Wharton MBA Admissions Interview Tips

"Interviews provide additional information about your candidacy that is included in the final reviews of your application.  As such interviews, are not the decisive factor in your admissions decision. In most cases, interviews are fairly consistent with the application. At Wharton, the person who interviews you will not have read your application.  Remember to bring a copy of your resume to the interview."

Interesting fact: The interviewer will not read your application

Tip 1: Bring your resume

"Interviews are blind, which reduces bias as your interviewer will have no preconceived ideas of your ability or personality based on your written application.  Interviews may include behavioral questions. Questions may center on specific examples or detailed descriptions of events, projects or experience that demonstrate how situations you’ve faced in the past have been handled and what you learned from them. Behavioral interviewing assumes that past performance predicts future behavior.No advance preparation is required.  Questions are straightforward and cover topics such as why you seek an MBA, why you feel you are a good fit for Wharton (vice versa), what your career goals are, how you spend your spare time, what you value, about what you are passionate, etc. You will not be asked analyze a case study or demonstrate your mastery of particular subjects. All interviews carry equal weight. There is no advantage to interviewing on-campus or with an admissions staff member.  Arrange the type of interview that is most convenient for you."

Key Questions

1) Why do you want to do an MBA
2) Why do you feel that you are a good fit for Wharton (vice versa)
3) What are your career goals
4) How do you spend your spare time
5) What do you value the most
6) What are you passionate about

"Interviews are dialogues or exchange between two people. Steer away from pre-rehearsed speech and over reliance on your résumé. We are interested in getting to know you as an individual, so follow the cues of the interviewer."

Tip 2 : Rehearsed answers can actually hamper you chances. Make your answer spontaneous or make it sound like one.

" The exact length of the interview does not indicate how well the interview went. While we schedule 30 minute interviews,


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