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Top MBA Destinations in 2013: Second Part (Economies Competing for Top Rank)

Top MBA DestinationsIf you have missed the First Part – Click Here to Read the First Part of the Series - Top MBA Destinations

5) Canada

Canada’s Economy grew at 2.2% in 2012 and is worth $1.4 trillion.The country is among the top 10 industrial nations and has a population of just 35 million, spread across one of the largest land masses in the world. It was the 11th largest exporter in 2011, taking in goods worth $462.4 billion. Canada's imports were almost identical, at $461 million.  Its huge natural resource reserves have fostered an economy built around manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, agriculture, and forestry industries. Canada's #1 advantage is the fact that it offers world-class management education, at comparatively low costs.  

Canada also has lower unemployment compared to other developed nations. Canada's consulting industry hired the biggest share of MBA students, and saw revenues of $9.2 billion in 2010. The market is concentrated in Ontario (44%), Quebec (19%) and Alberta (14%). Canada's Finance sector is a $85 billion industry, dominated by financial services and insurance. It has been on an upward growth path for more than a decade starting at $62 billion in 2001. This trend is expected to continue in the future, a good sign for MBA graduates. The ICT sector with revenues of $169 billion in Canada offers good opportunities for post-MBA employment.

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6) France

France offers MBA graduates some of the highest salaries, and its strong grasp of management education implies that it has a host of B-schools that offer world class education. France has a $2.3 trillion economy that is ranked #9 in the world. Its exports were worth $587.1 billion in 2011, while its imports totaled $688.5 billion. The economy is growing with high value of exports, which means that French companies require MBAs for their international operations. Energy, IT and FMCG are the three key sectors that will play a major role in France’s economic growth. France is also a top source for luxury goods and experiences, known for its tourism, wine, cheese, fashion and design.

With regard to post-MBA employment opportunities, the Consulting industry is the biggest employer. The industry in France has displayed a consistent, upward trend, growing at 5% in 2010-11, with an annual turnover of €8.8 billion. The key areas were Business Consulting 62.1%, Development & Integration 16%, Outsourcing 15% and IT Consulting 6.4%. Expectedly, FMCG & Luxury was the #2 sector, with its vibrant consumer market itself accounting for 40% of the economy. France is also home to the top luxury company in the world - LMVH, which earned €23.6 billion in 2011, 79% of which came from the International market. It employs 20,000 people in France, and 80,000 around the world. IT, High-Tech and Telecommunications, is the 3rd choice, expected to grow at 4% per year till 2015. What's more, the French market for IT services & products is predicted to hit US$53.5bn in 2015. Energy is another lucrative sector in France, producing about 540 million KWh of electricity in 2010, 10% of which was exported, making it the world's #2-energy exporter.

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7) Germany

Germany's low rank can be attributed to a poor 2012 performance by its economy - a growth rate of just 2%. Yet, it should not affect the hopes of MBA aspirants as German companies offer the best MBA jobs. The country maintains a strong international presence with the quality of its industries and the excellent products that they produce.  Germany is one of the rare Countries that exports more than it imports - $1.4 trillion to $1.1 trillion. As of 2011, Germany’s economy was worth $3.571 trillion. Exports actually make up for one third of Germany’s economy, and it is the world's third largest exporter.  

37 of the Fortune 500 companies are from Germany, offering numerous opportunities in Consulting, IT and Financial Services. Consulting sector, with a turnover of €26.5 billion, offers the biggest opportunity for MBA graduates. The sector is dominated by Business Consulting , contributing €15 billion in turn over, followed by Development & Integration, IT consulting,  and Outsourcing. Germany also has the biggest consulting market in Europe.

Finance is the 2nd highest recruiter, led by the home grown Deutsche Bank - revenues of €33.2billion in 2011. Insurance is another important sub sector, driven by companies like Allianz and Munich Re. For the ICT sector, Germany remains the world's 4th largest software and IT services exporter. In fact, more than 40% of the country's economic growth can be directly or indirectly attributed to this sector. The German Automotive industry constantly sets benchmarks for the world, and is the largest employer locally. The industry has a turnover of $300 billion, of which $ 221 billion came from exports.

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8) UK

The United Kingdom economy has been battered by the economic downturn, and grew at just .25% in 2012. In spite of this, it remains the world's 8th largest economy, worth $2.3 trillion in 2011. London has the highest city GDP in the EU, and is the world's biggest financial center along with New York.  The country kicked off the scientific and industrial revolutions, and retained expertise in aerospace, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. It is also a shipping and trade hub, with strong Software and IT services market

Even though London is dominated by Finance, the top sector for post-MBA employment is consulting. It had a turnover of $19 billion in 2010, 74.1% of the share taken by Business Consulting and the rest by IT consulting. The Finance sector saw the 2nd biggest hires, in spite of the sub-prime and the Eurozone crises. The sector is dominated by Banking, Financial services and Insurance. IT & Technology is the 3rd most popular sector in UK, with the Software & IT services market worth £58 billion a year, contributing towards this trend. It has the biggest ICT markets in the EU, with consumers spending as much as £140 billion.

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