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After evaluating 417 MBA programs, US News has released the 2018 Business School ranking. The top spot is a tie between Harvard and Wharton – both enrolling over 1700 full-time students. Booth took the third position while for the fifth position there is a three-way tie between MIT Sloan, Kellogg School of Management and Stanford.

The publication has also created rankings based on specialties that include: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, International, Management, Marketing, Nonprofit, Production / Operations, and Supply Chain / Logistics.

Overall Ranking
#1 Harvard University
#1 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
#3 University of Chicago (Booth)  
#4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
#4 Northwestern University (Kellogg)
#4 Stanford University
#7 University of California—Berkeley (Haas)
#8 Dartmouth College (Tuck)
#9 Columbia University
#9 Yale University

Ranking by Specialities


#1 University of Texas—Austin (McCombs)
#2 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
#3 University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign
#4 University of Chicago (Booth)
#5 University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (Ross)

#1 Babson College (Olin)
#2 Stanford University

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The following Strategies in GMAT Reading Comprehension will influence the test taker's ability to cross 700

Aggressively read the whole text of the passage.

2. Read the passage within 3 minutes.

If you miss the main idea of the passage, you will certainly miss some of the questions.

3. Speed reading is crucial but it should not be at the expense of correctness.

4. Make brief notes on your noteboard

Do not write down facts, it will slow you down. Authors use facts to make a point.


Leadership Development Harvard MBAAt Harvard Business School, Leadership development is an integral part of the MBA curriculum. During the first year, students are required to take two leadership courses: Leadership and Organizational Behavior (LEAD), and Leadership and Corporate Accountability.

Leadership and Organizational Behavior (LEAD)

LEAD course gives students an overview of managing the human side of a Business. Mostly it teaches students to manage Emotional Intelligence and bring positive change in the Enterprise.

Leadership and Corporate Accountability

This course utilizes HBS Cases to understand the responsibilities that today’s leaders have, and looks into the ethical, economic and legal side of a managerial decision. Leadership and Corporate Accountability also teach how to use personal values for effective leadership in companies and how to propagate these values throughout the organization including the conduct of the employees.

During the second year, students can select leadership themed electives from courses like Authentic Leadership Development, The Board of Directors and Corporate Governance, Great Business Leaders-...

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Harvard MBA Chances 2 Year Work ExperienceFirst, take pride in your academic achievements: you are above the HBS Class median in GMAT by 10 points, in GPA by .12 points, and you are a top MBA Applicant if I assume that you are part of the big G or the big F when you say “Top IT Company.”

What seem a little troubling are the years of experience. If you would gain 3 years of experience when you join HBS MBA program, then you are among the 25% of the class with similar experience but if you gain 2-year of experience on the day of joining the program, your chances go down drastically. Only 7% of the class will have 2-years of experience on the joining date.

The only option for lesser-experienced MBA Applicant is through the deferral program, which is reserved for applicants fresh out of college, and in many cases, applicants following through the deferred admission are few as by the time they would have carved their own path, mostly in an Entrepreneurial start-up environment as a Founder or as a key team member.

Unfortunately, you fall within the gray area: 1-2 year experienced applicant. But don’t worry - you have already crossed the first two hurdles – GMAT and GPA. Use this year to gain diverse leadership experience – in a...

Wharton Leadership MBAWharton’s leadership programs are practical, hands-on learning experiences. The curriculum is enhanced by experiential co-curricular activities that help students develop their own leadership style. The first step is to analyze strengths of each student, and build learning experiences that enhance them.

Wharton’s Center for Leadership and Change Management is at the heart of all the leadership development activities at Wharton. It researches and creates innovative leadership experiences to bring out inherent leadership qualities and develop new leadership skills in MBA students. The Center is run by Professor Michael Useem, a top international expert in corporate leadership and change management. The center strives to nurture leaders, who are deeply aware of themselves, and clearly understand their organizations and the community, making positive contributions towards each of them.

Here are the many leadership opportunities available to further student's leadership potential at Wharton.

Learning Team Retreat

Wharton emphasizes on teamwork and team-leading skills fully understanding that success in the Business world depends on it. The stress is...

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Business Schools have a unique institution or program specific GMAT Codes. When you submit your GMAT Score, pick the institution code or program code, according to your school. For international students, TOEFL scores are also required in most schools. For MBA Aspirants who are trying the alternate path – submitting GRE score instead of GMAT, each school has a different GRE Code as well. We have compiled a list of GMAT, GRE and TOEFL codes for top MBA programs. All the codes are for Full-time MBA programs.

Note: Visit the School’s MBA programs page for the latest codes.

Recommended GMAT Course: Veritas Prep (Save $185 on Full GMAT Course with F1GMAT's Discount Code + Download $450 worth Business School Reports for FREE)

Haas vs Ross MBAThe 24-month General Management MBA program offered at Haas School of Business is built on leadership as the foundational skills. The school is also among the few top Business Schools with defining guiding principles – Student Always, Confidence without Attitude, Question the Status Quo and Beyond Yourself.

On the other end, Ross 2-year Full-time MBA program at University of Michigan's Ross School of Business is among the few schools that believe in hands-on learning over traditional lectures and case study. The global initiative, especially through the MAP (Multidisciplinary Action Projects), is exemplary in the depth of the experience that an experiential learning module should provide.

Class Profile

Ross leads in accepting more women applicants – in percentage and numbers while on International front, Haas accepts a larger percentage from other countries. The entry level for Haas is much higher with the average GMAT for the latest class at 725 – close to 10 points higher and undergraduate GPA averaging at 3.71 – 0.2 points higher than Ross.


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British Columbia (BC) is a relief for the Canadian Economy. The real GDP for the province is expected to grow at an average of 2.2% till 2024. One reason is that BC is not dependent on the Energy Sector for their primary revenue. For a 10-year period 2014 to 2024, the Employment rate is projected to grow at 1.2% on average, every year. Companies need Managers to manage the diverse workforce, resources Technology, and Strategy. MBAs planning to join the Technology, Manufacturing, and Finance sectors, will find long-term career paths in the region. In terms of GDP contribution by sector, Oil & Gas is ranked #11.

The Small Business boom in the province explains why a province that came to prominence with contribution from non-renewable energy has now moved away to service in a big way. The latest Small Business Profile report shows that BC is ranked #1 in the Country, tied with Saskatchewan as the province with the highest per capita of small businesses (82.6 for every 1000 people). The number is nearly 12 points higher than the national average. According to the 2014-15 survey, 98% of all Businesses in BC were small businesses, running to a total of 382,600, out of which 4 out of 5 were micro-businesses with less than 5 employees.

Job Opportunities

BC has managed to duck the crisis witnessed in rest of the resource-dependent provinces of Canada by...

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Women MBA Pay Gap
The number of Women MBAs in top Business Schools has steadily increased over the past ten years, with schools accepting 35-45% women candidates in the past two years. However, a more disturbing finding is the rising pay gap between Men and Women professionals. The gap is exacerbated in a management position at both mid-level and senior positions. There are several reasons for this gap. We shortlisted four major reasons:

1) Low Expectation

This might be the major reason why pay levels for Women management professionals don’t catch up with their men counterpart. The thought process for most Women MBAs is to settle for a reasonable fixed salary. Men, on the other hand, understand the need to start with a higher base salary. They would haggle until the breaking point and then quickly accept a moderate to high variable pay.

The lower expectation does not start at the graduate level, but a Study conducted by Universum in 2016 shows that Women Business Students expected to...

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MBA Admissions Power of NumbersConfidence influence how you are perceived among the MBA Admissions team. It starts with your written words in essays, spoken words in Interviews, and most importantly the actions you took. A thin line separates arrogance and confidence, but you have to find the essence of your confidence before articulating what confidence means for you. In simple words, Confidence is the acknowledgement of your power – as an individual, and as a team player.

The false modest ones try to hide their achievements under the garb of team’s actions. If you are a woman, you are more likely to give the credit to the men in your team, even if your work speaks for itself. According to the report created by Accenture - “The Next Generation of Working Women,” women will lose anywhere between $1 million to $1.5 million in earnings during their lifetime just because they are reluctant to take the credit for their achievements.

When such large sum of money is under hold just because you are not putting the effort to calculate your contribution in dollar value under the fake modesty of teamwork, how will you approach MBA Admissions where you have to maintain a delicate balance between individual contribution,...

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