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MBA Research Art of QuestioningThere are plenty of reliable sources covering Business School comparison, Interview with Admission Officers, Interview with Alumni & Current Students, and Business School ranking. What MBA aspirants must develop is a process of questioning that would help them with decision making.

Socratic Method of questioning and dialogue might be useful in classroom discussions, and interactions with Alumni & Current students. But use it with care as a pretense of intellectual superiority can quickly discourage Alumni from opening up.

The process that we recommend is useful after you have collected all relevant information about Business Schools, and MBA programs. It follows 3-step:

1) Question Assumption

As we collect information, and interact with Alumni & Current...

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MBA Research and Sleep DeprivationSleep Deprivation is an increasingly common phenomenon for a professional in 21st Century. With a 24x7 connected world, the constant communication and pressure of work creates a situation where an average sleep is limited to 6 hours, 2 hours short of an ideal sleep cycle. Short-term sleep deprivation will impair your decision-making, especially selecting top MBA programs that require shortlisting a large list of schools, revising the list, and finally picking the top five.

High Optimism

A feeling of Optimism is essential for putting the hard work necessary to pursue a goal. But a recent study by two neuroscientists at Duke University Medical Schools have shown that Sleep Deprivation can lead to the activation of brain regions that analyze positive outcomes, and suppresses the part that process negative outcomes. This leads to a situation where the individual is more likely to make choices that maximize financial gain, in our case, picking MBA programs offering higher ROI without analyzing multiple factors that influence the return. Effective decision-making involves utilizing attention, memory, and responding to an integrative feedback mechanism; all of which get impaired in a...

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USA has struggled to maintain the pre-2008 Economic growth in the past 4 years but it is still the favourite destination for MBA aspirants. According to QS 2011-12 Jobs and Salary report, there was a 24% increase in MBA jobs in 2011, compared to 5% in 2010. The recovery has been slow. But the Financial and manufacturing sectors has made considerable improvements compared to 2009, contributing to the 24% growth.

The Financial services industry was the most affected after the 2008-09 crisis. The industry and MBA’s image was tarnished to a large extent after the financial crisis. The employment has not fully picked up and recruiters are providing contract jobs for MBAs – a much safer option to manage risk in the industry.

International students with H1B visa is still struggling to get Jobs through on-campus recruitment. Although the demand for Visa in this niche space was not a problem, the competition and preference among recruiters to select US citizens has forced International students to do job search through traditional networking.

The high average salary in Top MBA Programs (Read Top 100 MBA Programs by Salary) has...

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Sustainable MBASustainability has transformed from a buzzword to a Business strategy. Many companies have shown that sustainability can reap profits. Starbucks' Go Green initiative which includes buying only certified organic coffee,  increasing temperature in stores from the typical 72°F to 75°F, buying cabinetry made from 90% post-industrial matter and implementing low-flow water valves has helped the company both increase business and reduce costs.

eBay allows people to buy used goods that would otherwise end up in the garbage dump. The eBay Classifieds helps buying and selling of items that are too bulky to ship within the local community, doing away with shipping and packaging costs. Google uses renewable energy for its power hungry data centers and invest substantially in promoting sustainable living and markets.  The start-up world has also seen some innovative energy efficient startups like Invisenergy, a startup at MIT that uses windowpanes to generate electricity through solar power. The energy can fill nearly 10% of the total building’s energy demands.

Besides Businesses, sustainability finds a platform with social entrepreneurship. Maria Teresa Leal launched Coopa-Roca in a favela - a Brazilian...

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Ethics and MBA Programs
Business Schools have accelerated the inclusion of ethics courses in MBA program post-2008 financial meltdown, across specialization. But the question still remains – can MBA programs change human behavior? Drastic changes cannot be expected with a few courses on ethics. Curriculum designers should develop a learning framework that includes ethics as one of the foundation for decision-making.

Environment Dictates Behavior

The unfortunate truth is that the environment influences our behavior the most. Genes and Gender influence aggression and behavior in the early years but the environments sets behavior patterns that are conducive for success in a chosen field. In an environment where profit margins is the most revered metric, behavior that maximizes profits are sub-consciously chosen.

Although Business Schools have the right intention, the effort to understand how environment influence behavior is limited. The student who leads the ethics committee or professes about ethical decision-making can change behavior when the stakes are high in a real-world Business environment. The true test of character comes at a time when an MBA’s career is at jeopardy for not following a...

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A multi-campus structure is a valuable networking and learning opportunity for executives seeking a degree in General Management. Unlike Chicago Booth Executive MBA program, TRIUM EMBA is jointly offered by London School of Economics, HEC Paris, and NYU Stern School of Business.

Let us compare the two programs on Class Profile, Curriculum, Locations and Schedules, Experiential Learning, Ranking, and Fees.


TRIUM Global Executive MBA program attracts older applicants with over 15 years of experience. Chicago Booth class size is four times larger with the students spread across three campuses. The nationalities represented in the class is also high (51) compared to 30 that TRIUM EMBA attracts.

The small class size in TRIUM Global Executive MBA builds a much stronger bond among the class compared to Booth where only 1/3rd of the schedule is allocated for the entire 240+ students to collaborate.

The average year of experience for the TRIUM EMBA class is 15 against 12 for Booth. Since a large part of the MBA experience depends on peer-to-peer learning, each year added to the average age of the class adds to the overall learning experience of the class.

Your ability and motivation determine the effectiveness of your networking. However, a 240+-class size is a definite advantage for Booth. The geographic spread and...

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After evaluating 417 MBA programs, US News has released the 2018 Business School ranking. The top spot is a tie between Harvard and Wharton – both enrolling over 1700 full-time students. Booth took the third position while for the fifth position there is a three-way tie between MIT Sloan, Kellogg School of Management and Stanford.

The publication has also created rankings based on specialties that include: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, International, Management, Marketing, Nonprofit, Production / Operations, and Supply Chain / Logistics.

Overall Ranking
#1 Harvard University
#1 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
#3 University of Chicago (Booth)  
#4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
#4 Northwestern University (Kellogg)
#4 Stanford University
#7 University of California—Berkeley (Haas)
#8 Dartmouth College (Tuck)
#9 Columbia University
#9 Yale University

Ranking by Specialities


#1 University of Texas—Austin (McCombs)
#2 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
#3 University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign
#4 University of Chicago (Booth)
#5 University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (Ross)

#1 Babson College (Olin)
#2 Stanford University

Bocconi vs MIP MBAWe had written about top MBA in Italy but MBA applicants planning to complete their MBA from Italy have requested us to compare SDA Bocconi with MIP Milano. In this first part of the Bocconi vs MIP MBA series; we will look at three key comparative factors: course structure, exchange programs, & ranking. In the second part, we will look at post-MBA statistics and class profile.

Course Structure

MIP Milan International MBA is a 14-Month Full-time MBA program with 11-month of classroom and 3-month of project experience. The program commences in May and concludes in June, the following year. A day in the classroom is divided into two three-hour sessions – one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Although there is no scheduled daily after-class time, students are required to stay back for the speaker series or activities according to the curriculum.

Bocconi, on the other hand, is a 15-month Full-time MBA program with classes starting in October and concluding in December, the following year. A typical day in the classroom is divided into three hours in the morning and six hours in the evening. The 4.5...

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20 Minute Learning GMAT SessionsYou might argue that when you are in the zone, no distraction - external or internal would derail your GMAT preparation. For such lengthy span of attention, taking breaks would be the last thing on your mind. But for other daily GMAT Study sessions, 20 minutes sessions would be helpful, and produce the best results.

A recent report by Josh Davis, Maite J. Balda, and David Rock summarizes the studies conducted on attention, and learning optimization. According to the report, two findings solidify the belief in short-chunks of attention:

1) Attention has limits of only 20 minutes
2) Multitasking is inefficient

The part of our brain that enables single-minded focus is energy hungry. It is fighting external stimuli – sound, light, smell, and human interruption, along with internal thoughts, and impulses. The maximum time limit on fighting a strong internal & external stimulus is 20 minutes.
Beyond that, we not fully engaged.

Psychological journals have documented the Cognitive cost of multitasking. Technology has a role to play in inhibiting our ability to concentrate long-hours. Computers have evolved from a time-sharing behemoth machines to pocket sized tools...

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GMAT Data Sufficiency answer choic CGMAT test takers are more inclined to pick Answer Choice C in Data Sufficiency just as they would choose choice A in Sentence Correction. This trap in assumption is obvious to test creators, and they formulate the two statements carefully to force you to pick the wrong answer choice. Watch out for this trap and know that the following three factors influence our ability to solve GMAT data sufficiency questions.

a) Order of Reading

Rarely do we change the order in which we parse through the answer choices in a multi-choice question. It is not a problem for problem solving, reading comprehension, or critical reasoning but for Data Sufficiency, the order of reading can influence how we reach the right conclusion. Test creators subtly make us believe that Statement 1 is actually part of the question, which then changes how we interpret statement 2. Here is an example:

The two sides of the rectangle are in the ratio 4:5. What is the length of the rectangle?

Statement 1: The difference in two sides is 2
Statement 2: The area of the rectangle is three times the original area when the length and breadth are increased by 1 unit...

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