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MBA Networking RealityI have analyzed Business School networks on a case-by-case basis over the past seven years and through several interviews in our ‘Ask the MBA Admissions Team’ section. Most Business School teams would iterate that networking is one of the key reasons why applicants should consider their school. For one, without networking, you are unlikely to get the right job. You might get any job but the idea of sacrificing 3 years – one year on MBA Admission preparation and two years on the MBA and post-MBA fine-tuning, is not to get any job.

During 2008-09, the worst time for an MBA to graduate, even the likes of Chicago booth and Wharton struggled to match the candidate’s expectation. So what does networking means? It doesn’t matter if the school promotes itself as having 4000 or 40,000 sized Alumni network. If you don’t find opportunities to get an interview through events hosted by the school or other informal events, the number is insignificant. If the career services team provides access to job listings, you have to realize that the same openings are available to your classmates.

Understanding Competition

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The Economist MBA Ranking has become a punching bag for the experts seeking status quo and those applicants who don’t want to see volatility. We reviewed the ranking methodology from the time The Economist began ranking Full-time MBA programs. As we have warned earlier, ranking is a reflection of what the publication finds valuable for the MBA applicants, not an absolute truth about the Business School and the MBA programs.

Top 10 The Economist MBA Ranking 2016
Booth has continued the reign on top for the third consecutive year while Kellogg was the big surprise taking in 2nd position from Darden, which has been pushed to third. Last year, the biggest criticism was when Stanford was demoted to #13th rank. This year, a fifth ranking position behind Harvard’s 4th have stabilized the top tier schools in the Economist Full-time MBA rankings.

2016 Survey

The 2016 survey invited 143 schools; some did not make it to the top 100 while quite a few chose to opt out. Indian School of Business, CEIBS, Aston, and McGill were notable absentees. The survey was divided into two sections: Quantitative (GMAT,...

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Business School Ranking FlawsBusiness School Ranking is tricky, and for publications, the evaluation is based on feedback from Alumni, Current Students, Professors, and Recruiters. Biases emerge from different actors in management education. The result is a concocted list with a high margin of error. Historical ranking plays a major role in maintaining status quo. Are you saying that Harvard, Stanford and Wharton remain the only top three schools offering world class education? There are at least four more equal or better schools that are not even featured in the top 10 list.

But the ranking is not based on an independent review but through the response from Alma matter and the beneficiary – the Recruiter. When you look closer, the response rates are as low as 20-25%.  Such low numbers should not influence the opinions of future MBAs, who will use the ranking information as the basis for their belief. Schools featuring in the top 20 list will spread the news furthest, and those who are not featured in top 50 will use...

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First Impression Each Round MBA Admissions“We are happy with Windows XP. Don’t force us with Windows Vista.” The year was 2006 when early test users gave scathing remarks on Vista’s innumerable bugs, and what executives called “Punishment for depending on the Microsoft Ecosystem.” Apple capitalized the negative press with the “I am a PC; I am a Mac Ad” where an overweight person represented PC (Windows), and a healthier counterpart represented Mac in what was a series of “Why Mac was better than PC Ad.”

Despite fixing the bugs, the opinion about Vista remained negative. In a desperate attempt to prove the biases of users, and how early impression pretty much influences all your future impression, executives in Microsoft conducted a blind test on 120 subjects in San Francisco over a 3-day period. First, they were shown a video demo of Mojave – the new fake Microsoft Operating System (OS). Then they were allowed to play around with the operating system. The subjects who gave 4.4 out of 10 rating for Vista without using it now gave 8.5 for the Mojave operating system, which was actually Windows Vista OS.

What does it show?

The first impression leaves behind a permanent trail of prejudice in...

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Scholarship vs Fellowship MBA
In the broadest definition, fellowship is handed out for research, while scholarship is awarded to cover the tuition fee in an educational institution. But for Business Schools, especially MBA programs the definition is different. The confusion arises because the difference is not consistent across schools. However, both fellowship, and scholarships are tax free, and are used to cover the tuition fee, partially or completely.

Here are the major difference between Fellowship and Scholarship

a) More than Money

Fellowship not only offers financial support based on the need of the candidate, it also opens up doors to mentors, alumni, and other leaders in Business. Scholarship on the other hand focuses on covering the tuition fee based on need and academic profile.

b) Selection Criteria

The criteria for Scholarship are need and merit based, and not based on nationality, background or future commitment of the candidate. Individuals, corporation, or associations induct fellowships, and the criteria are designed according to the goals of each entity. Some corporate fellowship requires candidates to work in a...

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Part Time MBA RankingBusinessWeek Part Time MBA rankings for 2012 have been announced. Elon’s Martha and Spencer Love School of Business has continued to retain the top spot. UCLA Anderson School of Management took the second place while Tepper School of Business retained the third place.  An interesting trend seen this year is that all the top 10 positions remained unchanged from the previous year.

The costliest program from the top 10 Part Time MBA programs is the one offered by Ross School of Business at a range of $95,000-$105,000 and the most affordable one is provided by College of Business at University of Nevada, Reno at $21000. If you compare the GMAT requirement for the top 10 schools, Reno has the lowest GMAT requirement with the class average at 550 while the highest average is tied between Anderson School of Management and Haas School of Business at 690. Most Part Time MBA programs offer Financial Aid to the class covering 10 to 40% of the participants.

Evaluate the Summary of the Top 10 Part Time MBA Rankings below or...

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sports mba programsSports as a market is constantly evolving. It was once about the 'game', but it is now a package that combines sports and entertainment. It was evident with the 2012 Superbowl, which was watched by around 166 million people around the world, and showcased performances by American Idol Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, M.I.A., Nicki Minaj, country musicians Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, LMFAO and Cee Lo Green. Not surprisingly, commercials were sold out by November 2010, at an average price of $3.5 million for a thirty-second ad. Formula One races this year have seen performances by Linkin Park, Lady Gaga and Shakira. Another case in point is in USA's National Football League (NFL) - the Dallas Cowboys is the highest earning team, with revenues of $2.1 billion, even though it hasn't been among the top-2 in terms of on-field performances for 17 years.

The revenues generated by the Sports industry have reached staggering proportions. It generated $122 billion in 2010, and is expected to hit $145 billion in 2015, an annual growth rate of 4.5%. The income is a mix of Gate Revenues, Media Rights, Sponsorships and Merchandising. While Gate revenues have been traditionally the main source of income, Sponsorship revenues are expected...

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Best MBA Programs in Energy SectorIf you have missed our MBA Research Guide, you can download it here. Read Part 1: Top MBA in Energy: Sector Trends, Fastest Growing Niches and Top MBA Program

2) RGU MBA in Oil and Gas Management

Although most MBA program focus on renewable energy sources, Robert Gordon University Aberdeen’s MBA in Oil and Gas Management evaluates the existing Oil Exploration and development processes and looks at improving them.

Location Advantage:  From 1970s, Aberdeen transformed from an economy dependent on fishing, textiles and shipbuilding to one that prospered in high tech, electronic design and Oil & Gas. The switch has been responsible for the economic boom in the City. The School is just miles away from major Oil & Gas Companies including Shell, BP, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Raqa, Conoco Phillips and Total.

With RGU’s AMBA Accredited Full-time MBA, students will...

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GMAT Problem Solving Process of Elimination - OppositesIn this article, we will see how to use process of elimination techniques for problem solving and spot opposites in answer choices. This technique can be used mostly in questions categorized under Number Properties, and Ratio & Proportions. Let us look at an example to understand how POE Opposite technique can be applied.

Q) A competitive exam scores answers with +1 point for one correct answer and -2 for one wrong answer. The scores of the 10 students who took the exam were 10, 4, 6,-2,-4,
-6, 12, -1, -5, and -8. What is the least class median to exam score ratio?

A) -0.625
B) -0.525
C) -0.425
D)  0.525
E)   0.625


From the answer choices, it is clear that the crucial point that differentiates the answers is the nature of the median score – whether it is positive or negative. If you apply the Process of Elimination – Range...

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Top MBA DestinationsHappiness is not a long-term goal for most MBA aspirants. It is not part of the narrative in application essays. Most cite reaching an executive level as one of the long-term goals. The daily responsibilities of overseeing the company’s growth, handling competition, and developing strategies to gain market share are part of the responsibilities that make the position attractive.

Unfortunately, the truth is that looking at long-term goals with a narrow scope is detrimental in what can be achieved with an MBA. The location post-MBA is crucial. With a global job market, MBAs are not looking to settle down in host countries post-MBA; they are looking for a higher standard of living, social consciousness, and the right environment to raise a family.

Happiness should be a factor for Business School ranking, and an MBA should not be evaluated just from an ROI point of view. Interestingly, the latest World Happiness Report highlights some of the factors that are important for MBAs before they consider post-MBA job locations to settle down.

Six factors that influence happiness of a country are...

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