SKOLKOVO MBA Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is a vibrant institution focused on developing entrepreneurial leaders and managers in growing economies. The school was founded by 18 Russian and foreign major companies and individuals, leaders in sectors like oil and gas, metals, power generation, investment, banking, insurance and the retail trade.

SKOLKOVO MBA Founding Companies

SKOLKOVO MBA Founding PartnersThe major companies include Credit-Suisse, TNK-BP, SunGroup, Troika Dialogue, EVRAZ, Severstal, to name a few while some of the notable private investors include Roman Abramovich , Ruben Vardanyan and many other renowned Business leaders from BRIC countries.

The founding companies have over 200 years of consolidated managerial experience on markets in both developed and developing countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Finland, India, the United Kingdom and the United States  - more than 10 countries).

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev with SKOLKOVO MBA Founding Team

SKOLKOVO MBA Teaching Methodology

Learning by Doing:
Students are mainly educated through taking part in real projects to be developed by teams of 5-7 people. Project results are assessed by the SKOLKOVO founders and third-party experts, government officials, businessmen, faculty and consultants). The School uses active methods of training, so the educational process includes a variety of training courses, role-playing games, training under the guidance of experts in specific areas, consulting projects, practical training and lectures. The core educational principle throughout SKOLKOVO MBA is learning-by-doing, which means that the students take part in action based projects and gain the experience via practice.

Unique Teaching Methodology: Some of the novel approaches used by SKOLKOVO MBA are real-life cases presented by CEOs, role-playing, experiential learning and immersive learning systems to supplement traditional business-school offerings like workshops, independent study tutorials and simulations and business games.

There is, of course, a theoretical element to managing and driving change, so SKOLKOVO has attracted business educators from the world’s best business schools to work with the participants for the SKOLKOVO MBA program.


Only one third of the program will be in the form of traditional lectures, while two thirds will be devoted to consulting projects. Students will undertake five real projects in various areas, each of which will be accompanied by the corresponding theoretical learning:

Module 1 (
January – March 2013): Corporate project in China
Module 2 (
March – May 2013): Corporate/public sector project in Russia
Module 3 (
June – August 2013): Corporate project in USA
Module 4(
August – September 2013): Start-up project based in Russia
Module 5(
October – December 2013): Corporate project in India /*optional/

3 UNIQUE Characteristics of SKOLKOVO MBA Curriculum

1) Real life cases with business leaders
2) Experiential learning
3) Immersive learning systems

Upon completing the program, all graduates will be able to take part in a competition for funding from a specially created Venture Fund to carry out exceptional independent projects. Given the emphasis that SKOLKOVO places on learning by doing, a key element of the educational process is the opportunity to learn how business is conducted in various companies and receive information “first-hand”. Each student will take part in a corporate project in India and China and see personally the effect that various social and government conditions have on business in rapidly growing economies. In the US, students will carry out business projects that will complete the picture by enabling them to compare their experience with that gained in the emerging markets. Part of the programme will involve carrying out projects in groups, which will enable you to draw on all of SKOLKOVO’s expertise and business contacts. Whether you are in Russia, India, China or the US, you will have the full support of SKOLKOVO.

Corporate projects

Students will learn not only about a whole range of developing economies but also a wealth of managerial opportunities. Three corporate projects – in India, China and the US - will enable you to develop leadership skills and become an effective manager- one who can deal with a broad range of sectors and situations.

Start-up projects

Business Incubators in SKOLKOVO Moscow School of ManagementStudents will define and develop their own innovative ideas (or jointly) over the course of the program and then work intensively during the final phase with mentors and experts to launch their businesses. The start-up module will include both coursework to give students the formal foundational knowledge they need, as well as hands on experience in analyzing and refining their business plans before they present their companies to a large group of professional venture capital and business angels.

Public sector projects

In Russia the students will focus on an important part of the Russian economy - the cooperation between large companies and the public sector. Real experience and communication practice with public sector representatives as well as government officials often becomes a necessary tool for successful business. As a result, SKOLKOVO students are provided with the unique opportunity to learn how to develop government/public sector relationships in real situations. During the Russian projects, MBA students carry out real private-public partnership projects. These are ambitious full-scale projects based on actual goals of federal ministers, governors and mayors of cities, public associations or cultural organizations

You will have the unique opportunity to work in a team of external managers and MBA students, in the innovative Blue Ocean seminar, and learn how new markets are created, including the drive to increase value and reduce costs. This experience will equip you with a proven practical approach to devising profitable growth strategies that can be applied easily.

Personal Growth Model

At SKOLKOVO, the focus is on the students. The Schools provide all of the necessary external resources, infrastructure and platform for growth, but it is the students who drive the learning process.

Partnerships are also vital to the SKOLKOVO experience, and are developed over the course of the programme in two basic forms: peer-learning partnerships and external resource partnerships.

Classroom Diversity and Peer LearningPeer-learning partnerships: give the programme participants the opportunity to access, learn and incorporate the knowledge and experience from SKOLKOVO MBA’s team members. Even though SKOLKOVO MBA participants come from entirely different backgrounds, they share many of the goals. SKOLKOVO MBA will help students learn from diversity.

Condoleezza Rice Guest Speaker in SKOLKOVO MBAExternal resource partnerships: allow you to gain from the experience and insight of SKOLKOVO MBA’s founding partners, International Advisory Board members, coaches, faculty and guests speakers and other mentors who work in the programme. The experts come from the world of business, politics, culture and sport. They work closely with the programme to share his or her expertise. They go beyond the lectures and would be involved in the teaching process.

Condoleezza Rice as the Guest Speaker


1) 12 months:
4 months of core academic disciplines + 8 months of real projects
2) 4 real projects in China, Russia, the US and elective module in India
3) 1 start up project – an opportunity to launch your own business
4) 50% international students in the class
5) Tuition fee includes all cost for living and education: EUR 60 000

Visit SKOLKOVO MBA to learn more about the program


The three main objectives of SKOLKOVO MBA Programme are:

Venture Funding Winner(1) Develop Entrepreneurial Leaders: In developing entrepreneurial leadership, SKOLKOVO MBA is not just training managers but changing MBA candidates to leaders, who will make a difference and an impact in the world, whether by starting their own business, creating greater success at existing firms or bringing vital expertise and ingenuity to the public sector. Entrepreneurial leadership is much wider than just being a leader or an entrepreneur. Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO provides a variety of opportunities to become a leader in commercial business, an agent of political change or to head a social project.

(2) Focus on Emerging Economies: In focusing on fast-moving economies, SKOLKOVO MBA’s objective is to address the mismatch between what industry needs and what business schools are turning out. The fast-moving economies such as Russia, Brazil, China and India will provide most of the world’s economic growth in the future. Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO want its students to penetrate the emerging markets’ and enable them to convert challenges into opportunities.
(3) Experiential Learning: In applying the learning-by-doing experiential approach SKOLKOVO is developing a new model of education, offering tools and approaches to leadership growth that are difficult to attain in a more tradition-bound institutions.

Instead of the approach at traditional schools, where the emphasis is on theory over practice, at SKOLKOVO the majority of the time will be spent on action learning via project-based approach. That is why the two-third of the program is dedicated to real projects in different markets: China, Russia, India and the US. With this approach, students can find out what ideas can be implemented at growing markets.

SKOLKOVO MBA Academic Partners

SKOLKOVO MBA faculty are some of the most respected business thinkers and doers from many of the best business schools in the world. They have experience from Russia, China, India, Brazil, as well as the West. SKOLKOVO also have a host of coaches and experts whose participation in the programme is focused directly on the student SKOLKOVO’s partnerships with leading business schools in Brazil, China and India – countries with rapidly developing economies – provide first-hand access to the knowledge and network necessary to succeed in emerging markets. SKOLKOVO has built strong academic partnership with MIT Sloan School of management (US), FDC (Brazil), ISB (India), Cheung Kong Graduate School of business (China), NES (Russia).

SKOLKOVO’s visiting faculty comes from partnering schools (especially MIT) and from the world’s leading business schools, such as INSEAD, IMD, LBS, Columbia business school, Chicago Booth.


1) Business connections and social networking within BRIC community and rapidly growing markets
2) Studies on emerging markets provided by the world’s best faculty
3) Opportunities for setting up a business project on rapidly growing markets with help of SKOLKOVO’s entrepreneurial eco-system and business-incubator

SKOLKOVO MBA Student Quality: Because SKOLKOVO was created to develop leaders for special, fast-moving economies, SKOLKOVO MBA is looking for candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit and a minimum of 2-3 years of managerial experience. SKOLKOVO’s special approach to learning and developing our participants, means applicants should not only be people with the desire, passion, imagination and maturity to be able to take best advantage of what the program has to offer, but also have the business acumen, critical thinking and communication skills necessary to contribute in the peer-learning approach.
Focus on Emerging EconomySKOLKOVO MBA Entry Criteria

Target Group:
target age group is from 21 to 35 years old, and applicants should demonstrate high academic aptitude with proficiency in English.

Skills: SKOLKOVO MBA expects its applicants to have excellent analytical and creative abilities, coupled with strong business acumen. In addition to that, they should have good communication skills, cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Key Characteristics: SKOLKOVO MBA is looking for candidates with special characteristics: a strong drive for success, and the open-mindedness and curiosity to seek out where the opportunities lie; candidates who are willing to lead, but also prepared to follow; candidates with the rare combination of fearlessness and sense to succeed in rapidly changing emerging economies.

Minimum Requirements

1) At least 2-3 years of managerial experience
2) University degree (minimum Bachelors) or equivalent professional qualification
3 Fluent English

Apply Online

Qualities Required for SKOLKOVO MBA

1) Entrepreneurial spirit
2) Strive to reach challenging objectives
3) Ability to find different approaches based on the personality and build mutually beneficial relationship
4) Ability to think creatively and develop new business ideas
5) Ability and willingness to constantly seek new knowledge and ideas, readiness to integrate those ideas into thought and behaviour
6) Ability to energize and motivate other people, create positive vision for the business and communicate them in an inspiring way

Admission steps

1.  Fulfill application form and pay application fee online
2.  Prepare video-presentation describing you and your business idea
3.  Pass SKOLKOVO assessment tests including internal test or GMAT, and IELTS \ TOEFL.
4.  Pass the Interview with SKOLKOVO Directors

For more information about SKOLKOVO MBA Deadlines and application questions, visit SKOLKOVO MBA Deadline page


Fundamental and Russian module take place on SKOLKOVO Campus designed to incorporate the school’s innovative and international character in a facility inspired by Russian creativity and ideas.

Complete with student dormitories, a hotel, restaurants, shops and a fitness center, and offering Wi-Fi throughout, the full-time, full-service Campus will be the perfect environment for you to find everything you need at SKOLKOVO – the infrastructure you need to learn and grow.
• Extra-Curricular Activities: SKOLKOVO MBA Students think creatively when it comes to extra-curricular activities. They travel to Tuscany growing their own wine, climb Kilimanjaro and go on a rally from Moscow to Vladivostok – you will find out that their drive and success entirely integrate the SKOLKOVO spirit.

• Student Clubs: With their broad horizons and diverse interests, SKOLKOVO students and Alumni like to spend their free time socialising informally and creating clubs. Whether it is photography or publishing, finance or government relations, women’s or family clubs, you can find all kinds of like-minded people at SKOLKOVO. And this is only the beginning, because every student adds a little bit of himself or herself to the school.

The SKOLKOVO MBA may be of your interest if:

SKOLKOVO MBA Campus• You would like to expand horizons and get 360 Degree education
• You would like to explore opportunities in emerging markets and align your future with rapidly growing economies, such as BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China)
• You would like to get experiential learning on real projects in real business environment instead of traditional business cases
• You value the time and want to get several years of managerial experience in 12 months in an extremely active and fruitful business environment
• You want to get the top-level international education within an innovative and vibrant institution

If you are interested in SKOLKOVO MBA Program, contact the SKOLKOVO MBA Admissions Team or ask questions through F1GMAT(Our team at F1GMAT will work with SKOLKOVO MBA Admissions Team to answer all your questions. Your e-mail id is required for sending the reply. It won't be made public).

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