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SKOLKOVO MBA Admissions - Selection Criteria

Anna on Qualities of SKOLKOVO MBA Candidates

Firstly, SKOLKOVO MBA applicant should be an ambitious and outstanding entrepreneurial leader. What do we mean by that? Our mission is to help successful people becoming more successful. We admit those who have a proven track record of success – either in commercial, public sector or entrepreneurial projects. We are different and we are looking for those who can make a difference. That is why we are far more interested in candidate’s potential and soft skills rather than test scores. SKOLKOVO is about personalities. We are looking for bright personalities and evaluate them on a case by case basis. We help them achieve more.

If it goes for formal criteria, here are our MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:

1) At least 2-3 years of managerial experience
2) University degree (minimum Bachelors) or equivalent professional qualification
3) Fluent in English


1) Entrepreneurial spirit
2) Strive for reaching challenging objectives
3) Ability to find approach to different types of people (including cross cultural interaction) and build mutually beneficial relationship
4) Ability to think creatively and develop new business ideas
5) Ability and willingness to constantly seek new knowledge and ideas, readiness to integrate those ideas into both thinking and behaviour
6) Ability to energize and motivate other people, creating positive vision of business

Interviews for SKOLKOVO MBA

F1GMAT: Will the Interviews be conducted on-Campus, through phone/Skype or during World MBA Tours?

Anna Nekrasova(SKOLKOVO MBA): Our admission is different. We admit candidates in an unconventional way. For instance, we ask candidates to prepare a video presentation instead of traditional essays. We want to see the passion in the candidate’s eyes to change the world. The candidate should be motivated to join the SKOLKOVO community.

For advice from successful SKOLKOVO MBA candidates visit SKOLKOVO MBA Video Essay

After evaluating the candidate with video presentation, a personal interview is conducted by SKOLKOVO’s directors, founding partners and Alumni. The interview is conducted in a non-structural way with live discussions, which would help us evaluate your attitude, global view and vision. Admission to the programme is like a marriage: both parties should agree on engagement. Thus, you choose and you’re chosen at the same time.

Anna Nekrasova

Moscow School of Management InterviewAnna Nekrasova works in SKOLKOVO as Executive Consultant being responsible for client relationship with applicants and provides consultations to those who are interested in pursuing an MBA degree. Anna helps candidates to define their needs, set priorities and gives a piece of advice for the admission process. In SKOLKOVO strong attention is paid to the client relationship side, as every student is placed in the middle of the process and therefore gets maximum of attention and support. Prior to SKOLKOVO, Anna worked and lived in Spain, founded her own business and then moved to Moscow and worked for the local Ministry.

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