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Top MBA Destinations in 2014: First Part (Study Based on Growth Opportunities and Salary Increase)

Top MBA Destinations in the WorldMBA Destinations are driven by factors like Economy, Post-MBA Opportunities (Salary Increase and Opportunities for Career Switching) and long-term brand value of the Business School. We analyze the top four MBA destinations in the world. These rankings are based on two factors: Economic growth rate over the past one-year and the average salary among the top Business Schools in the country.

Aspirants cite Salary Increase and opportunity for Job Growth as the two major reasons for pursuing an MBA program.  Here are our top four MBA Destinations

1) China

Expectedly, China takes the #1 spot by a large margin. Its economy grew at a massive 7.7% in 2012, which is actually a climb down from 9.7 in 2011. While the economy slows as it makes a transition from manufacturing to a services driven economy, China has shown staggering results. It is the world's 2nd largest economy hitting GDP of $11.4 trillion in 2011, and will inevitably displace USA from the #1 spot. It is this projected growth that makes China an exceptionally attractive destination for MBA students and MNCs alike.

China was the world's #1 exporter in 2011, with exports valued at $1.9 trillion. It is also the world’s 2nd largest importer, with goods worth $1.7 billion entering China. The Chinese manufacturing industry is diversifying from the low-cost model to high quality innovation model to meet the demands of a high consumption economy. Other factors like rising wages and an increasing standard of living mean that by 2020, China is expected to consume 19% of the world's luxury goods. In addition, 66% of the globe's middle class will call China their home by 2030.

Innovation in the manufacturing sector and an expected massive growth in the service sector are the main reason why MBA graduates have shown interest in China. For example, Tourism is China's fastest growing industry and accounts for 8.6% of the world market and is expected to reach #1 by 2020. Luxury goods are also a highly lucrative sector.  An MBA from China offers high growth potential in both the long and short term.

Finance, Manufacturing/Industrial Products, Consulting and IT/Telecom are the top 4 sectors for post MBA employment.

Top MBA Destinations - 2nd 3rd and 4th in The World

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