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Why has SKOLKOVO MBA put emphasis on Experiential Learning and Entrepreneurship?

F1GMAT: SKOLKOVO MBA has put emphasis on Experiential Learning and Entrepreneurship. Can you please elaborate how this will help SKOLKOVO MBA Students?

Moscow School of Management Interview
Anna on SKOLKOVO MBA Experiential Learning

I would like to explain what experiential learning in SKOLKOVO means. Instead of the traditional schools’ approach, where the emphasis is on theory over practice, at SKOLKOVO the majority of students’ time will be spent on learning by doing real work projects, which are run in four countries. We want our students to be educated by their own experiences. Our education philosophy combines first-hand experience with relevant academic studies.

SKOLKOVO MBA students work on 5 real projects during the 12-month course for companies in China, Russia, the US and India. Therefore, they learn how to work in real working environment and are brought into the realities of local business culture.

That is why we consider SKOLKOVO MBA programme is for those who choose:

- Real projects instead of Business Cases
- Worldwide experience in 4 countries instead of one-dimensional experience
- BRIC countries and Entrepreneurial Experience

This is one of our unique differentiators. SKOLKOVO MBA is aimed at developing entrepreneurial leadership for those who want to work in BRIC economies. The final module of the programme is called start-up module and provides an opportunity for the students to develop their own innovative ideas over the course and then work intensively during the final phase with mentors and experts to launch their own businesses.

The start-up module includes both coursework to give students the formal foundational knowledge they need, as well as hands-on experience in analyzing and refining their business plans before they present their companies to a large group of professional venture capitalists and angel investors. Our Alumni have successfully launched their businesses and changed from corporate careers to Entrepreneurial ones.

About Anna Nekrasova

Moscow School of Management InterviewAnna Nekrasova works in SKOLKOVO as Executive Consultant being responsible for client relationship with applicants and provides consultations to those who are interested in pursuing an MBA degree. Anna helps candidates to define their needs, set priorities and gives a piece of advice for the admission process. In SKOLKOVO strong attention is paid to the client relationship side, as every student is placed in the middle of the process and therefore gets maximum of attention and support. Prior to SKOLKOVO, Anna worked and lived in Spain, founded her own business and then moved to Moscow and worked for the local Ministry.

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