Top 7 MBA Programs - California (2017)

California switched hands between the Spanish, the Mexicans (from 1821 to 1848), and finally stood on their own as a state in 1850, following the 1846-48 Mexican–American War.

The networking equipment, the personal computers, the microchips, and the new media explosion would not have happened if Stanford University were not financially struggling in 1950. To bring in predictive revenue, the management's initial plan was to lease out the 8,800 acres under Stanford’s land holding for residential development, shopping centers, and campus infrastructure, but when Al Brandin, the Vice President of Business Affairs, visited Denver, Colorado, he noticed the residential development in a park-like setting. The idea was adapted for Businesses, and the Stanford Industrial Park was formed, leading to the rise of ‘Silicon Valley.' It was not until Hewlett-Packard (HP) made the Stanford Industrial Park its headquarters in 1956 that competitors and prospective employees started taking the San Francisco and the San Jose area seriously.

Intel continues to be in the top 10 Technology companies in the world with a market capitalization of 143 billion (2016). The generational shift in technology is evident in the companies that have taken over the top five spots.

California Tech Companies market Cap 2017

Top 7 MBA Programs in California

1) Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Full-time MBA is a 24-month program with the 2018 class taking in a record 417 students. With the acceptance rate in the 6-8% range, the selected students are encouraged to take the risk, and see inaction as the biggest risk.

2) Haas School of Business

The Berkeley MBA Program at Haas School of Business is a 24-month General Management program with options to specialize in a job function and gain skills to work in start-ups, multinational companies or non-profits.

3) UCLA Anderson School of Management

UCLA MBA program at Anderson School of Management is a 24-month program with a strong emphasis on field study. With an emphasis on collaboration, impact, and rigorous use of analytics, students develop the skills required to excel at the highest level.

4) USC Marshall School of Business

USC Marshall Full-time MBA program is a 20-month program offered with the goal of building the foundational management skills in the first year, followed by the option to choose four paths: multidisciplinary electives, specialization, study project, or concurrent degree from other USC graduate schools.

5) UC Davis Graduate School of Business

UC Davis Full-time MBA program is a 21-month program with a small class size (48 students), designed to develop the candidate’s leadership and management skills. A balance of case studies, lectures, discussions, team projects, and speaker series give students a well-rounded learning experience.

6) Paul Merage School of Business

The Merage MBA is a 24-month full-time MBA program designed with strategic innovation, technology, and analytical decision making as the foundation. With just 75 students in the full-time class, the approach is to build a tight knit small Business environment where the professors, faculty, and students work towards the post-MBA goals while meeting all the learning objectives for the program.

7) University of California, San Diego (UCSD) - The Rady School of Management

The Rady Full-time MBA program makes the immersive study a unique selling point by emphasizing on entrepreneurship, technology, and decision science. Although the soft skill development is integrated throughout the curriculum in top MBA programs, the electives in the program offer students a broad and unique list of courses.

Rank in 2017Full-time MBA ProgramsTotal Median Salary (Base + Bonus)Total Cost
1Stanford Graduate School of Business$161,000$237,672
2Haas School of Business$149,777$173,196
3UCLA Anderson School of Management$140,000$183,115
4USC Marshall School of Business$135,000$172,925
5UC Davis Graduate School of Business$115,060$136,243
6Paul Merage School of Business$106,500$144,960
7UCSD The Rady School of Management$68,000$161,332

Top 31 MBA Programs - United States

We analyze the MBA Curriculum, Class Profile, Total Cost and Post-MBA Salary of Top 31 MBA programs in the US.

+ Industry Trends

+ Future of Aerospace, Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automobile, Clean Tech, Education, Energy, Fashion, Financial Services, Insurance, FinTech, Government, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Military, Manufacturing, Maritime, Media/Advertising, Technology, Tourism, Trade, Transportation and Logistics, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR).

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