2-3 answers and eliminate answer choices. When you eliminate the answer choices, focus on the scope of the paragraph and intent of the author.

<Start of Passage>

The Maastricht Treaty can be termed as the first formal treaty that led to the creation of European Union. The treaty was signed on Feb 7th 1992 and came to the existence on Nov 1st 1993. Denmark, France and Great Britain rejected the treaty in its original format. With...

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MBA Application Round 2 Deadlines PlanningThe third week in December is often the most productive week for most professionals. With a clear holiday break on the horizon, the hope that there is something to look forward becomes a strong motivating force. For MBA applicants targeting Round 2 deadlines, this period can be the most stressful time.

Case 1: December Last Week - GMAT Tests

We often keep the most important task for the last, and it is no different for MBA applicants. Those who are planning to take the GMAT during the last week of December, you have ruined your holidays, and more importantly - peace of mind, as GMAT test score is an important element in the MBA application process. Lot of school reselection and MBA application essay tweaking depends on the GMAT score.

Case 2: Recommendation Letter

This is the week to pester your recommender to get those recommendation letters....

For all the skeptics who are wondering about Financial Industry and the lower demand for Finance Job among MBAs post 2008, the latest employment report released by MIT Sloan School of Management will be an eye opener.

MIT Post MBA Finance Demand Growth
The percentage of the class who has opted for Finance Jobs has increased from 21.5% in 2010 to 24.3% in 2012. During the same time, the net growth in a traditionally preferred job function – Consulting and Strategic Planning, is just 0.9%.

The trend is influenced by the increase in the base salary for Finance Jobs. If you look at the most popular Finance job functions and the median salary, financial analyst leads the market with a median salary of $122,500 while the lowest salary in the group is tied between three functions: Sales & Trading, Wealth Management, and Investment Banking at $100,000.

Analysis                            $122,500
Investment Banking    ...

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USA has struggled to maintain the pre-2008 Economic growth in the past 4 years but it is still the favourite destination for MBA aspirants. According to QS 2011-12 Jobs and Salary report, there was a 24% increase in MBA jobs in 2011, compared to 5% in 2010. The recovery has been slow. But the Financial and manufacturing sectors has made considerable improvements compared to 2009, contributing to the 24% growth.

The Financial services industry was the most affected after the 2008-09 crisis. The industry and MBA’s image was tarnished to a large extent after the financial crisis. The employment has not fully picked up and recruiters are providing contract jobs for MBAs – a much safer option to manage risk in the industry.

International students with H1B visa is still struggling to get Jobs through on-campus recruitment. Although the demand for Visa in this niche space was not a problem, the competition and preference among recruiters to select US citizens has forced International students to do job search through traditional networking.

The high average salary in Top MBA Programs (Read Top 100 MBA Programs by Salary) has...

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