Demand for Top MBA programs Going Down but Applicants Love Harvard MBA Program

Google Trends gives us insight into the search demand for various keywords. We have collected data for Top 5 MBA Programs to learn how the MBA programs are measuring up against each other in online search space, and the general demand for these MBA programs from Feb 2004 to Sep 2016.

The top 5 searched MBA programs in Google are:

1. Harvard
2. Stanford
3. Wharton
4. Columbia
5. MIT

Here is the screenshot of the search demand for these five MBA programs (Click the Image for a larger screenshot)

Google Trends
As you would have noticed, interest in Wharton MBA peaks whenever there is a fluctuation in the Economy. Finance professionals consider Wharton MBA as a go to jail program whenever the job markets are down.
So has the demand gone down?

From the highs of 2004, the demand for top MBA programs have gone down, but from 2012, the demand has stabilized, but we noticed an increased search volumes for Booth MBA.

Booth MBA (Search Demand Spike after Nov 2008)

Google MBA Demand Over Time

So if you are applying to the top six MBA programs, keep in mind of the competition correlated from the search volume.

1) The demand for MBA programs has high correlation with the Economy.

2) Business Schools and MBA program teams who have customized their curriculum by adapting to the changing job market, and supported the students with a vibrant Career Service support have thrived.

3) Older MBA Applicants (30 to 32) have become realistic about their chances, and are looking at 1-Year MBA program, part-time MBA, and programs in their region to achieve career goals.

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