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Ireland is a scenic island located near Great Britain and has an economy that is modern and knowledge driven by services and other technologically advanced industries. English is the native language, and a Lonely Planet poll rated it as the world’s friendliest country.

Ireland has historically been rich in culture and innovation, ranging from author Oscar Wilde to Nobel Laureate Ernest Walton. MBA students can choose from some of the world’s oldest educational institutions, and benefit from a long tradition of academic excellence.

The best programs are in Dublin, which is considered to be among the top 10 student cities in the world. Non-EU students can work in Ireland for up to 6 months after graduation. The people are welcoming, and Ireland is known for its multiculturalism. World’s leading companies like Facebook, Intel, Pfizer and Apple have chosen Ireland as their European base not only because of Ireland's 12.5% corporate tax rate, but also because of the Business friendly environment that Irish govt. has established.

University of Dublin - Trinity College

The Trinity College is located in Dublin, Ireland’s coastal capital. In 1964, the Business School became one of the ...

F1GMAT: What are the visa rules for MBA Students in Netherlands?

RSM MBA Director of Marketing and Admissions, Maryke Luijendijk-Steenkamp explains the unique visa rules available only to MBA students in Netherlands.

Listen to Maryke's reply.

Length: 2 Minutes and 24 Seconds

Key Takeaways

• Search Visa for 1-Year after the MBA Program
• Weigh in different options before accepting a Job offer

Learn more about RSM International MBA

MBA in UKThis is the second part of the series – Top 7 MBA in UK. If you have missed the first part, read Top 7 MBA in UK - Part 1 (LBS, Judge and Said)

4) Cranfield School of Management

The Cranfield School of Management is located in Cranfield, around 60 kms from London. It is also easily accessible from Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham making it close to a wide network of industries and institutions. The Cranfield MBA is more than 40 years old and combines practical learning with leadership development. The class represents a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, representing 31 countries. 70% of the class comes from outside Europe. Among the graduating class of 2011, 64% changed country, 65% found employment in the UK, and 71% shifted sector. The average salary was £63,929 and the major recruiters were Accenture, IBM, Infosys, Jaguar Land Rover, Philips, Prime Minister's Office (GB), Royal Bank of Scotland, Saint-Gobain and Shanghai Shenhua Holding.

The MBA program stresses on case studies and promotes experiential learning, team-based assignments, and leadership development.  An executive...

MIT Sloan School of Management has just launched the business video game simulation - Platform Wars: Simulating the Battle for Video Game Supremacy. In this live, web-based simulation, students get into the shoes of a Senior Manager at a video game company such as Sony. The student must now make a series of decisions to help the company succeed in this dynamic and highly complex market.

The game is centered around an accompanying case study based on the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 3. In the game, success depends on the number of people that own it and the amount of games and applications available for the platform. This and various other features interact dynamically to determine the market share and earnings.

Instructors can use the Game Settings page to alter market dynamics like Sensitivity of Console Buyer to the Availability of Games, Sensitivity of Console Buyer to the Number of other Product Owners, Percent of Migration Costs to Initial Development Costs and even Competitor Pricing Strategies. This can help simulate different market conditions, and various competitor strategies. Students can get the income statements,...

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Quebec has a history of separatist tendencies. A feeling of historical injustice ran root from the time the British took over the province in 1760, but with the formation of Canada, the referendums in 1980 and 1995 were two moments when the province came close to pulling out of Canada. The unique French identity in a country dominated by British ancestry and culture becomes apparent in the city signboards and language of choice.

The majority French population has maintained the unique demographic composition for 300 years. 60.1% are Canadian citizens, of which the majority has French ancestry in Quebec. The largest ethnicity of immigrants is French (28.8%).

For other ethnicities, immigration into Quebec is not easy. The province has an arrangement with the Government of Canada, according to which, there are a narrow set of rules based on which immigrants are chosen. Only after the Quebec government issues a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ), you can apply for permanent residence. The other two routes to Quebec are through the Entrepreneur and Investor programs that require a declaration of assets worth C$300,000 and C$1,600,000 respectively.

The GDP of the province is at C$363 billion with 70% of the per capita income contributed by goods and services. Quebec leads Canada in the Aerospace, Life Sciences, IT (Technology), Hydroelectricity, and Green Technology industries....

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MBA in Luxury ManagmentContrary to popular belief, the luxury sector does not perform badly when the economy is in a downturn. It is recession-proof and does better. Sales CAGR for the 2007-11 period for Hermes has been at 15%, Gruppo Prada at 16% and LMVH at 9%. The luxury market is highly correlated with the demand from Chinese customers (the largest growth market) and currency fluctuation. With air travel becoming affordable year on year and over 400 million citizens from developing economies expected to enter the middle class in the next three years, opportunities for Luxury brands to tap into new markets in Asia looks even more feasible.

Currency Fluctuation

Jet fuel prices dropped by 20.4% in July 2016 compared to the same period a year ago. Airlines are likely to come up with special travel packages for global luxury goods shoppers. On top of the low flying cost, Euro has been plunging in value from 2015, dropping to a low of 1.05 against the dollar in March 2015, and continuing to hold low at 1.11 in July 2016.

The Fall-Winter 2015 Worldwide study on Luxury Goods confirms the trend. In Europe, there was a 64% increase in purchase for high-end luxury goods courtesy of the Chinese shoppers while the...

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Round 2 Deadlines
Even if you have missed Round 1, the second round offers great opportunities for MBA Aspirants to target a top MBA program. A well-written essay in 2nd Round is better than an incomplete and incoherent essay in Round 1. Also, most serious MBA aspirants would have received their GMAT score by Sep-October, just enough to be ready for Round 1.

But due to various circumstances – delay in getting recommendation letter, GMAT retake or work related travel requirements, the applicant might have missed the Round 1 deadlines.

Don’t worry. We have compiled the list of Round 2 deadlines for top MBA Programs. Share this list with your friends.

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2013 MBA Employment Trends2013 MBA Recruiters Survey conducted early in the year had shown indications that the job openings in 2013 are slowly matching the Pre-2008 levels. This has been confirmed with the B-School Follow-up Survey conducted in September 2013. This survey was conducted for the Class of 2013 by surveying 915 students from 129 Business School around the world.

Here are the Key Findings

1) Small Dip in Employment: 90% of the Alumni was employed, a drop of 2% from 2012(92%)

2) Value of MBA: 74% of the Class of 2013 felt that Graduate Management Education helped them find the opportunities. 26% felt that they would have received the same opportunities without an MBA.

3) Rise of 2-Year Full-time MBA: 92% Full-time MBA students surveyed were employed (highest level in the past 5 years, a 2% increase from 2012)

4) Drop for 1-Year Full-time MBA: 82% International MBA students surveyed were employed (drop of 7% from 2012)

5) Drop in Employment Rate for Masters Students: 76% Masters Students (non-MBA) were employed, a drop of 8%.


The first year focuses on the foundation of General Management: Finance, Leadership, Marketing, Operations, Human Resource Management, and Informed Decision Making.

First Quarter Courses (Autumn)

Ethics in Management

Post-2008 Financial crisis, MBAs were labelled as the “Wall Street Crooks,” even worse, one of Stanford’s own MBA - Mathew Martoma, was sentenced to a 9-year jail term for profiting his company a whopping $276 million in a single transaction through insider trading. It is not just that Martoma profited through unethical means, he even lied his way through MBA Admissions.

Although Ethics in Management as a required MBA course might be in the pipeline before the 2008 crisis, the course provides a framework for making ethical decisions on a day-to-day basis, and in, group decisions where ethical perceptions of people collide. To avoid scenarios where group decisions override ethical decisions, the course offers guidelines for ethical analysis, to overcome ethical dilemmas, and to deal with the practical issues of convincing people, who have to make a decision between choosing an ethical decision that generates lower profit or an unethical decision that accumulates a windfall profit.

Financial Accounting

Reading and understanding corporate financial statements can be completed as...

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Schools typically have Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3 deadlines with the majority of Round 1 deadline in Sep/Oct, Round 2 in January and Round 3 deadlines in Mar/Apr. However, a few top schools (Darden, Duke Fuqua, and IESE) offer an early application round in September for those applicants who are only applying to one school. Although the number of applicants who opt for such a path is low, those who follow through in the early-round has a higher chance of acceptance than the applicants from later rounds.

We don’t want to start the Round 1 vs. Round 2 debate but it is safe to assume that a 2:3 strategy that we had recommended in our consulting and review service would balance the risk of targeting all your dream schools in one round and getting rejected or waiting for Round 2 to target the dream schools.  Spread the risk, earn some offers, and then keep one or two dream schools for R2. Freeing up your mind with an offer from a top 10 MBA program in hand could do wonders when you are targeting a top 5 MBA...

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