5 Questions to Speed up Summary Creation: GMAT Reading Comprehension

GMAT Reading Comprehension Creating SummariesFor GMAT reading Comprehension, summarizing the passage or the paragraph is an essential skill that test takers have to develop during the preparation stage. Some of us have developed the instinct to find keywords, theme, and the intent of the author by reading 3-5 lines. Even for instinctive readers, performance in GMAT reading comprehension can be improved if they ask the 5 questions in sequential order.


This is the first question that test takers have to ask. Who is the subject of the paragraph/passage? Some authors start with the subject from the first paragraph itself while others go into the environment or circumstances before going into the subject of the passage. Understand the intent behind the buildup and focus on the person or group of people (community/company/nation) that the author is referring. Once the subject is shortlisted, it becomes easier to chart out the concepts covered in the passage, assumptions, tone, and main idea.


At least 30% of GMAT reading comprehension passages will have some reference to historical findings, events, and personalities. It is therefore in all probability that you should ask the “When” question after “Who”. Which era is the author refereeing or critiquing? Is the author going back to


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